There have been some really strange matches in the major companies over the years. Who can ever forget the painfully bad Buff Bagwell’s mother on a pole match in WCW?


(The Judy Bagwell on a pole match from WCW’s New Blood Rising pay per view)

Or the reverse battle royal in TNA where people started outside the ring instead of inside it?

But I have seen some really weird ones come up in the indies recently.

Apparently thumb tacks and shards of glass aren’t nearly painful enough to get slammed on to in hardcore matches any more. One common match is florescent light tubes matches which provide a lot of glass shattering and blood spilling action for the fans.


(A Big Japan Wrestling competitor gets slammed through florescent light tubes)

Another new trend seems to be Lego death matches. And any parent who has ever stood on their child’s Lego block will testify, you don’t want your bare skin unexpectedly coming into contact with one.


(A Lego death match, with painful tiny building blocks all over the ring)

Another worrying trend is to involve fans directly in the matches. Fans Bring the Weapons matches have been around for quite a while, but at least with those, the weapons are in the hands of the actual wrestlers.

But the other day when I was scrolling through match results, I came across a Fans With Staple Guns are the Lumberjacks Match in the US-based Anarchy Wrestling organisation’s From Innocence to Insanity event.

The potential for something to go wrong here is immense. It certainly won’t be seen on a WWE or TNA show any time soon!

What are your thoughts?



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