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Due to the holidays, it’s a very quiet week on the Australian scene with just two events. Here are the results (thanks to the Australian Indy Wrestling Facebook page):

Professional Championship Wrestling, Victoria, Australia, December 27:
1. Manny Gunner def. Andrew Titan (w/Dr Troy Alexander)
2. Maverick def. Elias
3. Nash Archer def. Referee Athan via submission
4. Apocalypse and Rocco def. Mr. Big and Tyler Frost (w/Ava)
5. Nick Aaron def. Fury and MiKazi in a Three Way Dance
6. Natasha Webb def. Ava (w/Tyler Frost)
7. Cass Stone def. Tome Filip (c) and Waik in a Triple Threat Tables Match to become the new PCW Slam Champion

Snakepit Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Adelaide, Australia:
1. Adam Crowe def. Jake Viper
2. Psycho Circus (Bobby V and Damien Synn) def. Bryan Lawson and Marvin P Newton
3. Matt Hayter def. Miss Fortune. Hayter had one arm tied behind his back.
4. Acid Haze and “King” John E. Radic def. Beer and Loathing (Doc Kinkaid and Wam Bam Bellows) in a Falls Count Anywhere Match
5. Bobby V and Bryan Lawson were the last 2 competitors remaining in the Battle Royal and earn a Snakepit Tag Team Title shot
6. Bobby V and Bryan Lawson def. Tons of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) to become the new Snakepit Tag Team Champions


Next Step Wrestling, Brussels, Belgium, December 21
Ilja Dragunov defeated “Zero” Franz Engel to win the NSW Championship

Dansk Pro Wrestling, Horsens, Denmark, December 20
CPH Hangman defeated Mick Robinson in a bull rope match
Johnny Casanova defeated Rick Dominick to win the DPW Light Heavyweight Championship
Demolition Davies, Kenny Kash and Ravn defeated Apu Singh, FVN and Nikita Charisma
Michael Schenkenberg defeated Chaos in a tables match
Big D defeated Kool Krede in a submission match
Drew Galloway defeated Michael Fynne and Chaos in a triple threat match to retain his Insane Championship Wrestling Championship and win Fynne’s DPW Heavyweight Championship

European Wrestling Promotion, Hangar no 5, Hanover, Germany, December 20
Val Verde defeats Markus Antonius
Robbie Dynamite and Thunder defeated Ecki Eckstein and Leon van Gasteren
Minoru Tanaka defeated Michael Kovac to retain the EWP Intercontinental Championship
Axel Dieter Jr. and Axel Tischer defeated Heimo Ukonselkä and Marius Al-Ani
Cannonball Grizzly defeated Big Daddy Walter to retain the EWP World Heavyweight Championship (Special Enforcer: Robbie Brookside)

Italian Championship Wrestling, Sant’Angelo Lodigiano, Italy, December 20 and 21
Night one:
Number 1 contender tournament quarterfinals:
Mr Excellent defeated Tenacious Dalla
Queen Maya defeated Jester
Andy Manero defeated Hydra
Mark Fit defeated Alessandro Corleone
Queen Maya defeated Mr Excellent
Andy Manero defeated Mark Fit
Six-person tag: El Technico, Giant Giulio and Irene defeated Doblone, Marcio Silva and Cheyenne
Final: Andy Manero defeated Queen Maya

Night two:
Il Corvo Bianco defeated Max Peach
Red Devil defeated Manuel Majoli by DQ to retain the ICW Italian Championship
Geminy and Red Devil defeated Il Corvo Bianco and Manuel Majoli

Swiss Power Wrestling, Legends Bar, Lusanne, Switzerland, December 19
Akuma defeated El Carniacero
Yoshihiro Yamada defeated Kurt Simmons
Santa Claus defeated Diamond Daniels
Adrian Johnatans defeated Tormentor

Snakepit Wrestling, Adelaide December 19 and 20:
Night one:
1. Acid Haze def. Doc Kinkaid to retain the Snakepit FNF Title
2. Ace Wilson def. KAOS
3. Matt Hayter def. Adam Crowe after interference from Izzy Shaw
4. Wam Bam Bellows def. Snakepit Adelaide Open Champion John E. Radic via DQ
5. Wam Bam Bellows def. Snakepit Adelaide Open Champion John E. Radic via count out
6. John E. Radic def. Wam Bam Bellows to retain the Snakepit Adelaide Open Championship
7. Team Lawson (Big Daddy Jack, Bryan Lawson, Marvin P. Newton and Tex Rogers) def. The Psycho Circus (Bobby V, Damien Synn, Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) in the Battlefield Rumble

