Weekend results from across Europe

Posted: November 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

Here are selected results from this weekend’s events in Europe as sourced from their Facebook pages, own websites,  Cagematch.net and wrestlingdata.com


Nov 1: STHLM Wrestling:

PT beat Bajen Brawler by pinfall.

Stanislaw beat Big Machine.

Redline broke Dödens 4 year undefeated streak by putting him in a casket.
Hardcore Hampus with his manager Anita beat TNT for the Official Swedish Wrestling Heavyweight Title.

Ken Malmsteen beat Hardcore Hampus in an extra match for the Official Swedish Wrestling Heavyweight Title.  NEW Official Swedish Wrestling Heavyweight Title holder!

Ken Malmsteen beat Starbuck by countout (Last Man Standing Match).


Nov 2: Wrestling.dk

Michael Fynne defeated Lars Schj0tler
Kristian Thorn defeated Kimball
Zach White defeated Tobias
Sonne defeated Rick Dominick (c), Michael Fynne and The Geek in a four-way ladder match to become the new WDK Champion.
Westside Xtreme Wrestling:
Nov 1:  The Rotation defeated Marius van Beethoven
Die Schilds (Bobby Gunns and Vincent the Beast defeated Waschbaren Auf Koffein (Franz Engel and Laurence Roman)
Karsten Beck defeated Absolute Andy
Marius Al-Ani defeated Johnny Rancid
Big Daddy Walter v John Klinger – time limit draw
Alex Tischer, Axel Dieter Jr and Da Mack defeated Kim Ray, Sasha Keel and Jurn Simmons
Nov 2: Axel Tischler defeated Marius Al-Ani
Marius van Beethoven defeated The Rotation
Hot and Spicy (Axel Dieter Jr and Da Mack) defeated Die Schilds (Bobby Gunns and Vincent The Beast)
John Klinger(c) defeated Jurn SImmons to retain the wXw Shotgun title
Keel Holding defeated Waschbaren Auf Koffein (Franz Engel and Laurence Roman)
Big Daddy Walter defeated Kim Ray (no DQ match)
Karsten Beck defeated Absolute Andy
German Wrestling Federation:
Nov 1:
Andre Trucker defeated Jaxx
Ibo Latino and Ronaldo defeated Jaroslav Milezko and Nickolas von Rijk
Lucky Kid defeated Flying Dragon Jr
Tarkan Aslan defeated Robert Kaiser
Crazy Sexy Mike, Pascal Spalter and Pete Bouncer v The Dark Society (Ahmed Chaer, Koray and Salsakid Rambo – draw
Cash Money Mafia (Cash Money Erkan and Murat AK) (c) defeated Chris Colen and Ivan Kiev in a chairs match to retain the GWF Tag Team Championship
Nov 1: Flemish Wrestling Force:
Soldiers of Fortune 2.0 defeated The Scum of High Society in a title vs title match to win the FWF Tag Team Championship and retain the Irish Tag Team Championship
Robbie Maddox defeated Jurney
Katey Harvey defeated Leah von Dutch
Rex Rage defeated Dynamite Kiev to retain the FWF Flemish Championship
Jack Ferringo defeated Phil Boyd to retain the FWF World Championship (Katey Harvey caused distraction)
Jack King defeated Silver Bullet in a casket match
Team Leah von Dutch defeated Team Katey Harvey in a Survivor Series-style match
Belgium Catch Wrestling Federation:
Day 1 (Nov 1):
Blake Andersen defeated Andynamite
Black Capone defeated Collin Williams
Bonnie and Clyde defeated Zad and Daz “Les Poulets de l’Espace”
Antik Moustache (w/ Calypso) defeated Big Joe (w/ Nevermore)
Eddie Dark defeated Blake Andersen
Day 2 (Nov 2):
Moustache Warrior (w/ Calypso) defeated Andynamite
Blake Andersen defeated Zitch
Bonnie & Clyde defeated Eddie Dark & Andynamite
Big Joe (w/ Nevermore) defeated Little Jimmy (Daz)
John Sander Dillinger defeated Zad
Battle Royal: Winner: Bonnie
John Sander Dillinger defeated Eddie Dark
Nov 1: Welsh Wrestling:
Tommy Dean defeated James Mason
Tagori defeated Jon Titan
Mason Ryan defeated Kade Callous
Steve Starr(c) defeated Grizzly Jones to retain the Welsh Heavyweight Championship
Battle royal: winner Mason Ryan (he has won 16 straight matches in Welsh Wrestling)

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