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(Results sourced from the organisations’ Facebook pages)

Westside Xtreme Wrestling, City Hall, Steinheim, Nordrhein-Westfalen, January 24:

1 The Rotation defeated Marius van Beethoven
2 Kim Ray defeated Darksoul
3 Bad Bones John Klinger defeated Kevin Roadster (w/Marius van Beethoven)
4 Big Daddy Walter defeated Sha Samuels
5 Axel Tischer defeated Mike Schwarz
6 Tommy End defeated Axel Dieter Jr.
7 Absolute Andy and Waschbären Auf Koffein (Franz Engel and Laurence Roman) defeated Die Schilds (Bobby Gunns and Vincent The Beast) and Karsten Beck in a six-man tag match

Celtic Championship Wrestling, Ballyphehane Community Centre, Cork, Ireland, January 24
1 Chaos Theory (Omega and Deano Glyde) defeated The Sons Of The South (D.O.C. and The Cork Kid), El Charisma and Marion Armstrong, and Phibes and Hayden (w/Gutso) in a four-way elimination tag match
2 Bingo Ballance defeated Karl Brien in an open challenge
3 Ballymun Bruiser defeated The Fabulous Nicky
4 Ricky Combat (w/The Voice Of Ireland’s John Sheehy) defeated Xavier Burns to earn a shot at a title of his choosing within the next 12 months.
5 Lycan defeated Luther Ward to retain the CCW Heavyweight Championship

Pro Wrestling Holland, January 25
1 Tengkwa defeated Yan Colby
2 Richie Julio defeated Nick Mustayne
3 Dragan defeated Jamie DLC by DQ to retain the PWH TV championship
4 Kid Lux defeated Johnny Evers
5 Wesley Croton and Mot van Kunder defeated Hard Rock Inc. (Lloyd Pengel and Young Money Chong) and BIG Geert and Danni D to retain the PWH Tag Team Championship
6 Jurn Simmons defeated Gabriel Angelfyre in a NO DQ match to retain the PWH Championship

Spanish Pro Wrestling, Barcelona, January 25
1 Team SPW Vs. Team Triple W – no contest due to interference from JB and Santiago Sangriento
2 Ricky Barceló and A-Kid defeated Capitán Barracuda and Seth Rodrigues
3 Santiago Sangriento defeated Hades, Trashman and León Dorado in a fatal four-way
4 Axel Salazar defeated JB and Rod Zayas in a triple threat match
5 ‘Dashing’ Pol Badía defeated La Pulga
6 Padre Paolo and Ruky defeated Jocoso Jr. and Jaime Lector as well as Greg Burridge and Payaso Pesadilla in a triple threat tag team match


Explosive Pro Wrestling, Northridge, Perth, Australia, January 23:
1. Jay Taylor def. Hayden Zenith
2. Marcius Pitt def. Hughesy, “The Don” Michael Morleone and Taylor King
3. Elliot Forbes vs. Liam Mendel vs. Sam Fantastic ended in no contest after Bobby Marshall, in a surprise return, destroyed all 3 men.
4. The Dropkicks (Leo Pratt and Scotty Ryan) def. Cowboys and Indians (“The Outlaw” Billy Williams and Eddy Bombay) after Pratt pinned both Williams and Bombay.
5. “The Smashing Machine” Chris Vice def. “The Messiah” Davis Storm via DQ following interference from Richter
6. Jarrad Slate def. Jordan Bishop
7. EPW Champion Alex “AK-47” Kingston def. Damian Slater via DQ after the Headhunters and McMassive brawl continued from the backstage area, spilling into the ring. This lead to a 10 man Tag Match.
8. Alex Kingston, Chris Vice, Marcius Pitt and McMassive (Gavin McGavin and Mike Massive) def. Damian Slater, Davis Storm, Michael Morleone and The Headhunters (Devlin Reeves and Tyler Jacobs)

