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apwa event
Here are the results of APWA/WWP Fight Night – as supplied by the APWA commentary team:

The first match was the debut of two of APWA’s rookies, it was The Ultimate Nathan Versus Dutch. the match started off with Ultimate Nathan talking about how he disliked the “Old” way of things and how he is here to to bring forth the “New” generation, a sentiment i personally agree with, only to be interrupted by Dutch, the hard hitting, high-flying Afrikaner, the match had it’s back and forth moments where The Ultimate Nathan got Dutch in a very impressive seated half nelson submission a few times. the match came to an end when Dutch hit a Roll-Flip into a splash move which yours truly had dubbed “The Flying Dutchman” it was not a bad match and gets a 2/5 in my books

The next match saw another 2 debuts but this time from the female wrestlers, it was Inyanga vs Jasmine, Although Jasmine had the weight and height advantage, Inyanga used her speed and savvy to slow down Jasmine and both these Diva’s gave a great performance of pure aggression, the match ended with Jasmine getting the win but this was due to the final debut of the night, Alexis, who had come out to steal the spotlight from the two divas in the ring, in the end Alexis challenged Jasmine to a fight next month to truly see who is the top Diva of the APWA. This match was a brawl and i think got a 2/5 on par with the first match.

Following all the debutantes came Jonathan Van Rensburg Blizzard vs The Dragon Boy in a wild fight. these two went at it like crazy and with Dragon Boy having the entire crowds support ended up getting the victory via DQ, after Blizzard hit him over the head with his beer can, although this match was pretty even Blizzard managed to bust Dragon Boy wide open and possibly broke his nose, Dragon Boy very easily could have lost the match if Blizzard hadn’t let his emotions get the best of him. this match was great to watch and garnered a 3.5/5 in my books. After the match however Ananzi took it upon himself to get involved and make a no DQ match between Blizzard and Dragon Boy at next months APWA event, i know my money is on Blizzard.

After we returned back from the break, something very unprecedented happened, My Favourite Tag Team at the moment and the WWP tag team champions ended up having a one on one match against each other, Scared Ice, also known as the team of Johnny Sabin and Vic Scar ended up fighting for the #1 contenders spot for Ananzi’s WWP All Africa Championship, this match was heartbreaking as it pitted a family against each other, but these two men knew each other so well it was just reversal after reversal, eventually after a bizarre twist the referee was knocked out and my egotistical co-commentator put on a ref’s jersey and took it upon himself to ref the match, although Ananzi seemed to call the match fair for majority of the match the whole thing took a turn when Sabin hit a bad habit on Vic, Ananzi’s Signature finishing move, the match would have been over but Ananzi refused to make the 3 count on Moral, not long after that Vic also hit a bad habit on Sabin, and Ananzi once again refused to make the three count, just like typical Ananzi, he couldn’t have a show without stealing the spotlight. the end came when Vic Scar stole the win to become #1 contender for Ananzi’s WWP championship next month in October. this match was easily a 4/5 and had all the drama and action a fan could want in a match.

My Co-commentator wouldn’t stop there with stealing the spotlight and decided to make the recently wrestled out Scared Ice Tag Team go two on two with the APWA tag team champions, the Dementors of Chaos consisting of Dirty Jackson, Janneman Lubbe and Two-Face, Marcel Jonker , The match was mostly dominated by D.O.C pulling out a plethora of tag team moves and very little co-operation between SIN, if this commentator has to say anything i must say that D.O.C are possibly the most well oiled Tag Team in the APWA at the moment and who would have thought that two psychopaths would work so well together, but really those two need to see a shrink or something. Anyway, the match came to and end with Sabin walking out on his partner in mid-match and leaving D.O.C to pick up the scraps and get the win over Vic Scar. this was great match and would have been even better if Sabin hadn’t turned his back on the newly appointed #1 contender Vic Scar. it gets a decent 3.5/5 in my books.

The Final match of the night was for the APWA world heavyweight championship and was a triple threat between Kyle Ripley, Renegade, and the Champ, Donovan LoudMouth Blignaut, this was a complete Slobber Knocker with atleast 20 pins, 4 Superman punches from Kyle Ripley, 2 Samoan Drops from Loudmouth and Renegade and dumping both opponents back first onto the wooden stage. this match was hard to keep track of as it was all over the place and with Loudmouth the biggest of all three men it looked like he was going to be the victor from the word go, but with Renegades underhanded tricks and Kyle’s grit and determination the match came down to who ever wanted it the most. Which in this instance happened to be Kyle Ripley, after a devastating top rope Superman Punch to Loudmouth, Kyle “KO” Ripley got the win and became the new APWA heavyweight Champion. A well deserved win, but who knows what the future holds, keep your friends close, but your enemies closer Mr. Ripley.
The Main Event gets a solid 4/5 from me because it had myself and my bias co-commentator Ananzi on the edge’s of our seats the entire match.

