How about a Noah’s Ark battle royal?

Posted: July 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

As I’ve been looking at all the results from the international indies, it’s struck me just how many wrestlers name themselves after animals of some kind.
So here’s an idea for a promoter out there with the cash and contacts to pull it off – how about a Noah’s Ark battle royal?
As we’re concentrating on the indies, I won’t include wrestlers who have starred in the majors, such as Rhyno, Raven, El Torito, The Wolves, Sharkboy etc.

So here we go with our imaginary 30-animal over the top rope battle royal:

(The ants go marching three by three)
Fire Ant
Silver Ant
Worker Ant
Soldier Ant
Arctic Rescue Ant
Missile Assault Ant
Orbit Adventure Ant
Assail-Ant (all competing in Chikara, US)

Andy the Dreadful Bird (Canada)
El Falcon (Mexico)
Kiwi Thriller (New Zealand)
(Moscow the Communist Bovine)
Mad Cow (Netherlands)
Moscow the Communist Bovine (USA)

Bolo the Red Bull Dog (World Wrestling Council, Puerto Rico)
Moondog Splat (USA)
(Mil Mongoose)
“Wild Boar” Mike Hitchman (UK)
Combat Wombat (Australia)
Coyote (Australia)
Battle Shark (Japan)
Goatfather (Ukraine)
Bullmoose Calhoun (USA)
Mil Mongoose (Japan)
Tiger Boy (UK)
Australian Wolf (Australia)
Super Panda (Canada)
Black Leopard (Israel)
Killa Gorilla (USA)
Estonian Thunderfrog (USA)
Arabian Horse (Israel)
Panama Wasp (Canada)

(Estonian Thunderfrog)


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