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Following the addition of South Africa’s World Wrestling Professionals (WWP) to his Global Force Wrestling alliance, which also includes AAA in Mexico, New Japan and a number of British, Irish and German organisations, Jeff Jarrett has now added four Australian and one New Zealand promotion to his network.

The latest additions are PWA Australia from Sydney, Riot City Wrestling from Adelaide, Explosive Pro Wrestling from Perth, WrestleClash from Melbourne and Impact Pro New Zealand.

new zealand (Curt Chaos in action in Impact Pro New Zealand)

With wrestlers from more and more countries being added it will be very interesting to see how Jarrett sets up Global Force Wrestling to operate. He has successfully had nations compete against each other on a small scale when he was running TNA in the World X Cup, which featured Team Canada, Team Mexico, Team Japan etc. But it seems this new project of his will operate on a much bigger scale.

Meanwhile South Africa’s WWP are also spreading their wings ahead of the official launch of Global Force Wrestling. They have events lined up competing against the stars of Nigeria’s UPWF in Aba on August 31 and Lagos on September 7 in shows which will look to see who the most dominant wrestlers are on the African continent.
wwp nigeria



WWP results – August 8 – from the Tzaneen Showgrounds
The second night saw nearly 1500 people at ringside. A half hour before the show started the people chanted that they wanted wrestling. The WWP tag team champions Johnny Ice and Vic Scar made their way to the ring and said that the people of Tzaneen were in for the best wrestling they have ever seen, since Sabin and Vic were the best wrestlers in the country

The Kalahari boerbull came out and said that the 2 are delusional and he would beat Sabin tonight. Sabin started the match with his usual antics. Vic Scar helped Sabin to get the victory in what was described as the biggest cheat of the 2 shows. Afterwards some of the crowed climbed over the barricades just to get a hold of Scar and Ice.

Next up was a triple threat match between Kyle Ripley, Renegade and Vic Scar. Sabin was at ringside and it was clear that he was up to no good. Kyle Ripley quickly overcame the odds and took control of the match. Renegade made his presence felt when he got tired of Vic and Kyle’s attacks. Renegade took control of the match and was about to win when Vic out of nowhere took him out with a devastating kick. As the ref made sure if Renegade was ok, Vic hit Kyle with a chain and got the victory.

It was then time for the main event. Ananzi vs Kilimanjaro for the WWP all African championship. Ananzi was clearly the crowd favourite as he had 1500 people on their feet.

Kilimanjaro took control of the match and showed Ananzi why he is the man mountain. Kilimanjaro overpowered Ananzi and it took all of Ananzi’s skills to get back into the match. Ananzi took control and with the hopes of regaining his title he hit a devastating finishing move for the 3 count.


Renegade defeated Dragon Boy

Johnny Ice defeated Vic Scar

Two Face defeated SA Wrestling sensation Kyle Ripley

Man Mountain Kilimanjaro defeated African Punishment Wrestling Association Developmental Champion Loudmouth

jeff (Jeff Jarrett)

In a huge announcement today, South Africa’s World Wrestling Professionals (WWP) announced a partnership with Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling.
WWP already has a huge following not only in South Africa, but throughout the African continent and in India.
Two ex-WWP stars Justin Gabriel and Adam Rose have already made huge names for themselves in the United States, and who knows what this new agreement could mean for South African competitors.
Jarrett, a former world champion in both WCW and the organisation he helped form, TNA, is in the process of putting a truly international alliance together.
He has been scouting top indie talent across the United States and Canada, has signed agreements with Mexico’s AAA, has a deal with New Japan Pro Wrestling, both Revolution Pro Wrestling and New Generation Wrestling in England, Premier British Wrestling in Scotland, Emerald Wrestling Promotions in Ireland and Westside Xtreme Wrestling in Germany.
Jarrett has not yet announced exactly how Global Force Wrestling will work, but apparently talent exchanges will be on the cards, meaning that South African stars will truly get the chance to face the best in the world, both on home turf and in some of the world’s top venues.

(Swimmer Cameron van der Burgh is considered a veteran at the age of 26)

Different sports have different retirement ages.  In my job at a newspaper, I recently saw 26-year-old swimmer Cameron van der Burgh referred to as a veteran.  Gymnastics and diving would have a similar top age cut off.

In most sports like tennis, soccer, cricket, rugby etc you would probably see some players stopping in their early 30s and only the select few playing on to around the age of 40.

Some of the sports do allow for a separate league or tour for players over the normal retirement age (both tennis and golf have this provision).

But what about wrestling?

It seems like you can go on forever.

While some people may be questioning whether the Undertaker, in his late 40s, still has one more Wrestlemania left in him (particularly if it could be against fellow veteran Sting), in the indies there seems to be a never-ending parade of performers most of us thought had already retired.

(Greg “the Hammer” Valentine)
Yesterday (July 31) in Brew City Wrestling, the title match saw ex-ECW/WWE/Ring of Honor star Steve Corino (still relatively young at 41) defending the title against 62-year-old Greg “The Hammer” Valentine.

Last month Honky Tonk Man (age 61)  won the  International Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Championship, while the veteran tag team the Rock ‘n Roll Express (57-year-old Ricky Morton and 56-year-old Robert Gibson) are still highly active in the tag team scene. Then there’s 59-year-old Jake the Snake Roberts and 67-year-old Bushwhacker Luke, who both show up from time to time.
mil dos
(The world’s oldest tag team? Alberto del Rio’s dad Dos Caras and uncle Mil Mascaras)
Of course little can beat the iconic Mexican duo of Mil Mascaras (age 72) and 63-year-old Dos Caras, who are the current holders of the Tokyo World Tag Team Title.

After witnessing Jerry Lawler’s heart attack a while back on Monday Night Raw, one has to worry whether competitors who are so far past the normal retirement age for sportsmen (regardless which sport we are talking about) will drop dead or end up permanently disabled should something go wrong in the ring.

What do our readers think? Should there be a cut off age for wrestlers to retire by?