One of the most underrated cruiserweights of his generation, Petey Williams announced his retirement on Thursday night. A former TNA X Division champion, Williams has been without a major deal for the past five years but continued to impress on the indie stage.
His finishing move, the Canadian destroyer, is one of the most impressive you’re likely to see and you’re always relieved when you see his opponent managing to leave the ring afterwards without the broken neck you always worry it’s going to inflict.
canadian destroyer
(Williams hits the Canadian destroyer on Manik)
Hopefully he’s not going to be remembered for the silly angle where TNA had him behave and dress like the second coming of Scott Steiner (while Jay Lethal was supposed to be Randy Savage).
Aside from his TNA success, Williams held titles in Alliance Championship Wrestling, Border City Wrestling, CLASH, Elite Wrestling Revolution, IWA Mid-South, Lucha Libre USA, New Korea Pro Wrestling Association, NWA Upstate and Prime Time Wrestling.
His final match will be tonight (Saturday the 5th of July) against fellow ex-TNA star Chris Sabin at an XICW event.
We wish Williams all the best in his life outside the wrestling ring.


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