Weekend wrap-up from Australia

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Here are this weekend’s quick results from the various Australian indies:

Oct 31: New Horizon Professional Wrestling:
Session 1
1. “The Demon” Alistair def. Seth Skellington
2. Dragon Slate Jr def. The Ferocious Bumblebee
3. “Firefly” Felix Young def. Seth Wasted
Session 2
1. “The Demon” Alistair def. The Ferocious Bumblebee
2. Ajax def. Seth Wasted
3. “Firefly” Felix Young def. El Hijo del Sexy Demon

Oct 31: Outback Championship Wrestling:
1. Cadman Turner and Cletus def. Aussie Bulldogs (Jake “Mr 24/7” Navara and JXT) in a OCW Tag Team Championship Tournament Qualifying Match
2. Vixsin def. Nikita Naridian in a Last Woman Standing Match
3. Jacko Lantern and Manny Grayson def. “The Suplex Machine” Gabriel Wolfe and Josh “The Axe” Shooter in a OCW Tag Team Championship Tournament Qualifying Match
4. WUW World Champion Mad Dog McCrea def. “The Smash Hit” Joel Bateman and KrackerJak in a Triple Threat Elimination Tables Match
5. Tommy Dreamer def. Slade Mercer in a Hardcore Match
6. Alexi Papadopoulos def. “FanTabulous” Micky Jackson
7. Andy Phoenix def. Adam Brooks in a Ladder Match to retain the OCW Heavyweight Championship

Oct 31: Explosive Pro Wrestling Perth:
1. Buzz Mendel def. Nurse Gorgeous
2. Gavin McGavin def. Elliot Forbes in a Special Challenge Tables Match
3. The McKenzie Brothers (Leo and Scotty McKenzie) def. The Dropkicks (“Big Rig” Bodhi Ryan and “The Real Life Risky Business” Byron Pratt) in a Freaky Friday Match
4. “The People’s Hero” Marcius Pitt def. Jordan Bishop
5. “Mad” Mike Massive def. “The Prince of Perth” Jay Taylor in a Pumpkin on a Pole Match
6. “The Smashing Machine” Chris Vice def. Alex “AK-47” Kingston and Jay Taylor in a Triple Threat Match after pinning Taylor.

Nov 1: Hunter Valley Wrestling:
1. “The Deadly Shot” Kasai def. Randal
2. Anubis and Mr. Mortis def. Chad Waugh and Kurtis James
3. Bruza def. Psykotic
4. Keegan and Tarlee def. Johnny Vercetti and Kristie Lea
5. Ethan Hughz def. “Hollywood Sleaze” Alex Titan to retain the NCPW Championship
6. Matt Wolf def. D’Licious
7. Fergus Ferguson vs. “Greatness” Grant Linstrom [no result due to interference]
8. Mikey Lord def. Syd Parker in an Anarchy Rules Match

Nov 1: New Horizon Professional Wrestling:
Session 1
1. Jarrad Slate def. Seth Wasted
2. Liam Mendel def. New Parka
3. “Big Dog” John Dozer def. Bodhi McKenzie
Session 2
1. Rory Holmes def. The Ferocious Bumblebee
2. Dragon Slate Jr. def. New Parka
3. Heroes of Future Past (Bodhi McKenzie and Liam Mendel) def. The Superbeasts (“Demon Dog” Alastair and “Big Dog” John Dozer)
Session 3
1. “Demon Dog” Alastair (w/”Big Dog” John Dozer) def. Rory Holmes
2. The Ferocious Bumblebee def. Butterfly Fantastico
3. “Big Dog” John Dozer (w/”The Demon” Alastair) def. New Parka
Session 4
1. The Ferocious Bumblebee def. Rory Holmes
2. Ajax def. “Demon Dog” Alastair in a Bodyslam Challenge

Nov 1: All Action Wrestling:
1. The Shark def. Big Vinnie
2. Dallas Knight vs. James Grace [Result unknown]
3. JC Blade (w/Damien Wolf) vs. Joey Angel (w/Casey Hanson) ended in no contest
4. Killah def. Jeremiah Plunkett to become the new NWA Australian Champion
5. Chris Target vs. Tommy Dreamer ended in no contest due to interference
6. AAW Champion Danny Andrews vs. NC Viper [Result unknown]
7. Tyler Throne def. Just Jordan
8. Dallas Knight, Jeremiah Plunkett, Killah and Tommy Dreamer def. The Foundation (Chris Target, James Grace, The Shark and TJ Max) in a Survivor Series Match

Nov 1: Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling:
1. Acid Haze def. Blue Blood
2. Tons of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) def. The Young Studs (Adam Crowe and Matt Hayter) to become the new Snakepit Tag Team Champions
3. Bobby V def. Snakepit Adelaide Open Champion John E Radic via DQ
4. Team Dallas (Ashton Ballentine, Dallas Sommers, Martin P Newton and Tex Rogers) def. Team Synn (Damien Synn, Daxon Kage, Doc Kinkaid and WB Bellows) in the Battlefield Rumble
5. Jake Viper def. Ace Wilson
6. Big Daddy Jack def. Kaos
7. Zak Sabbath def. Tyson Storm in a No Countout, No DQ Match

Nov 1: Melbourne City Wrestling:
1. Mike Burr def. Lochy Hendricks in a Lumberjack Match
2. Cremator and Vixsin def. Siren Monroe and Tommy Hellfire
3. KC Cassidy def. Miami (w/Josh Shooter) and Toni Storm in a Three Way Dance
4. Elliot Sexton and Mr. Juicy def. Cousin Ali and Emanuelle
5. JXT def. KrackerJak
6. Neo Sovereign Revolution (Robbie and Ryan Eagles) def. MCW Tag Team Champions The L.A.W (Adam Brooks and Dowie James) via DQ
7. Carlo Cannon def. “The Messiah” Davis Storm in a Street Fight to retain the MCW Heavyweight Championship

Upcoming events:
November 7
*Snakepit “Friday Night Fights”. Snakepit Arena. 2 Langford St, Pooraka, SA
November 8
*AWF “November to Dismember”. Blacktown PCYC. 30 Second Ave, Blacktown, NSW
*NAW “Sunbury Showdown 7”. Sunbury Memorial Hall. Stawell St, Sunbury, VIC
*PCW “15 Year Anniversary Spectacular”. Polish Club. 1325 Stud Rd, Rowville, VIC
*PWA “The Injustice League”. Casula Powerhouse. 1 Casula Powerhouse Rd, Casula, NSW
*QCW “Movember To Remember”. Nambour PCYC. Youth Ave, Nambour, QLD
*QWA “Ground Zero”. Greek Community Centre. 799 Flinders St West, Townsville, QLD
*RCW “Powertrip”. Latvian Hall. 4 Clark St, Wayville, SA
*Wrestle Rampage “Hardcore Rulez 2: Xtreme Halloween”. Fowler’s Live. 68 North Tce, Adelaide, SA **18+ Event**
November 9
*NHPW @ KickOff Fiesta. Len Packham Reserve. Tybalt Pl, Coolbellup, WA

Source: Australian Indy Wrestling Facebook page.


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