New Horizons Pro Wrestling, Cockburn Youth Centre, Australia, January 24:
Pre-Show Match: “Perth K9” Dane def. Heritor
1. “Firefly” Felix Young vs. Jordan Bishop ended in a double DQ
2. Kaha Edmonds def. Switchblade
3. “Superstar” David Nero def. Ruin
4. Sex Mafia (Jay Taylor and “The Don” Michael Morleone) def. Stallions of Death (Jarrad Slate and Liam Mendel) to retain the SST Legacy Tag Team Titles
5. “The Smashing Machine” Chris Vice def. Samuel Colt
6. Aaron O’Malley def. “Lord” London Hargreaves
7. Jay Taylor def. Hayden Zenith to retain the NHPW Art of Fighting Championship

Queensland Wrestling Alliance, Townsville, Queensland, Australia, January 24:
1. El Cheekay Grandè def. Stewart
2. DH def. Nick Skitz
3. Stitches the Clown def. Rocko Rumblè in a Cane on a Pole Match
4. Nemesis def. Curtus Jaxx
5. Tower of Power def. Sir Johnny Maverick
6. Seth Tylors def. His Royal Tenis

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Adelaide, Australia, January 24:
1. The New Black (Jake Viper and Matt Hayter) def. Ace Wilson and Adam Crowe
2. Blue Blood def. Tyson Storm to earn the #30 spot in the Summer Rumble
3. Bryan Lawson def. Bobby V
4. Acid Haze and King John E Radic def. Beer and Loathing (Doc Kinkaid and Wam Bam Bellows)
5. King John E Radic def. Michael Weaver
6. Blue Blood last eliminated Acid Haze to win the 30 man Summer Rumble to become the new Snakepit Heavyweight Champion

Championship Wrestling Australia, Yagoona Greyhound Social Club, Yagoona, New South Wales, Australia, January 24:
1. Keegan (w/Tarlee) def. “D-Railer” Chris Abbott and “The Deadly Shot” Kasai in a 3-Way Match
2. Flame def. Tarlee
3. Jackson Spade def. Johnny Vercetti
4. Chad Waugh def. 5 Star Flash
5. Johnny Rocket and Maso def. Creeper and Sai
6. Niki Nitro def. Kristie Lea to retain the CWA Australian Women’s Champion
7. Alex Titan def. Mikey Lord to win the CWA Heavyweight Championship, following interference from Chad Waugh.

Tasmanian Championship Wrestling, Tasmania, Australia, January 25:
1. Ace DeLuca def. Omega
2. Chris Trance def. Killrog (w/Ricky Simmons)
3. Otis def. Mr Old School
4. Diablo def. Eddie Jones and Zakk Archer to retain the TCW Championship after pinning Jones.
5. Chris Trance def. Diablo, Eddie Jones, Killrog, Mos, Omega, Otis, Mos, Ricky Simmons and Zakk Archer to become the first ever Skyfire Rumble winner.

Australasian Wrestling Federation, Blacktown, Australia, January 25:
1. The Buccaneer def. Diego Del Fuego
2. Panic (Benny Factor and Syd Parker) def. Masked Kamikaze and Mikey Lord
3. Apollo def. Spaceman Dacey to retain the AWF Commonwealth Championship
4. Alex Titan def. Josh Shooter
5. Aussie Ozbone def. Slade Mercer
6. Dean Draven def. Giant Kyote to retain the AWF Australasian Championship

Professional Championship Wrestling, Victoria, Australia, January 25:
1. Fury def. Ryan Rapid
2. Andrew Titan and Apocalypse def. BricKazi (“Brick Wall” Lee Burns and MiKazi)
3. Frederick and WAIK def. The Elements (Nate Cross and Tyler Frost)
4. Chris Trance def. Anthony Dangerfield
5. Manny Gunner def. Rocco
6. Cass Stone def. Elias

Yorkton- Jan 13
1) Jimmy Jacobs b. Michael Allen Richard Clark
2) Bobby Collins and Chip Chambers b Brett Morgan and Travis Cole
3) Mr Inkredible b CWE Champion Danny Duggan by countout
4) Carter Mason b Chase Owens and El Asesino
5) Kat Von Heez b Violet
6) Scott Steiner b Bull Bodnar

