Here are this weekend’s results (sources: Facebook pages of Australian Indy Wrestling and the various federations)

Wrestleclash, December 12:
1. Good Boys (Rocky Menero and Slex w/Julian James) def. French Connection (Beau and Claude) to become the inaugural Wrestleclash World Tag Team Champions
2. Damian Slater def. Adam Brooks (w/Queen Kellyanne)
3. Mikey Broderick def. “Powerful” Marcius Pitt
4. Alexi Papadopoulos and Mr. Juicy def. One Stone McCready and Sean Kustom
5. Elliot Sexton def. KrackerJak to retain the WrestleRock Championship

Explosive Pro Wrestling, Perth, December 13:
Session 1
1. The McKenzie Brothers (Bodhi and Byron McKenzie) def. “Outlaw” Billy Williams and “The Don” Michael Morleone
2. Jay Taylor def. Liam Mendel
3. Busker Douglas and Gavin McGavin def. Jordan Bishop and Taylor King
4. Sam Fantastic def. Eddy Bombay
5. EPW Champion Alex “AK-47” Kingston def. Leo Pratt in a non-title match
Session 2
1. Liam Mendel def. Jordan Bishop
2. The Warship def. Busker Douglas
3. The McKenzie Brothers (Bodhi and Byron McKenzie) def. Eddy Bombay and Elliot Forbes
4. Sex Mafia (Jay Taylor and “The Don” Michael Morleone) def. Gavin McGavin and Sam Fantastic
5. Hayden Zenith def. “Outlaw” Billy Williams
Session 3
1. Sam Fantastic def. Jordan Bishop
2. Leo Pratt def. Busker Douglas
3. Gavin McGavin def. Taylor King
4. The Warship def. Liam Mendel
5. Team Aqua (Bodhi McKenzie, Byron McKenzie and Hayden Zenith) def. The Wild Wild Westerners (Bang Bang Jay, “Outlaw” Billy Williams and Donny the Kid)

Snakepit Wrestling, Adelaide, December 13:
1. Ace Wilson, Miss Fortune and Zak Sabbath def. Izzy Shaw, Jake Viper and Matt Hayter
2. Acid Haze def. Adam Crowe and Blue Blood [King’s Crown Tournament Match]
3. Bobby V def. Bryan Lawson and Damien Synn [King’s Crown Tournament Match]
4. John E Radic def. Doc Kinkaid and Wam Bam Bellows [King’s Crown Tournament Match]
5. Joey Triton won a Battle Royal after last eliminating Bryan Lawson [King’s Crown Tournament Match]
6. John E Radic def. Acid Haze, Bobby V and Joey Triton in an elimination match [King’s Crown Tournament Final]

Professional Championship Wrestling, Polish Club, Rowville, December 13:
1. Daniel Swagger def. Nash Archer
2. Chris Trance def. Mr. Big in a Christmas Beatings Match
3. “The Macedonian Model” Tome Filip def. Anthony Dangerfield to become the new PCW Slam Champion

4. Twitch Smith def. “Nightmare” Chris Trio in Match 2 of their Best of 3 series
5. KrackerJak def. The Enforcer to retain the PCW National Championship
6. Trikki def. Mark Kage in a Steel Cage Match to become the new PCW State Champion

Melbourne City Wrestling, Melbourne, December 13:
1. World’s Friendliest Tag Team (Lochy Hendricks and TD) def. Hard Way Inc. (Jay Andrews and Mike Burr) and The L.A.W (Adam Brooks and Dowie James) in a Triple Threat Mexican Tornado Rules Match to become the new MCW Tag Team Champions
2. Elliot Sexton def. Cousin Ali
3. Tommy Hellfire (w/Siren Monroe) def. Cremator in Carnival of Horrors 3
4. KC Cassidy def. Madison Eagles via submission
5. Emanuelle (w/Cousin Ali) def. Mr. Juicy
6. Carlo Cannon def. “The Messiah” Davis Storm and “Jag” Hartley Jackson in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match to retain the MCW Championship

Adelaide Championship Wrestling, Adelaide, December 13:
1. Outbacker Jesse def. Faceless
2. Des def. Micky Vendetta
3. Outbacker Mouse def. Troy
4. Nacho Man def. Simple Simon via DQ
5. Jack Rossely def. “The Loose Cannon” Joe Mundie

Blue Mountain Pro Wrestling, Blackheath Community Centre, December 13:
Pre-show: Zac Falzon def. James Dean
1. Robbie Eagles def. Tyson Gibbs in a World Heritage Series Match
2. Ryan Eagles def. Jack Bonza
3. Bishop Sommers def. “Gladiator” Apollo in a World Heritage Series Match
4. Adam Hoffman def. Keegan in a World Heritage Series Match
5. “Full Force” Matt Rogers & Michael Spencer def. Bee Boy & Geoff The Clown
6. Shazza McKenzie def. Charli
7. Robbie Eagles def. Adam Hoffman and Bishop Sommers in a Triple Threat elimination match to become the inaugural Blue Mountains Pro World Heritage Champion


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