Power of Wrestling, Heiligengeistfeld, Hamburg, December 5/6/7:
Day 1:
Mexx defeats Hakem Wakuur
Chris Raaber defeats Dragan Okic
Douglas Williams defeats Joe Legend
Demolition Davies defeats Rockn Rolla and Scotty Saxon in a handicap match
Murat Bosporus defeats Veit Müller
Adrian Severe and James Mason (c) defeat Hooligans (Roy Knight and Zak Knight) to retain the POW Tag Team Titles

Day 2:
Chris Raaber vs. Demolition Davies – Double Count Out
Mexx defeats Dragan Okic
The Hooligans (Roy Knight and Zak Knight) defeat Rockn Rolla and Veit Müller
POW Intercontinental Title #1 Contendership Tournament Final Match: Mexx defeats Murat Bosporus
Karsten Kretschmer defeats Michael Kovac

Day 3:
Roy Knight defeats Rockn Rolla
James Mason, Michael Kovac and Scotty Saxon defeat Dragan Okic, Hakem Wakuur and Murat Bosporus
Veit Müller defeats Zak Knight
Douglas Williams (c) defeats Mexx to retain the POW Intercontinental title
Chris Raaber defeats Demolition Davies in a street fight

German Wrestling Federation, Shake!, Berlin, December 6:
Ivan Kiev defeats Rob Cage (c) to win the MWA International Heavyweight Title
Andre Trucker defeats Dennis Schatull (c) to win the DWA European Title
Blue Nikita (c) defeats Brenda Star to retain the GSW Ladies Title
GWF Tag Team Title Match: Cash Money Mafia (Cash Money Erkan and Murat AK) (c) vs. The Young Lions (Lucky Kid and Tarkan Aslan) – Double Count Out
Crazy Sexy Mike defeats Peter White (c) to win the EWA World Middleweight Title
Kasimir Award Match: Koray defeats Luther Ward
Rambo defeats Pascal Spalter (c) to win the GWF Middleweight Title
Pascal Spalter defeats Rambo (c) to win the GWF Berlin Title

IPW: UK (British federation on tour in Germany), Turbinenhalle 2, Oberhausen, Germany:
Paul Robinson defeats Will Ospreay
Uhaa Nation defeats Rob Lynch
Jimmy Havoc vs. Sammy Smooth – No Contest
Die Schilds (Bobby Gunns and Vincent The Beast) and Jimmy Havoc defeat D&D Security (Danny Duggan and Kieran Donnelly) and Sammy Smooth
John “Bad Bones” Klinger defeats Martin Stone (c) to win the IPW:UK World Title
American Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards) defeat Sumerian Death Squad (Michael Dante and Tommy End)

Westside Xtreme Wrestling, Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Germany, December 5 and 6:
Day 1:
Bobby Gunns defeats Axel Dieter Jr.
Mike Schwarz and Sasa Keel defeat Jurn Simmons and Robert Dreissker
John Klinger (c) defeats Chris Masters to retain the wXw Shotgun Title
Brian Myers defeats Toby Blunt
Axel Tischer defeats Tommaso Ciampa
Uhaa Nation defeats Karsten Beck and Kim Ray and The Rotation in a four-way match
Big Daddy Walter (c) defeats Chris Hero to retain the wXw Unified World Wrestling Title

Day 2:
John Klinger (c) defeats Brian Myers to retain the wXw Shotgun Title
Martin Stone defeats Bobby Gunns
Axel Tischer defeats Axel Dieter Jr. and Karsten Beck and Will Ospreay in a four-way dance
Absolute Andy defeats Chris Hero
French Flavour (Lucas Di Leo and Peter Fischer) (c) defeat Sumerian Death Squad (Michael Dante and Tommy End) to retain the wXw World Tag Team Title
Uhaa Nation defeats Tommaso Ciampa
AUTsiders (Big Daddy Walter and Robert Dreissker), Chris Masters and Mike Schwarz defeat Keel Holding (Aaron Insane, Jurn Simmons, Kim Ray and Sasa Keel)

Maximum Wrestling, Max Nachttheater, Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, December 6:
Scotty Saxon defeats Damon Brix
Kay Jutler defeats Tom Fulton
Michael Schenkenberg defeats Pete Bouncer
Masterpiece Marsellus (w/Bo Jones) defeats Nikita Charisma in a chair on a pole match
Michael Knight and Robbie Dynamite defeat Apu Singh and Chaos (w/ForWard)
Demolition Davies (w/Amber Rox) defeats Steinbolt by DQ
Demolition Davies (w/Amber Rox) defeats Steinbolt in a street fight