All and All the entire event gets a 3/5 and i cannot wait until next month when Blizzard and Dragon Boy go at it with a no DQ match and Vic Scar gets his #1 contenders match against Ananzi, but only time will tell if Johnny “The Iceman” Sabin will be in Vic’s corner and what is instore for Kyle Ripley at the next big event, come by next time when yours truly will very possibly be in action again and trying to kick ass and take names all while trying to avoid the Dementors of Chaos. This Has been Christopher James Edwards III signing out, and may All you wrestling fans out there have a pleasant month but just remember, no matter what anyone tells you, no matter how crazy your dreams are and no matter how impossible they might seem to achieve, just remember, you’ll never be as good as me! think about it


We know that the majors are always on the look out for second/third generation stars. The Rock, Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, Bo Dallas, Goldust and Stardust, The Usos, Charlotte Flair, Natalia Neidhart, Justin Gabriel, Randy Orton, Tamina Snuka and Curtis Axel are all in that category in WWE (although TNA doesn’t have as good a record – Wes Brisco, Garrett Bischoff, Lei’d Tapa didn’t last overly long). So who are the next generation currently plying their trade in the indies?

tama and haku (Tama Tonga and his dad, Haku)

TAMA TONGA Tama Tonga is the adopted son of former WWE star Haku (known in WCW as Meng) and adopted brother of Camacho. At age 32 he’s running out of time to move to a major organisation, but then New Japan is hardly a small company. Tama is a member of the powerful Bullet Club group which also features the Young Bucks, Doc Gallows and AJ Styles. He was trained at Bully Ray and D-Von’s Team 3-D Academy and early in his career he and Idol Stevens held tag team gold in Puerto Rico’s World Wrestling Council. He’s also been a tag champ twice in Mexico’s CMLL, teaming with El Terrible to beat Atlantis and Diamond Azule for the titles and then with Rey Bucanero to beat Hiroshi Tanahashi and Jushin Thunder Liger.

lance-anoai (Lance Anoa’i – a chip off the old block)

LANCE ANOA’I Lance Anoa’i comes from an amazing line of wrestlers. He’s the son of Samu from the Headshrinkers, grandson of Afa from the Wild Samoans, and is related to The Rock, Roman Reigns, The Usos, Rikishi, Yokazuna, Umaga and Rosey. The 22-year-old will hope to follow in his relatives’ illustrious footsteps and is already winning championship gold, having won the heavyweight title in Pennsylvania Premier Wrestling this past weekend. He’s also held heavyweight, tag and television titles in World X-treme Wrestling C4. He’s also wrestled for Pro Wrestling Syndicate and Maryland Championship Wrestling. zizou(South Africa’s Zizou Middoux)

ZIZOU MIDDOUX Zizou Middoux’s heritage may not be as internationally recognisable as Anoa’i’s but there isn’t a South African wrestling fan who hasn’t heard of his father Terri Middoux who has been a superstar for decades in SA. Zizou joined his dad in South Africa’s WWP when he was just 14 and winning the WWP tag titles with his dad at age 18 and has also competed in SAPW, but his big break came last year when he travelled to the US to train at Ring of Honor’s training school. He has appeared in a number of main roster matches in ROH, but so far mainly as a jobber. But barely 20 years old now, he has plenty of years ahead of him to prove himself.

finlays (The Finlay family)

DAVID FINLAY JR Being Fit Finlay’s son means one thing, you’re going to grow up loving to fight. David Jr is just 21, but has already notched up some impressive results, having won 24 of 42 matches so far this year. He mainly fights in the UK in All Star Wrestling and in Germany’s European Wrestling Promotion, but it can’t be long until we see him following in his dad’s footsteps and heading to North America. spirit (Black Spirit)


Currently competing under the name Black Spirit, this 25-year-old Mexican is the son of LA Par-K (the original La Parka from WCW). He debuted in 2008 and initially denied the family relationship (sound familiar Brian Christopher/Jerry Lawler?) but eventually acknowledged it. After starting in the smaller Mexican indies, while working under the name El Hijo de LA Park, he went on to compete for both AAA and CMLL. Since 2013 he has returned to the Black Spirit name, in the hope of carving out a name for himself and not relying on his dad’s name. So there you have it – Tonga, Samoa, South Africa, Ireland and Mexico’s contributions to the future of pro wrestling. Let us know of any other up-and-coming second/third generation stars you want us to profile.

