Note: The show was a benefit show for South African wrestling legend Thierry Midoux and was a joint event by HWA, AWA and DPW
Results from HWA (thanks to Steve Van Eeden):
1) Gene the Rejected Clown defeated Clive Rude
2) Quinn defeated Xterminator
3) Dirty Jackson defeated Azazel
4) Ultimate Nathan defeated Bandit (c) and Hector Payne to win the HWA South African Championship (thanks to distraction by Nightmare)
5) Nightmare defeated Steve Eden to win the HWA World Championship.


(Results courtesy of JP Whittaker)
awa mar2019

Zephy defeated Good Time Kid, Mr Money and Ultimo Wulf in a fatal four-way

Ed Electric defeated Romeo Valentino

Nightmare and Jason Sensation defeated Steve Eden and Chris Valor

Mike Xander defeated Andro Perseus

AWA Cruiserweight Title match: Little Hillbilly defeated Mad Jack by DQ. (Mad Jack retains title)

King Congo defeated Johnny Palazzio to win the AWA All Africa Heavyweight Championship and force Palazzio to retire.

(Results courtesy of Nathaniel Govender)

Hector Payne defeated Ultimate Nathan by DQ
Clive Rude defeated Gene The Rejected Clown
Quinn defeated Azazel
HWA South African Champion The Bandit defeated Dirty Jackson in a non-title match
Mr Money defeated The Ripper

(Results courtesy of Donovan Blignaut)
The Bhramaan Bende (RJ and Bukise Kruger) defeated Kyle K.O. Ripley and Renegade to retain the CPW Tag Team Championship.

Black Widow defeated CJ Gold to retain the CPW Ladies Championship

Dragon Boy defeated Ashton Haye

CPW Developmental Championship: Matthew “The Assassin” Hammar (c) vs “The Epic Athlete” Allesando – no contest after the suspended Super X interfered.

SAPW Hardcore Legend The Crow vs the CPW Commonwealth Champion Ananzi in a no DQ 10 minute match ended in a time limit draw

(Results courtesy of Donovan Blignaut)
El Mascarado defeated Zizou Middoux
The Renegade defeated The Dragon Boy
Mr Wrestling defeated LoudMouth in a no DQ match

(Results courtesy of Donovan Blignaut)

Mr Wrestling defeated Super X
Black Widow defeated CJ Gold
Kyle “KO” Ripley defeated Blizzard
Buksie Kruger defeated Ricci Louw
“The Dangerous Game” RJ vs Renegade went to a no contest which led to Renegade putting his APWA tag titles on the line.
“The Dangerous Game RJ and Ricci Louw defeated Renegade and Ashton Heye to win the APWA Tag Team Championship
Loudmouth defeated Ananzi in a TLC match

(Results courtesy of Steve van Eeden):
Gene the Rejected Clown defeated Lightning Lodie (however Lodie was rewarded with an HWA contract for his performance)
HWA South African Champion The Bandit defeated Hector Payne (with Mr Money)
Azazel defeated Clive Rude
Mr Money vs Dirty Jackson vs Two-Face in a triple threat – no contest when Hector Payne interfered
Dementors of Chaos (Dirty Jackson and Two-Face) defeated We Faction (Mr Money and Hector Payne)
HWA World Champion Steve Eden defeated X-Terminator to retain the title (thanks to interference from Gene the Rejected Clown)

Africa Wrestling Alliance results, December 6, 2018:

Little Hillbilly defeated Romeo Valentino
Ed Electric, Sammy Swiegers and Andro Perseus defeated Freakshow, The Oz and Nightmare in a six man tag team match
Mike Xander defeated Zephi
Mad Jack Maverick defeated Ultimo Wolf 2 and Good Time Kid in a triple threat for the AWA Cruiserweight Championship
Mad Jack Maverick defeated Little Hillbilly to retain the AWA Cruiserweight Championship after Hillbilly cashed in his Golden Ticket
Congo King defeated Johnny Palazzio by DQ, Johnny retained the AWA All Africa Heavyweight Championship
Romeo Valentino won the Coca Cola Royal Rumble

XWE results from the Gesinsfees, Eben Donges Sports ground, Kraaifontein, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa, September 29, 2018.
(Results thanks to Rudie Hendricks)


Dixen Rage defeated El Mochachos via pinfall in a handicap match
DMS defeated Aloha Joe via pinfall
Dirty Angel defeated Nganga and Xplowsive TNT in a triple threat match
X-Cyro defeated Monre Lee via pinfall to win the XWE Championship for the third time

WWP/APWA results from the Nuwe Begin Church Bazaar De La Rey Primary School Sports Field, Roodepoort, Gauteng, South Africa, September 29, 2018
Results courtesy of Donovan Blignaut

Dragon Boy defeated Ashton Haye.
Mia von Doom vs CJ Gold vs Black Widow finished as a no contest as Mia von Doom hit Black Widow with the WWP ladies title.
Matthew “The Assassin” Hammar defeated El Mascarado and Kyle K.O Ripley (with Little Jimmy) to become new APWA Champion
WWP Commonwealth Champion Ananzi and Pastor Morne defeated Ultimate Nathan and the Renegade