Night two:
1. Acid Haze and Bryan Lawson def. Jake Viper and Joey Triton
2. William Star def. Black Star
3. Mann Dozer def. Big Daddy Jack
4. Adam Crowe def. Izzy Shaw and Matt Hayter in a Handicap Match
5. Blue Blood def. John E Radic and Wam Bam Bellows to retain the Snakepit Southern Heavyweight Title
6. Acid Haze last eliminated Matt Hayter to win the Southern Royal Rumble and become #1 Contender to the Southern Heavyweight Championship

Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Association, Brown Park, December 20:
1. Hayden Zenith def. “Big Gun” Samuel Colt
2. Del Cano def. Crazy Train
3. The McKenzie Brothers (Bodhi and Byron McKenzie) def. Sexasaurus Rex (Jayceratops and Twitchadochus)
4. “Firefly” Felix Young (w/Zoe Quinn) def. Liam Mendel
5. Jimmy Jamal Jenkins vs. “Big” Vin Penhero ended in no contest after the Warship interfered
6. Del Cano, El Jim Bob and The McKenzie Brothers def. Crimson Lightning, “Big Gun” Samuel Colt and Sexasaurus Rex in the Battle for Christmas Match

Queensland Championship Wrestling, Plaza Parade, Maroochydore, December 20:
1. Cyprien def. James McCullum
2. Slamming Sam def. Tim Kade
3. Renegade def. “The Dutch Demon” Natas via DQ when Slamming Sam and Cyprien got involved in the match.
4. Renegade, Rip Rielly and Tim Kade def. Cyprien, “The Dutch Demon” Natas and Slamming Sam
5. Power House Playas def. El Patto Grande and Nathaniel West
6. Ricky Rembrandt def. Rabies the Clown to win the Jokers Contract
7. Mickey 2 Phat def. Thirteen to become the new QCW South Queensland Champion

Professional Championship Wrestling, Hallam, Victoria, December 20:
1. “Brick Wall” Lee Burns def. Andrew Titan
2. Rocco def. Mr. Big
3. Nash Archer def. Elias
4. WAIK def. Tyler Frost
5. MiKazi def. Blue Collar and Fury
6. “Macedonian Model” Tome Filip def. Cass Stone to retain the PCW Slam Championship

Impact Pro Wrestling New Zealand, Mt Albert War Memorial, Mt Albert, December 20
1 James Shaw defeated Taylor Adams
2 Carmen Rose defeated BFF
3 Britenay defeated Ligress by DQ
4 TnT defeated The Pride; Mauler Clementson and Mr Burns; Pat Schisk and Elias; and Brook Duncan and his mystery partner to win a five-team elimination match and retain their IPWNZ Tag Team Championship
5 James Shaw defeated Jakob Cross in a fans bring the weapons match to become #1 contender for the heavyweight title

by Leon Muston
Africa’s biggest wrestling federation, World Wrestling Professionals (WWP) held a press conference at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, announcing that early next year the venue would hold the biggest event in the company’s history, an extravaganza called WrestleMonster.
Tentatively scheduled for February 28 (subject to change), the event will be the company’s first to be tied to their international partner Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling.
Jarrett couldn’t personally attend the launch due to wrestling commitments in the United States but sent a pre-recorded message in which he indicated how important the South African market was to GFW, in conjunction with those in Japan, Mexico, Germany, the UK, Australia and New Zealand where other alliances have been created.
He announced that he would personally be coming to South Africa for WrestleMonster and a number of other shows next year and was looking at a number of South African WWP wrestlers to sign to his main roster.
Ananzi 1(WWP All-Africa Champion Ananzi)
At WrestleMonster South Africa’s biggest names including Tornado, Ananzi, Mr Wrestling and Kwaito Kid will take on international stars including American star Jarrett (a former world champion in TNA and WCW), Erin Angel (a former Bellatrix champion in the UK) and Joe E Legend (a former WWE performer who currently holds championship gold in the Netherlands).
Kilimanjaro Venda(Kilimanjaro)
Nigeria’s Kilimanjaro and India’s Sangram Singh are also on the card with more international names to be announced closer to the time.
The first confirmed match-up will see Singh facing Joe E Legend for the vacant WWP Commonwealth Championship.
joe_legend(Joe E Legend)
The event will also feature music artists, television personalities and entertainment aimed at the whole family.
Another major announcement at the press conference was that 50% of the gate takings for the show would go towards wrestling development.
Representatives of the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro Municipality and the Eastern Province Amateur Wrestling Association spoke about the initiative which would see a new wrestling training gym opened in the Port Elizabeth central business district in June 2015 with the first intake of students in August.
Kwaito 2(Kwaito Kid)
Port Elizabeth-born WWP star “The Kwaito Kid” Zama Njokweni, who himself came through the WWP developmental process, will head up the training facilities, which will be able to accommodate up to 150 wrestlers from across Africa.

