Here are this weekend’s results from Australia and New Zealand. (Sources Australian Indy Wrestling Facebook page, and the Hughes Academy of Professional Wrestling Facebook page)

Australian Wrestling Entertainment, November 14:

1. Psykotic def. Vinnie Vain
2. The Great Ayatollah def. Bash
3. Mikey Broderick def. Ace
4. The Masked Mauler won the $5,000 Body Slam Challenge
5. Crofty def. Tukahe in a Tables Match
6. Bernie Mac and Corruption def. The Aussie Express (Luke Knight and Mr Exclusive) to become the new AWE Tag Team Champions
7. Bruza the Serb def. Psykotic to retain AWE Heavyweight Championship after interference from Mr. Money and Vinnie Vain.

Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance, November 15:
1. Jake Paragon def. Avalanche
2. Crazy Train def. Samuel Colt
3. “Firefly” Felix Young (w/Zoe Quinn) def. Jarrad Slate in a Street Fight
4. K.A.P.S (Jimmy Jamal Jenkins and “Big Dog” John Dozer w/Ebenizah J. Klaus) def. The McKenzie Brothers (Bodhi and Byron McKenzie) to retain the SHWA Tag Team Titles. K.A.P.S splits up following the bout.
5. El Jim Bob and “Mad” Mike Massive def. “Big” Vin Penhero and ?
6. Dan Steel def. Crimson Lightning, Jamie Jurah (c) and “The Don” Michael Morleone in a Four Way Elimination Match to become the new SHWA Champion

Pacific Pro Wrestling, November 15:
1. Koi Bombora def. Australian Wolf
2. “The Devil’s Double” Jesse Daniels def. Slammin’ Sam Richards
3. Thirteen def. Ricky Rembrandt
4. Joe Haze vs. Mystery ended in a double countout
5. Lynx Lewis Jr def. Renegade to retain the Pacific Pro Light Heavyweight Championship
6. AJ Istria def. “Jag” Hartley Jackson to retain the Pacific Pro and AWA Heavyweight Championship Double Crown

Professional Championship Wrestling on November 15:
1. Touch of Class (Trikki D and Twitch Smith) def. The Elements (Nate Cross and Tyler Frost)
2. Brickazi (“Brick Wall” Lee Burns and Mikazi) def. Rocco’s Waste Management (Barwon and Rocco)
3. Apocalypse won the Destiny Battle Royal
4. Mark Kage def. Cass Stone in a No DQ Match to retain the PCW State Championship
5. Anthony Dangerfield def. “The Macedonian Model” Tome’ Filip to retain the PCW Slam Championship
6. Nash Archer def. Manny Gunner, Maverick the Magnificent and Waik to win the Destiny Ladder Match and a 12 Month PCW Contract

Riot City Wrestling, November 15:
1. Rachael Rose def. Blair Alexis
2. Vixsin def. Daisy Chayne
3. Toni Storm def. Savannah Summers and Siren Monroe
4. Izzy Shaw and Miss Fortune def. Gracie and Michelle
5. Harley Wonderland def. Demi Bennett to become the new RCW Women’s Champion

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, November 15:
1. Ace Wilson def. Matt Hayter
2. Bobby V def. Ashton Ballentine after interference from Mann Dozer
3. Beer and Loathing (Doc Kinkaid and WB Bellows) def. Ryan Winters and Tex Rogers
4. Blue Blood def. Acid Haze
5. The New Black (Adam Crowe, Jake Viper and Michael Weaver) vs. The Psycho Circus (Crunchy the Clown, Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) ended in no contest
6. John E Radic def. The Warship to retain the Snakepit Adelaide Open Championship
7. Dallas Sommers def. Benjy The Clown, Damien Synn and Kira Sommers in a Handicap Match

Tasmanian Championship Wrestling, November 15:
1. Judd “The Studd” Newman def. Benny Factor and Chris Trance in a Triple Threat Elimination Match
2. Killrog def. Mercury (w/Venus) and Omega in a Handicap Match
3. Eddie Jones def. Cremator to retain the TCW Championship
4. The Hive (Bee Boy and Mantis) def. McMendel (Gavin McGavin and Liam Mendel)
5. Diablo def. Zakk Archer to become #1 Contender for the TCW Championship

Capital Pro Wrestling, November 15:
Dark Match: Asha Sixx and Dakota Lane def. Nyx Jade and Sarah Von Stone
1. Tank def. Marvin the Morphman to retain the CPW Inter-Suburbs Championship
2. A.T.O (Captain Ultimate and Dan Archer) def. Angelo and Chris Shadows via DQ
3. Warpath (ICW World Heavyweight Champion) def. Skyzer (CPW Champion) in the Champions Challenge to retain the ICW World Heavyweight Championship and become the new CPW Champion
4. Hank Armstrong vs. ICW Australian Champion Russell the Love Muscle went to a time limit draw. The match was restarted and again went the time limit.
5. Rex won the King of CPW Battle Royal

Impact Pro Wrestling, November 15
1. Curt Chaos def. Vinny Dunn
2. 2-on-1 Handicap Match: Joel Clementson and Mr Burns def. Brook Duncan
3. Hair vs. Hair: Johnny Idol def. Khan
4. IPW Tag Team Championship: TnT (c) w/ Dion McCracken def. The Pride w/ Ligress via disqualification
5. Evie w/ Megan-Kate def. Carmen Rose
6. Mr Juicy and Travis Banks def. The Agents of Change
7. IPW Championship: Fury (c) w/ Daniel Burnell def. Pat Schisk w/ Elias to retain the title

New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling, November 15:
1. Hughes Academy Champion Charlie Roberts def KPW Champion Shane Sinclair (champion vs champion, non-title)
2. Misty defeated Krystal Kane to retain the Hughes Academy Women’s Championship
3. Frankie Quinn defeated Scarlet to win the KPW Women’s Championship


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