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There have been some really strange matches in the major companies over the years. Who can ever forget the painfully bad Buff Bagwell’s mother on a pole match in WCW?


(The Judy Bagwell on a pole match from WCW’s New Blood Rising pay per view)

Or the reverse battle royal in TNA where people started outside the ring instead of inside it?

But I have seen some really weird ones come up in the indies recently.

Apparently thumb tacks and shards of glass aren’t nearly painful enough to get slammed on to in hardcore matches any more. One common match is florescent light tubes matches which provide a lot of glass shattering and blood spilling action for the fans.


(A Big Japan Wrestling competitor gets slammed through florescent light tubes)

Another new trend seems to be Lego death matches. And any parent who has ever stood on their child’s Lego block will testify, you don’t want your bare skin unexpectedly coming into contact with one.


(A Lego death match, with painful tiny building blocks all over the ring)

Another worrying trend is to involve fans directly in the matches. Fans Bring the Weapons matches have been around for quite a while, but at least with those, the weapons are in the hands of the actual wrestlers.

But the other day when I was scrolling through match results, I came across a Fans With Staple Guns are the Lumberjacks Match in the US-based Anarchy Wrestling organisation’s From Innocence to Insanity event.

The potential for something to go wrong here is immense. It certainly won’t be seen on a WWE or TNA show any time soon!

What are your thoughts?



Back in the Attitude Era, the WWE introduced a hardcore title in an attempt to compete with ECW. To make it stand out from other championships, the 24/7 rule was introduced, meaning as long as there was a referee present, you could win the title anywhere, any time.
This led to multiple title changes, wrestlers notching up record number of times of holding a specific title, and surprising champions such as the time Mighty Molly Holly pinned Hurricane Helms backstage after hitting him with a frying pan.

It made good television both in terms of comedy and in terms of brutal blindside attacks and unexpected title changes.

But after a few years the idea was dropped.

But it seems it is still alive and well at least in one British indie, Attack! Pro Wrestling in Bristol.

The title has apparently been held by male and female wrestlers, referees, inanimate objects and computer game characters.

mario bros
Going into this weekend’s live event, the Mario Brothers – Mario and Luigi were jointly the champion.
But after apparently escaping into a soccer video game, they apparently lost the title to soccer governing body Fifa (represented by two wrestlers dressed as soccer players).
They then lost the title to Flips and Forearms (a male tag team), who were then beaten by women’s tag team Lana and Nixon.
nixon and lana
Then male singles wrestler Mike Bird took out both women to win the title.
mike bird
Then somehow in all the confusion and brawling, Bird ended up getting pinned by a stuffed toy monkey.
Don’t ask me how, but the new Attack! Pro Wrestling 24/7 Champion is Skat Monkey. And here’s a picture to prove it.
monkey champ

Good fun that brings more people to watch indie wrestling? Or a total farce that cheapens the effort that hard-working competitors put in? Tell us what you think.

(Info and pictures courtesy of the Attack! Pro Wrestling Facebook page)

You must always expect the unexpected in professional wrestling, but last night in the Women Superstars Uncensored promotion in New Jersey, something mind-boggling took place.
Having already successfully defended their tag titles once in the evening, the team known as Chicks Using Nasty Tactics (Annie Social and Kimber Lee) had to defend a second time.
sociallee (Annie Social and Kimber Lee)

The challengers? The Juicy Product – David Starr and JT Dunn. Two male wrestlers.
And this isn’t just any tag team. They currently hold the tag titles in Combat Zone Wrestling, Full Impact Pro and New York Wrestling Connection.
And now, they are also the Women Superstars Uncensored Tag Team Champions.
juicy (Juicy Product)

Of course we have seen men hold women’s titles before in the majors. In TNA although he never legitimately won the title, Cody Deaner at one point claimed to be the TNA Knockouts Champion, while Eric Young teamed with ODB to be the final holder of the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship before it was abandoned.
odberic (Eric Young and ODB)
But two men winning a women’s tag championship together?
What do our readers think about it? Should men be allowed to win women’s titles?

As I’ve been looking at all the results from the international indies, it’s struck me just how many wrestlers name themselves after animals of some kind.
So here’s an idea for a promoter out there with the cash and contacts to pull it off – how about a Noah’s Ark battle royal?
As we’re concentrating on the indies, I won’t include wrestlers who have starred in the majors, such as Rhyno, Raven, El Torito, The Wolves, Sharkboy etc.

So here we go with our imaginary 30-animal over the top rope battle royal:

(The ants go marching three by three)
Fire Ant
Silver Ant
Worker Ant
Soldier Ant
Arctic Rescue Ant
Missile Assault Ant
Orbit Adventure Ant
Assail-Ant (all competing in Chikara, US)

Andy the Dreadful Bird (Canada)
El Falcon (Mexico)
Kiwi Thriller (New Zealand)
(Moscow the Communist Bovine)
Mad Cow (Netherlands)
Moscow the Communist Bovine (USA)

Bolo the Red Bull Dog (World Wrestling Council, Puerto Rico)
Moondog Splat (USA)
(Mil Mongoose)
“Wild Boar” Mike Hitchman (UK)
Combat Wombat (Australia)
Coyote (Australia)
Battle Shark (Japan)
Goatfather (Ukraine)
Bullmoose Calhoun (USA)
Mil Mongoose (Japan)
Tiger Boy (UK)
Australian Wolf (Australia)
Super Panda (Canada)
Black Leopard (Israel)
Killa Gorilla (USA)
Estonian Thunderfrog (USA)
Arabian Horse (Israel)
Panama Wasp (Canada)

(Estonian Thunderfrog)

One of the most underrated cruiserweights of his generation, Petey Williams announced his retirement on Thursday night. A former TNA X Division champion, Williams has been without a major deal for the past five years but continued to impress on the indie stage.
His finishing move, the Canadian destroyer, is one of the most impressive you’re likely to see and you’re always relieved when you see his opponent managing to leave the ring afterwards without the broken neck you always worry it’s going to inflict.
canadian destroyer
(Williams hits the Canadian destroyer on Manik)
Hopefully he’s not going to be remembered for the silly angle where TNA had him behave and dress like the second coming of Scott Steiner (while Jay Lethal was supposed to be Randy Savage).
Aside from his TNA success, Williams held titles in Alliance Championship Wrestling, Border City Wrestling, CLASH, Elite Wrestling Revolution, IWA Mid-South, Lucha Libre USA, New Korea Pro Wrestling Association, NWA Upstate and Prime Time Wrestling.
His final match will be tonight (Saturday the 5th of July) against fellow ex-TNA star Chris Sabin at an XICW event.
We wish Williams all the best in his life outside the wrestling ring.

Welcome to my blog

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Hi wrestling fans and welcome to my blog.

With this blog I will be aiming to keep fans up to date with the bigger wrestling world beyond what happens in WWE and TNA.

Whenever a title changes hands anywhere in the world, I will aim to keep you up to date (even if the company involved is so small Wikipedia considers it irrelevant!)

I will also have features on former major stars and how they are fairing now in the indies and a section focusing on the weirdest named stars such as Habib from the Car Wash, Combat Wombat and Killa Gorilla (yes those are all names really used by pro wrestlers).

See you in the ring!  

(Habib from the Car Wash: picture: Pro Wrestling Syndicate)