Upcoming internet pay-per-view from Rockstar Pro

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(from our friend Nate Stein in the US)

Rockstar iPPV on Dec 5: Crist-Crist-Mathis
Flyer: http://bit.ly/RockstarKiller

It’s ‘A Killer Christmas’ on Friday, December 5 when Rockstar Pro Wrestling airs live on iPPV (at RockstarProWrestling.com) from the Rockstar Pro Wrestling Arena, 1106 E Third ST, Dayton, OH.

* Rockstar Pro Heavyweight champion Jake Crist vs. Dave Crist vs. Ron Mathis
Three members of Ohio Is 4 Killers face off for the Rockstar Pro Heavyweight Title. After Jake won the title, he made a challenge to his fellow Ohio Is 4 Killers team members, saying they are the most deserving of a title shot.

* In a Hardcore Kennel match: Ganger vs. Mikael
Last month, Mikael interrupted Ganger, costing him his match with Matt Tremont. Ganger has plans to settle the score in the best way he knows how.

* Dustin Rayz vs. Alex Colon
Last week on Rockstar ‘Amped’, Colon jumped Rayz to show he will do what it takes to get back on top since losing the Rockstar Luchacore title to Nevaeh on the last iPPV. Will Rayz get his revenge?

* The Fight’s leader Matt Taylor continues to struggle with miscommunication in his organization. How will he address is on December 5?

WWE/ECW legend Al Snow vs. former Rockstar Pro Heavyweight champion DJ Hyde

Watch Rockstar’s weekly show Amped at YouTube.com/RockstarProWrestling!
Support ‘A Killer Christmas’ on Facebook at Facebook.com/events/367857463390770!


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