WWP results from Tzaneen August 8 2014

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WWP results – August 8 – from the Tzaneen Showgrounds
The second night saw nearly 1500 people at ringside. A half hour before the show started the people chanted that they wanted wrestling. The WWP tag team champions Johnny Ice and Vic Scar made their way to the ring and said that the people of Tzaneen were in for the best wrestling they have ever seen, since Sabin and Vic were the best wrestlers in the country

The Kalahari boerbull came out and said that the 2 are delusional and he would beat Sabin tonight. Sabin started the match with his usual antics. Vic Scar helped Sabin to get the victory in what was described as the biggest cheat of the 2 shows. Afterwards some of the crowed climbed over the barricades just to get a hold of Scar and Ice.

Next up was a triple threat match between Kyle Ripley, Renegade and Vic Scar. Sabin was at ringside and it was clear that he was up to no good. Kyle Ripley quickly overcame the odds and took control of the match. Renegade made his presence felt when he got tired of Vic and Kyle’s attacks. Renegade took control of the match and was about to win when Vic out of nowhere took him out with a devastating kick. As the ref made sure if Renegade was ok, Vic hit Kyle with a chain and got the victory.

It was then time for the main event. Ananzi vs Kilimanjaro for the WWP all African championship. Ananzi was clearly the crowd favourite as he had 1500 people on their feet.

Kilimanjaro took control of the match and showed Ananzi why he is the man mountain. Kilimanjaro overpowered Ananzi and it took all of Ananzi’s skills to get back into the match. Ananzi took control and with the hopes of regaining his title he hit a devastating finishing move for the 3 count.


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