wwp dec 16
Rainbow Nation (Ultimate Nathan and Flying Dutchman) w/SA Face defeated Dementors of Chaos (Dirty Jackson and Loudmouth deputising for 2Face) to win the APWA Tag Team Championship.
Alexis defeated Jasmine and Inyanga in a triple threat match
Blizzard the Warthog defeated Zizou Middoux
Dragon Boy defeated Christopher James Edwards in a mask vs hair match (Edwards got his head, beard and moustache shaved)
Kyle Ripley defeated The Renegade in a two-out-of-three falls match (2-1) to retain the APWA Heavyweight Championship
Ananzi defeated Scarred Ice (Vic Scarr and Johnny Sabin) in a winner takes all triple threat ladder match to retain the WWP All African Championship and win the WWP Tag Team Championship.

Ligue Nationale de Catch, Tucquegnieux, France, December 13
David Michel defeats Enigma and Vinny
Docteur Muller vs. Giglio Paonesa et Esmée – No Contest
Joris Fiack defeats Redji Ray to win the LNC Lorraine Championship
Docteur Muller defeats David Michel in a no DQ match

Italian Championship Wrestling, Florence, Italy, December 13
Marcio Silva defeats Incubo
Bon Giovanni defeats Max Peach
Nick Lenders and Picchio Rosso defeat Il Patto D’Acciaio (Killer Mask and Ronin)
Alex Flash defeats Constantino
Pegaso defeats Psycho Mike by DQ
Magix Degan and Vito Vesucio defeat Sensei and Street Dog Jimmy
Antonio Piddu defeats Goran Il Barbaro
Rafael (c) defeats Tempesta in a chairs match to retain the ICW Interregional Championship

Do or Die Wrestling, Gimnazjum Nr 8, Danzig, Poland, December 13
Kaszub defeats GREG
Gracjan Korpo defeats Fatman
Kamil Aleksander defeats Robert Star

Wrestling Portugal, Lisbon, December 14
Bruno “Bammer” Brito def Rúben Branco to retain the WP Championship

STHLM Wrestling, Stockholm, December 13
Bajen Brawler defeats Jack the Strangler by DQ
Steinbolt def Timmy Force
Redline def Mad Bastard (Steinbolt attacked and injured Redline after the match)
Varja Alerta def PT
Ken Malmsteen def Adrian Johnatans

Here are this weekend’s results (sources: Facebook pages of Australian Indy Wrestling and the various federations)

Wrestleclash, December 12:
1. Good Boys (Rocky Menero and Slex w/Julian James) def. French Connection (Beau and Claude) to become the inaugural Wrestleclash World Tag Team Champions
2. Damian Slater def. Adam Brooks (w/Queen Kellyanne)
3. Mikey Broderick def. “Powerful” Marcius Pitt
4. Alexi Papadopoulos and Mr. Juicy def. One Stone McCready and Sean Kustom
5. Elliot Sexton def. KrackerJak to retain the WrestleRock Championship

Explosive Pro Wrestling, Perth, December 13:
Session 1
1. The McKenzie Brothers (Bodhi and Byron McKenzie) def. “Outlaw” Billy Williams and “The Don” Michael Morleone
2. Jay Taylor def. Liam Mendel
3. Busker Douglas and Gavin McGavin def. Jordan Bishop and Taylor King
4. Sam Fantastic def. Eddy Bombay
5. EPW Champion Alex “AK-47” Kingston def. Leo Pratt in a non-title match
Session 2
1. Liam Mendel def. Jordan Bishop
2. The Warship def. Busker Douglas
3. The McKenzie Brothers (Bodhi and Byron McKenzie) def. Eddy Bombay and Elliot Forbes
4. Sex Mafia (Jay Taylor and “The Don” Michael Morleone) def. Gavin McGavin and Sam Fantastic
5. Hayden Zenith def. “Outlaw” Billy Williams
Session 3
1. Sam Fantastic def. Jordan Bishop
2. Leo Pratt def. Busker Douglas
3. Gavin McGavin def. Taylor King
4. The Warship def. Liam Mendel
5. Team Aqua (Bodhi McKenzie, Byron McKenzie and Hayden Zenith) def. The Wild Wild Westerners (Bang Bang Jay, “Outlaw” Billy Williams and Donny the Kid)

