Snakepit Wrestling, Adelaide December 19 and 20:
Night one:
1. Acid Haze def. Doc Kinkaid to retain the Snakepit FNF Title
2. Ace Wilson def. KAOS
3. Matt Hayter def. Adam Crowe after interference from Izzy Shaw
4. Wam Bam Bellows def. Snakepit Adelaide Open Champion John E. Radic via DQ
5. Wam Bam Bellows def. Snakepit Adelaide Open Champion John E. Radic via count out
6. John E. Radic def. Wam Bam Bellows to retain the Snakepit Adelaide Open Championship
7. Team Lawson (Big Daddy Jack, Bryan Lawson, Marvin P. Newton and Tex Rogers) def. The Psycho Circus (Bobby V, Damien Synn, Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) in the Battlefield Rumble

Night two:
1. Acid Haze and Bryan Lawson def. Jake Viper and Joey Triton
2. William Star def. Black Star
3. Mann Dozer def. Big Daddy Jack
4. Adam Crowe def. Izzy Shaw and Matt Hayter in a Handicap Match
5. Blue Blood def. John E Radic and Wam Bam Bellows to retain the Snakepit Southern Heavyweight Title
6. Acid Haze last eliminated Matt Hayter to win the Southern Royal Rumble and become #1 Contender to the Southern Heavyweight Championship

Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Association, Brown Park, December 20:
1. Hayden Zenith def. “Big Gun” Samuel Colt
2. Del Cano def. Crazy Train
3. The McKenzie Brothers (Bodhi and Byron McKenzie) def. Sexasaurus Rex (Jayceratops and Twitchadochus)
4. “Firefly” Felix Young (w/Zoe Quinn) def. Liam Mendel
5. Jimmy Jamal Jenkins vs. “Big” Vin Penhero ended in no contest after the Warship interfered
6. Del Cano, El Jim Bob and The McKenzie Brothers def. Crimson Lightning, “Big Gun” Samuel Colt and Sexasaurus Rex in the Battle for Christmas Match

Queensland Championship Wrestling, Plaza Parade, Maroochydore, December 20:
1. Cyprien def. James McCullum
2. Slamming Sam def. Tim Kade
3. Renegade def. “The Dutch Demon” Natas via DQ when Slamming Sam and Cyprien got involved in the match.
4. Renegade, Rip Rielly and Tim Kade def. Cyprien, “The Dutch Demon” Natas and Slamming Sam
5. Power House Playas def. El Patto Grande and Nathaniel West
6. Ricky Rembrandt def. Rabies the Clown to win the Jokers Contract
7. Mickey 2 Phat def. Thirteen to become the new QCW South Queensland Champion

Professional Championship Wrestling, Hallam, Victoria, December 20:
1. “Brick Wall” Lee Burns def. Andrew Titan
2. Rocco def. Mr. Big
3. Nash Archer def. Elias
4. WAIK def. Tyler Frost
5. MiKazi def. Blue Collar and Fury
6. “Macedonian Model” Tome Filip def. Cass Stone to retain the PCW Slam Championship

Impact Pro Wrestling New Zealand, Mt Albert War Memorial, Mt Albert, December 20
1 James Shaw defeated Taylor Adams
2 Carmen Rose defeated BFF
3 Britenay defeated Ligress by DQ
4 TnT defeated The Pride; Mauler Clementson and Mr Burns; Pat Schisk and Elias; and Brook Duncan and his mystery partner to win a five-team elimination match and retain their IPWNZ Tag Team Championship
5 James Shaw defeated Jakob Cross in a fans bring the weapons match to become #1 contender for the heavyweight title


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