Results courtesy of Australian Indy Wrestling Facebook page

Explosive Pro Wrestling, Perth, November 29
1. Damian Slater def. Hughesy via submission in a Invitational Tournament Semi Final
2. Mr. Juicy def. Gorgeous Garry, Jay Taylor and Sam Fantastic in a Four Corners of Comedy match. Gorgeous was set to be waxed but managed to escape before it could happen.
3. The Headhunters (Devlin Reeves and Tyler Jacobs) def. McMassive (Gavin McGavin and ‘Mad’ Mike Massive) to win the vacant EPW Tag Team Titles
4. Hayden Zenith def. “The Messiah” Davis Storm
5. Robbie Eagles def. “The Messiah” Davis Storm
6. TMDK (Jonah Rock and Marcius Pitt) def. The Dropkicks (Leo Pratt and Scotty Ryan) in a Tables Match
7. “The Mind” Lukey Bolland def. Eddy Bombay, Elliot Forbes, Jarrad Slate, Lord Jonathan Wimbledon, Jordan Bishop, Liam Mendel, “The Don” Michael Morleone, Richter and The Warship after pinning Morleone to win the Hardcore Scramble match and become the new EPW Hardcore Champion
8. Damian Slater def. Hayden Zenith to become the 2014 Invitational Tournament winner
9. Alex “AK-47” Kingston def. “The Smashing Machine” Chris Vice and “The Behemoth” Sebastian Sander (c) in a Steel Cage match to become the new EPW Champion. Kingston scored the pinfall on Sander as Vice was exiting the cage.
End of Year Award winners
Most Improved: Hughesy
Memorable Moment of the Year: Amber
Event of the Year: Evolution
Match of the Year: “The Smashing Machine” Chris Vice vs. Alex “AK-47” Kingston at Great Aussie Bash
Wrestler of the Year: Alex “AK-47” Kingston

United Pro Wrestling, Beenleigh, November 29:
1. The Hockley Clan def. Chimera (Kobra Jones and Xander Phoenix) via DQ
2. Spaceman Dacey def. Benny Factor
3. D-Volt def. Lucas Gold, Lynx Lewis Jr and Sebastian Maximus to become the new UPW Paragon Champion
4. Renegade def. Jordan James in a No Holds Barred Match
5. Catherine Mynx and D-Volt def. Jake Nova and Sara Jay
6. Rip Rielly won the Divided We Brawl locker room rumble to become the new UPW Champion

Warzone Wrestling, Berwick, November 29:
Pre Show: Cody Swift def. Syd Parker
1. Pitbull def. Gabriel Wolfe
2. Cremator def. Mike Burr (w/Hard Way Inc.) via DQ
3. New Lightning Strike Coalition (Dowie James and The Enforcer) def. Adam Brooks and Luke Santamaria to retain the Warzone Tag Team Titles
4. Kellyanne def. Savannah Summers to become the new Warzone Women’s Champion
5. Nash Archer def. Minzy Montana in the Divine Challenge
6. Heavy Duty Players (Chris Trio and Tome Filip) def. Cadman and Jim Raze
7. Alberto Bravo def. Tyson Gibbs
8. KrackerJak def. Adam Brooks via referee stoppage to retain the Warzone Championship

Snakepit, Adelaide, November 29:
1. Acid Haze, Xavier Black and Zak Sabbath def. The New Black (Adam Crowe, Jake Viper and Matt Hayter) in a 6 man elimination match
2. Miss Fortune def. Kira Sommers. Sommers is now suspended from Snakepit
3. Bryan Lawson def. Damien Synn
4. Tons of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) def. Big Daddy Jack and Tex Rogers
5. Doc Kinkaid vs. Snakepit Adelaide Open Champion John E Radic ended in a no contest after interference from Blarzay
6. Michael Weaver def. Ace Wilson to retain the Snakepit Heavyweight Championship after the camera guy hit Wilson with the camera

Queensland Championship Wrestling Sunshine Coast, Maroochydore, November 29:
1. Simon Tokoroa def. “The Dutch Demon” Natas
2. Dancing Panda vs. James McCallum ended in no contest after The Circus of Tragedy interfered and seemingly kidnapped Panda.
3. Simon Tokoroa def. James McCallum, Natas, Nathaniel West, Pala, Rabies the Clown, Sweet Ass and Thirteen in an Over the Top Rope Battle Royal to become the #1 Contender for the QCW NQ Championship
4. Thirteen def. Nathaniel West
5. Ben Ayres def. Pala and Sweet Ass in a Triple Threat Match
6. Mickey 2 Phat def. Ricky Rembrandt to earn a place in the QCW SQ Championship match against Thirteen next month at “Christmas Carnage”.

Professional Championship Wrestling, November 28:
1. Andrew Titan def. MiKazi
2. Apocalypse def. Tyler Frost (w/Ava) via DQ
3. Fury def. Mr Big
4. Cass Stone def. Fury
5. “The Macedonian Model” Tome Filip def. Cruz via DQ
6. “The Striker” Manny Gunner def. WAIK
7. Nash Archer def. Anthony Dangerfield and Rocco

Platinum Professional Wrestling, Hoopers Crossing, November 28:
1. JXT (w/Mr. H) def. Judd Newman
2. Chris Trance def. Cadman Turner (w/Mr. H)
3. Panic (Benny Factor and Syd Parker) def. Alexi Papadopoulos and Damian Rivers
4. Regular Team (Cody Swift and El Tecniko) def. Gabriel Wolfe and Zak Douglas
5. Josh “The Axe” Shooter vs. F.O.X #1 Contender’s Match ended in no contest
6. Mo-Bros (Alexi Papadopoulos, Josh Shooter and Slade Mercer) def. F.O.X and Panic (Benny Factor and Syd Parker)

Australian Wrestling Federation, November 28:
1. Massive Q def. Bobby V
2. The Great Mitsu def. TNT


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