jeff (Jeff Jarrett)

In a huge announcement today, South Africa’s World Wrestling Professionals (WWP) announced a partnership with Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling.
WWP already has a huge following not only in South Africa, but throughout the African continent and in India.
Two ex-WWP stars Justin Gabriel and Adam Rose have already made huge names for themselves in the United States, and who knows what this new agreement could mean for South African competitors.
Jarrett, a former world champion in both WCW and the organisation he helped form, TNA, is in the process of putting a truly international alliance together.
He has been scouting top indie talent across the United States and Canada, has signed agreements with Mexico’s AAA, has a deal with New Japan Pro Wrestling, both Revolution Pro Wrestling and New Generation Wrestling in England, Premier British Wrestling in Scotland, Emerald Wrestling Promotions in Ireland and Westside Xtreme Wrestling in Germany.
Jarrett has not yet announced exactly how Global Force Wrestling will work, but apparently talent exchanges will be on the cards, meaning that South African stars will truly get the chance to face the best in the world, both on home turf and in some of the world’s top venues.


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