Virden – Jan 14
1) Jimmy Jacobs b Stefan Epic
2) Chase Owens b Bobby Collins
3) Carter Mason b Chip Chambers
4) Saints Of Los Angeles b Brett Morgan and Travis Cole
5) Violet b Kat Von Heez
6) Antonio Scorpio and Mr Inkredible b Scott Steiner and Danny Duggan

Souris – Jan 15
1) Saints of Los Angeles b Bobby Collins and Chip Chambers
2) Violet b Kat Von Heez
3) Brett Morgan and Travis Cole b Chase Owens and Carter Mason
4) Jimmy Jacobs b Chad Tatum
5) TV Champion Tyler Colton b CWE Champion Danny Duggan in a Champion vs Champion match
6) Scott Steiner b Mr Inkredible

Winnipeg – Jan 16
1) Chase Owens b Carter Mason
2) CWE Tag Champs Dick Blood and Billy Blaze won the tag team invitational
3) Bobby Jay b Kevin Cannon
4) Kat Von Heez b Violet
5) Antonio Scorpio and Mr Inkredible b Robby Royce and Anderson Tyson Moore
6) Scott Steiner b Tyler Colton to win the TV Championship
7) Jimmy Jacobs b Danny Duggan to win the CWE Championship

Gladstone – Jan 17
1) Tag Champs Dick Blood and Billy Blaze b Travis Cole and Brett Morgan
2) Danny Duggan b Chase Owens by DQ
3) Moses Luke and Mike Mission w/Ava b Kory Kinkade and Rick Matthews
4) CWE Champ Jimmy Jacobs b Carter Mason
5) Kat Von Heez and Violet battled to a double DQ
6) TV Champ Scott Steiner b Bobby Collins and Chip Chambers

Morden – Jan 18

1) Stefan Epic and Kevy Chevy b Bobby Collins and Chip Chambers
2) Brett Morgan b Sydney Manson
3) Antonio Scorpio b Travis Cole
4) Danny Duggan and Carter Mason b Jimmy Jacobs and Chase Owens
5) Kat Von Heez b Violet in a no DQ match
6) Tyler Colton b Scott Steiner to recapture the TV title

Flemish Wrestling Force, Salle D’eau, Lier, Belgium, January 17:
Rex Rage defeats Dynamite Kev to retain the Flemish Championship.
Jack Ferrigno defeats Robbie Maddox to retain the FWF World Title.
Dynamite Kev and Robbie Maddox defeat Rex Rage and Jack Ferrigno.

Westside Xtreme Wrestling, Oberhausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, January 17
Absolute Andy defeats Peter Fischer
The Piledrivers (Karsten Beck and Sha Samuels) defeat Eugene and Grado
Axel Dieter Jr. defeats Drew Gulak
John Klinger defeats Axel Tischer and Ilja Dragunov to retain the wXw Shotgun title
Lucas Di Leo defeats The Rotation
Tommy End defeats Will Ospreay
The AUTsiders (Big Daddy Walter and Robert Dreissker) and Prost (Mike Schwarz and Toby Blunt) defeat Keel Holding (Aaron Insane, Jurn Simmons, Kim Ray and Sasa Keel) in an eight-man street fight
Karsten Beck defeats Big Daddy Walter to win the wXw Unified World Wrestling title

Over the Top Wrestling, The Tivoli Theatre, Dublin, Ireland, January 17
Justin Shape and Be Cool defeated The Fabulous Nicky and Angel Cruz
Pete Dunne beat Ryan Smile and Chris Brooks in a triple threat match
Paul Tracey beat Paddy Ward
The Ballymun Bruiser beat T-Bone
Luther Ward, Martin and Workie defeated Sean Guinness, Dunkan Disorderly and Corvin

