Ligue Nationale de Catch, Tucquegnieux, France, December 13
David Michel defeats Enigma and Vinny
Docteur Muller vs. Giglio Paonesa et Esmée – No Contest
Joris Fiack defeats Redji Ray to win the LNC Lorraine Championship
Docteur Muller defeats David Michel in a no DQ match

Italian Championship Wrestling, Florence, Italy, December 13
Marcio Silva defeats Incubo
Bon Giovanni defeats Max Peach
Nick Lenders and Picchio Rosso defeat Il Patto D’Acciaio (Killer Mask and Ronin)
Alex Flash defeats Constantino
Pegaso defeats Psycho Mike by DQ
Magix Degan and Vito Vesucio defeat Sensei and Street Dog Jimmy
Antonio Piddu defeats Goran Il Barbaro
Rafael (c) defeats Tempesta in a chairs match to retain the ICW Interregional Championship

Do or Die Wrestling, Gimnazjum Nr 8, Danzig, Poland, December 13
Kaszub defeats GREG
Gracjan Korpo defeats Fatman
Kamil Aleksander defeats Robert Star

Wrestling Portugal, Lisbon, December 14
Bruno “Bammer” Brito def Rúben Branco to retain the WP Championship

STHLM Wrestling, Stockholm, December 13
Bajen Brawler defeats Jack the Strangler by DQ
Steinbolt def Timmy Force
Redline def Mad Bastard (Steinbolt attacked and injured Redline after the match)
Varja Alerta def PT
Ken Malmsteen def Adrian Johnatans


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