New European Championship Wrestling, NEW HotSpot, Hessdorf, Bayern, Germany, December 6:
Steel Cage Match: T-K-O defeats Juvenile X
Tommy Blue Eyes defeats Cash Crash by DQ
Vicious Impact Power defeats Markus Antonius
Hakem Wakuur defeats Tyler Slade
Zacharias Falk defeats Fast Time
Jessy Jade defeats Maria
Georg Gwärch and Jay Cruise defeat Johnny Rancid and Ursus
Best Two Out Of Three Falls Match: Adrian Severe vs. Marius Al-Ani [1:1] – No Contest
– Normal Rules: Adrian Severe beat Marius Al-Ani
– Falls Count Anywhere: Marius Al-Ani beat Adrian Severe
– No Disqualification: Adrian Severe vs. Marius Al-Ani – No Contest

Athletik Club Wrestling, AC Sportpark, Weinheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany:
Nemesis (c) (w/Deydra) defeats Criss Riot in a four corners surprise match to retain the ACW Wrestling Challenge Title
Stella defeats Binairial by DQ
Dean Jazzman defeats Bruder Chaos
Ken Floyd (c) defeats Rocky Lottatore by Count Out to retain the ACW Cruiserweight Title
DenKo and Nok Su Kau (c) defeat Jonny Storm and Steve Morocco in a street fight to retain the ACW Tag Team Title
Beard vs. Beard Match: The Red Rage defeats Boombastic
Doug Williams defeats Bam (c) to win the ACW German Title
Two On One Handicap Match: The Insane Killer (w/Dr. Mary Nova) defeats The Masked Defenders (Masked Defender I and Masked Defender II)
Viper defeats Michael Phoenix (c) and Berengar (w/Deydra) in a three-way match to win the ACW World Wrestling Title

All Wrestling Organization, December 5 and 6:
Day 1: Kfar Bara Sport Hall in Kfar Kara, Israel
Three Way: Hellboy defeats El Excentrico and Shan Buddika
Eyal Smiley (c) defeats Heddi Karaoui to retain the AWO Israeli Title:
Mr. M defeats Yaniv Sniper
Ivan Markov defeats Mad Zenzero
Chris Korvinn and Goldman vs. Ray Noceros and The Arabian Horse – No Contest
Adi Horuvitz defeats Ivan Boikov
Mick Robinson defeats Ma Cara
16 Man Battle Royal for the vacant AWO Heavyweight Title: Ataman defeats Adi Horuvitz, Chris Korvinn, El Excentrico, Eyal Smiley, Goldman, Heddi Karaoui, Hellboy, Ivan Boikov, Ivan Markov, Ma Cara, Mad Zenzero, Mick Robinson, Ray Noceros, Shan Buddika and Yaniv Sniper to win the AWO Heavyweight Title

Day 2: Lev Yafo Hall in Tel Aviv, Israel :
Three Way: Heddi Karaoui defeats El Excentrico and Hellboy
Two On One Handicap: Goldman defeats Mad Zenzero and Shaun Buddika by DQ
Mad Zenzero and Shan Buddika defeat Goldman and Yaniv Sniper
Ivan Boikov defeats Evgeny Lyder by DQ
Adi Horuvitz defeats Eyal Smiley (c) to win the AWO Israeli Title
First Blood: The Arabian Horse defeats Ivan Markov
Ray Noceros defeats Mick Robinson
Chris Korvinn defeats Ataman (c) and Ray Noceros and Shan Buddika in a fatal four-way to win the AWO Heavyweight Title

Italian Championship Wrestling, Gussago, Brescia, Italy, December 6
Il Lupo defeats Marcio Silva
I Leoni Indomabili (Mariel and OGM) (c) defeat Alessandro Corleone and Tempesta to retain the ICW Italian Tag Team Title
Queen Maya (c) defeats Toni Storm to retain the ICW Women’s Title
Rafael (c) defeats Doblone to retain the ICW Interregional Title
Best Two Out Of Three Falls Match: Andy Manero defeats Goran Il Barbaro
Mark Fit (c) defeats Alex Flash, Hydra, Il Corvo Bianco, Jester, Manuel Majoli, Nick Lenders and Tenacious Dalla in an eight-way match to retain the ICW Italian Lightweight Title
Red Devil defeats Kobra in a ladder match in the final of a tournament to win the vacant ICW Italian Title


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