Cuddly toy wins hardcore championship

Posted: July 19, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Back in the Attitude Era, the WWE introduced a hardcore title in an attempt to compete with ECW. To make it stand out from other championships, the 24/7 rule was introduced, meaning as long as there was a referee present, you could win the title anywhere, any time.
This led to multiple title changes, wrestlers notching up record number of times of holding a specific title, and surprising champions such as the time Mighty Molly Holly pinned Hurricane Helms backstage after hitting him with a frying pan.

It made good television both in terms of comedy and in terms of brutal blindside attacks and unexpected title changes.

But after a few years the idea was dropped.

But it seems it is still alive and well at least in one British indie, Attack! Pro Wrestling in Bristol.

The title has apparently been held by male and female wrestlers, referees, inanimate objects and computer game characters.

mario bros
Going into this weekend’s live event, the Mario Brothers – Mario and Luigi were jointly the champion.
But after apparently escaping into a soccer video game, they apparently lost the title to soccer governing body Fifa (represented by two wrestlers dressed as soccer players).
They then lost the title to Flips and Forearms (a male tag team), who were then beaten by women’s tag team Lana and Nixon.
nixon and lana
Then male singles wrestler Mike Bird took out both women to win the title.
mike bird
Then somehow in all the confusion and brawling, Bird ended up getting pinned by a stuffed toy monkey.
Don’t ask me how, but the new Attack! Pro Wrestling 24/7 Champion is Skat Monkey. And here’s a picture to prove it.
monkey champ

Good fun that brings more people to watch indie wrestling? Or a total farce that cheapens the effort that hard-working competitors put in? Tell us what you think.

(Info and pictures courtesy of the Attack! Pro Wrestling Facebook page)

  1. Trixi says:

    That’s one ugly fluffy…

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