Here are the results from the South African Pro Wrestling event at the Afridome, Parys, Free State as part of the Rhino Bike Rally on September 6:

sapw 6sept

Harley Quinn defeated Joshua Da Bull, Bandit and Shadow in a number one contenders battle royal.

In the father vs son match Zizou Midoux pinned Terry Midoux, but the ref reversed the decision and named Terry the winner.

Angel and DreamChild  defeated Raven and Taxi Queen.

Cowboy pinned Black Ice.

The Jackal retained the SAPW Heavyweight Championship against the Crow in a hardcore match.

sean-ohaire (Sean O’Haire in action)

Reading this week about the death of former WCW Tag Team champion Sean O’Haire, apparently by suicide, I couldn’t help but think back to his successfully early days in WCW, followed by his failure to launch in the WWE.
When O’Haire debuted in WCW, it was in a storyline which could almost be compared to the way the Nexus or the Shield would later arrive in WWE. He was part of a group of Power Plant trainees, known as the Natural Born Thrillers (a sub-group of the New Blood) who weren’t prepared to start at the bottom and work their way up, but were going to take what they wanted.

natural_born_thrillers (Natural Born Thrillers)

O’Haire, a 6ft6 monster was paired with the equally tall Mark Jindrak, and the pair made quite an imposing team, especially when facing teams like Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio Jr or Vampiro and Great Mutah.
The team won the WCW tag titles twice in 2000, but then a bizarre thing happened. There was a tag team battle royal, in which Jindrak/O’Haire and fellow Natural Born Thrillers Shawn Stasiak and Chuck Palumbo ended up as the last two teams. Another member of the Thrillers, Mike Sanders said that rather than fight each other, the two teams should swap members. (What were the creative team thinking?)
Anyway the result was that from early 2001 Jindrak joined Stasiak and O’Haire teamed with Palumbo, a talented but far-less physically dominating wrestler, who was better used in comedy situations than in dominating opponents.
palumbo ohaire (Palumbo/O’Haire)

Nevertheless they won the tag titles and when WCW was bought by WWE, Palumbo and O’Haire entered the company as the WCW Tag champs, feuding with the APA, the Hardy Boyz and the Brothers of Destruction, who ultimately took the titles away from them.
The team split up and O’Haire was sent to OVW on-and-off as WWE searched for a suitable gimmick for him, never really finding one, and by 2004 he had been wished well on future endeavours.
He spent the next couple of years floating around Japanese and American indies, and also trying his hand unsuccessfully at kickboxing and slightly more successfully at MMA, where his career record was four wins to two losses.
His best known appearance outside the American majors was when he battled Abyss in New Japan in 2004.
After 2007 he was not seen in wrestling or any other martial art, and not really heard of until this week when his obituary hit the headlines.

I can’t help but feel that splitting O’Haire and Jindrak was the beginning of the end for his career. Had they still been a team on entering WWE, they would have been a far better match for Undertaker and Kane than O’Haire and Palumbo were. They could almost have been a precursor to Luke Harper/Erick Rowan of the Wyatt Family.

But even if not in a tag team role, surely something could have been done with his ability to play a psychotic, out of control character – think Abyss, Boogie Man, Bray Wyatt, Mankind, Samuel Shaw. Instead the man who won the Wrestling Observer Newsletter award for rookie of the year in 2000 ended up leaving the sport little more than five years later and ended his life in 2014.

Rest in peace Sean O’Haire.

On August 30 in Johannesburg, these were the results from SAPW:
sapw aug 30
SAPW – South African Pro Wrestling at Warlocks Bikers event at Union Rugby Club, Johannesburg, South Africa:
Harley Quinn def the Bandit by pinfall.
Angel def Black Widow by disqualification.
The Dark One – Crow def Cowboy by pinfall to remain number one contender for the SAPW title.

Then on August 31, these were the results when WWP travelled to Nigeria to face the stars of UPWF from Luxury City Hotel, Abe, Nigeria.
wwp nigeria
Steve Eden (South Africa) beat Jimmy Palm (Nigeria)
Kwaito Kid (South Africa) vs Joe Dozer (Nigeria), time limit draw
Mr Perfect (Nigeria) won by disqualification over Joe E Legend
Ultimate Commander (Nigeria) defeated Tornado (South Africa) after interference from Joe E Legend

This Saturday you can catch South African Pro Wrestling at the Rhino Bike Rally, Afridome Showgrounds, Parys, Free State, South Africa. While the WWP tour of Nigeria continues at the National Stadium in Lagos on Sunday.