(Results courtesy of Australian Indy Wrestling on Facebook)

North Coast Pro Wrestling, Port Macquarie Basketball Stadium, December 5:
1. Kurtis James vs. Robbie O’Thorn ended in no contest
2. BoJack def. Bubbles and Steven Magnas in a Triple Threat Match
3. Niki Nitro and Rebecca Tenley def. Kristie Lea and Willow in a Woman’s Tag Team Match
4. Johnny Vercetti def. Misfit
5. Jamie Luxford def. Robbie O’Thorn
6. Tristian Lewis won the 17 Man Andrew Wardle Invitational Battle Royal
7. Chad Waugh and Tristian Lewis def. King and Kurtis James (King got injured half way through the match and was replaced by Johnny Vercetti). James is fired and Rebecca Tenley now owns NCPW.

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snake Pit Arena, Adelaide, December 5:
1. Tons of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) def. Bryan Lawson and Tex Rogers to retain the Snakepit Tag Team Titles following interference from Damien Synn
2. Matt Hayter def. Daisy Chayne and Miss Fortune following interference from Izzy Shaw
3. Reilly St James def. Tex Rogers
4. Acid Haze def. Adam Crowe and Jake Viper (c) in a Triple Threat Match to become the new Snakepit FNF Champion
5. Big Daddy Jack def. Damien Synn
6. John E Radic def. Matt Hayter
7. Michael Weaver def. Ace Wilson to retain the Snakepit Championship in a 2 out of 3 falls match following interference from Izzy Shaw and Jake Viper

Riot City Wrestling, Latvian Hall, Wayville, December 6:
1. The Playmakers (Luke Santamaria and “The Answer” Mike Wheeler) def. Marvel and Voodoo
2. Matt “Grimm” Basso def. Lord Huberous
3. Bulldog McKenzie and Dean Brady def. S.M.A.S.H (Blue and Green)
4. Jack Bonza def. “Big” Brodie Marshall
5. Zak Sabbath def. Brad Smyth
6. Demi Bennett def. RCW Women’s Champion Harley Wonderland via count out
7. Nick Armstrong def. Adam Brooks in a No DQ Match to become the new RCW Champion

New Age Wrestling, NAW Arena, Albion:
1. Scott Slayer def. Alex Haize, CJ Redfield, Mitch Waterman and Sketch in a 5 Way Scramble Match
2. Regular Team (Cody Swift and El Tecniko) def. Panic (Benny Factor and Syd Parker) and Street Revolution (Lynx Lewis Jnr. and Renegade) in a Three Way Dance to retain the NAW Tag Team Titles

3. Alexi Papadopoulos def. Xavier Black. As per stipulation, Alexi gets 5 Minutes in the ring with Mr. H.
4. Mr. H def. Alexi Papadopoulos to become the new NAW General Manager
5. Minzy Montana def. Mozart
6. Chuck E Chaos def. Ricky Diamond in a Hardcore Match
7. Andy Rhodes def. Jake Lindo to become the new NAW South Pacific Champion
8. Psycho Kid Thunder won the Rumble of the Decade after last eliminating Jimmy Mustang & Sammy Souvlaki
9. F.O.X def. JXT to retain the NAW Heavyweight Championship
10. Josh “The Axe” Shooter, Judd Newman and Zak Douglas def. EGO (Cadman Turner, F.O.X and JXT w/Mr. H)

Australian Wrestling Entertainment, Sydney, December 6:
1. Robert James Sabre III def. Hudson Kai
2. Burnie Mac and Corruption def. Luke Knight and Mr Exclusive to retain the AWE Tag Team Titles
3. Ace def. “Birdman” Phil Picasso
4. BBN – Big Bad Nick def. “The Machine” Blakestone via DQ
5. The Rejects of Society (Bash, Crazy Eyes, Crofty and JT Robinson w/Nigel Bridge-Fort) def. Money Stable (Great Ayatollah, Tristian Slade, Tukahe and Vinnie Vain w/Mr Money) in a Survivor Series Match. Crofty was the lone survivor.
6. Psykotic def. Bruza the Serb in a Sydney Street Fight to become the new AWE Champion

Rock and Roll Wrestling, Albion Park, December 6:
1. Sean Kustom (w/Mr. Waterhouse) def. Robbie Eagles to become the new Rock and Roll Wrestling/UWA Elite Champion
2. Bee Boy and Mantis def. Rainbro Warriors
3. Kane Jones def. JT Robinson via DQ
4. Michael Spencer def. JT Robinson
5. Hydro def. Brian “The Heat” Seeker
6. “Green Dragon” Mick Moretti def. Hunter PS Hayes to retain the Rock and Roll Wrestling/UWA Heavyweight Championship

AAW Wrestling Entertainment, December 6:
1. JC Blade def. Joey Angel
2. The Shark def. Dallas Knight
3. “Big” Vin Penhero def. Casey Hanson
4. Craven and TJ Max def. The Foundation (Chris Target and James Grace)
5. Tyler Throne def. Fake “Matt Hardy”
6. NWA Australian Champion Killah def. AAW Champion Danny Andrews in a non-title match

Impact Pro Wrestling, William Duncan School Hall, December 6:
1. David Mylonas def. “The Reject” Rob Daniels
2. Riot def. The Troll via DQ
3. “Hot Property” Bronson Hoye def. Ryan Melrose
4. Willow def. Bojack
5. Taxman def. Eliminator
6. R.I.P def. Josh Bruise
7. BJ Blade and Cruz def. Jamie Luxford and Kiwi Thriller
8. Weird One won the Santa Rumble

Australasian Wrestling Federation, Blacktown, December 6:
1. TNT def. Alex Titan [OJ Fitzpatrick Cup Round 1]
2. Anubis def. Diego Del Fuego [OJ Fitzpatrick Cup Round 1]
3. Apollo def. Whiskey Sixx [OJ Fitzpatrick Cup Round 1]
4. Masked Kamikaze vs. Mikey Lord ended in a double count out [OJ Fitzpatrick Cup Round 1]
Apollo advanced straight through to the final
5. TNT def. Anubis [OJ Fitzpatrick Cup Round 2]
6. Dean Draven def. Gabriel Wolfe in a No Count Out/No DQ Match to retain the AWF Australasian Championship
7. TNT def. Apollo to win the OJ Fitzpatrick Cup Tournament

WrestleRampage, St Clair Rec Centre, Woodville, December 7:
1. Damian Slater def. Emmanuelle
2. “Gorgeous” Greg Graham def. Pat Graham
3. Link Barnett and Mike Boomer def. “The Smashing Machine” Chris Vice and Marcius Pitt
4. Havok def. Joey Graham to retain the Wrestle Rampage Hardcore Championship
5. The SA Serial Killers (“Jag” Hartley Jackson and Jonah Rock) def. Juicy Balls (Mr. Juicy and Wreckin’ Ball Wilson)


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