Snakepit Wrestling, Adelaide, December 13:
1. Ace Wilson, Miss Fortune and Zak Sabbath def. Izzy Shaw, Jake Viper and Matt Hayter
2. Acid Haze def. Adam Crowe and Blue Blood [King’s Crown Tournament Match]
3. Bobby V def. Bryan Lawson and Damien Synn [King’s Crown Tournament Match]
4. John E Radic def. Doc Kinkaid and Wam Bam Bellows [King’s Crown Tournament Match]
5. Joey Triton won a Battle Royal after last eliminating Bryan Lawson [King’s Crown Tournament Match]
6. John E Radic def. Acid Haze, Bobby V and Joey Triton in an elimination match [King’s Crown Tournament Final]

Professional Championship Wrestling, Polish Club, Rowville, December 13:
1. Daniel Swagger def. Nash Archer
2. Chris Trance def. Mr. Big in a Christmas Beatings Match
3. “The Macedonian Model” Tome Filip def. Anthony Dangerfield to become the new PCW Slam Champion

4. Twitch Smith def. “Nightmare” Chris Trio in Match 2 of their Best of 3 series
5. KrackerJak def. The Enforcer to retain the PCW National Championship
6. Trikki def. Mark Kage in a Steel Cage Match to become the new PCW State Champion

Melbourne City Wrestling, Melbourne, December 13:
1. World’s Friendliest Tag Team (Lochy Hendricks and TD) def. Hard Way Inc. (Jay Andrews and Mike Burr) and The L.A.W (Adam Brooks and Dowie James) in a Triple Threat Mexican Tornado Rules Match to become the new MCW Tag Team Champions
2. Elliot Sexton def. Cousin Ali
3. Tommy Hellfire (w/Siren Monroe) def. Cremator in Carnival of Horrors 3
4. KC Cassidy def. Madison Eagles via submission
5. Emanuelle (w/Cousin Ali) def. Mr. Juicy
6. Carlo Cannon def. “The Messiah” Davis Storm and “Jag” Hartley Jackson in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match to retain the MCW Championship

Adelaide Championship Wrestling, Adelaide, December 13:
1. Outbacker Jesse def. Faceless
2. Des def. Micky Vendetta
3. Outbacker Mouse def. Troy
4. Nacho Man def. Simple Simon via DQ
5. Jack Rossely def. “The Loose Cannon” Joe Mundie

Blue Mountain Pro Wrestling, Blackheath Community Centre, December 13:
Pre-show: Zac Falzon def. James Dean
1. Robbie Eagles def. Tyson Gibbs in a World Heritage Series Match
2. Ryan Eagles def. Jack Bonza
3. Bishop Sommers def. “Gladiator” Apollo in a World Heritage Series Match
4. Adam Hoffman def. Keegan in a World Heritage Series Match
5. “Full Force” Matt Rogers & Michael Spencer def. Bee Boy & Geoff The Clown
6. Shazza McKenzie def. Charli
7. Robbie Eagles def. Adam Hoffman and Bishop Sommers in a Triple Threat elimination match to become the inaugural Blue Mountains Pro World Heritage Champion

We have noticed looking at our statistics that one of the countries that we get the most views from (behind the US, South Africa, UK and Australia) is Malaysia.
We’ve scoured Facebook, Google and various other sources and not come up with any pro wrestling organisations based in Malaysia.
So if you are a federation owner or wrestler based in Malaysia, please get in touch with us and let us know what’s happening either via the blog or the Facebook page.
We’d love to share news from your country with the rest of the world.

Bajen Brawler defeated Jack the Strangler by DQ
Steinbolt defeated Timmy Force by pinfall.
Redline defeated Mad Bastard by DQ but Steinbolt came in and viciously dislocated Redline’s shoulder and he will be sidelined for at least four months.
Varja Alerta defeated PT by pinfall.
Ken Malmsteen defeated Adrian Johnatans by pinfall.

All proceeds from the event went to Doctors without Borders

Results from Africa Wrestling Alliance’s Coca-Cola Royal Rumble, Parow Civic Centre, Cape Town, South Africa, December 11 2014:

awa rumble

Mr Money defeated “The One Man Show” Vinnie Vegas
Team Hillbilly (The Little Hillbilly, Zaheer Bayat, Wilfred, The Fearless Falcon) defeated Team Swiegers (Sammy Swiegers, Junior, The Prince) in a four-on-three handicap match
Max The Body defeated El Marko
“The Italian Stallion” Johnny Palazzio defeated Mr Money and Ed-Electric in a triple threat for the Cruiserweight Championship
Shaun Koen and The Oz defeated The Freakshow and The Missing Link
Ed-Electric won the 22 man Royal Rumble