All Wrestling Organization, Lev Yafo Hall, Jaffa, Israel, January 15
Adi Horuvitz defeats Mr. M to retain the AWO Israeli Title
Two On One Handicap Match: Goldman defeats Evgeny Lyder and The Arabian Horse
Ataman vs. Ray Noceros – Draw
Udi M defeats Ma Cara
Hellboy defeats Leonardo
Chris Korvinn defeats Mad Zenzero to retain the AWO World Heavyweight Title

Norwegian Wrestling Federation, Oslo, Norway, January 17:

NWF Tag Team Title Tournament Semi Final Match: Victor Dale defeats TnT (Natasja and Tommy P)
NWF Tag Team Title Tournament Semi Final Match: Erik Isaksen and Hannibal defeat Sveriges Elit (Harley Rage and Steinbolt)
NWF Tag Team Title Tournament Semi Final Match: Rekognito (Argon and Daniel Sebastian) defeat GromKnoke (Grom Gravalid and Knoke)
Sammi Baynz (w/Siggy) defeats Miss Mina to win the Nordic Women’s Wrestling Title
Heresh Kurdi defeats Garm Støylen by DQ (4:57)
Rekognito (Argon and Daniel Sebastian) defeat Erik Isaksen and Hannibal and Victor Dale in an elimination match to win the vacant NWF Tag Team Title

Zero1 Pro Wrestling Spain, Barcelona, Spain, January 17
Alin Hawk won a rumble match also featuring Tony Tornado, Dr. Papel, Lo Perico Enmascarat, Folo, Kurczak and Adriano
Kazkanuezez beat Jocoso Junior
Pol Badia won a 5 way match against Axel Salazar, Iker Salazar, Antonio Cortes and Capitan Barracuda
R7 (Ricky Barcelo and Dave Steel) beat Los Seguratas (Folo and Adriano)
Bad Boy vs RJM was a no contest

PROWL Wrestling, Logan City, Australia, January 17:
1. “Showtime” Jake Nova def. Astro Shock [Top Notch Tournament – First Round]
2. Lucas Gold def. “Smooth” Jeremy Cruise [Top Notch Tournament – First Round]
3. Lynx Lewis Jr. def. Renegade [Top Notch Tournament – First Round]
4. Rip Rielly def. Alex Shepard [Top Notch Tournament- First Round]
5. “Showtime” Jake Nova def. Lucas Gold [Top Notch Tournament – Semi Final]
6. Rip Rielly def. Lynx Lewis Jr. [Top Notch Tournament – Semi Final]
7. Kyote def. Alex Titan
8. “Showtime” Jake Nova def. Rip Rielly to win the Top Notch Tournament and become #1 contender for the PROWL Heavyweight Title
9. Two Falls Match with both the PROWL Heavyweight and Super Hulk Titles on the line:
Tim Kade def. Jordan James to become the new PROWL Super Hulk Champion
Jordan James def. Tim Kade to become the new PROWL Heavyweight Champion

Tasmanian Championship Wrestling, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, January 17:
1. Zakk Archer def. Otis to earn a spot in the main event
2. Liam Mendel def. Rufio
3. Omega def. Ace Deluca
4. McMassive (Gavin “Shootfighter” McGavin and “Mad” Mike Massive) def. pAnic (“Psycho Cowboy” Benny Factor and “Jurassic Punk” Syd Parker)
5. Killrog (w/ Ricky Simmons) def. Chris Trance
6. Diablo def. Eddie Jones (c) and Zakk Archer in a Triple Threat TLC match to become the new TCW Champion

Newcastle Pro Wrestling, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, January 17:
1. Concrete Davidson and Robbie Eagles def. The Green Nation (Madison Eagles and Mick Moretti) in a King of the Castle Qualifying Match
2. The Riot Squad (Matt “Grimm” Basso and Nick Armstrong) def. The Alphas (Alpha Bobby and Alpha Brenner) in a King of the Castle Qualifying Match
3. “Dreamboat” Chris Hermes def. Adam Hoffman via submission to retain the Newcastle Pro Middleweight Championship
4. Newcastle Pro Heavyweight Champion Jack Bonza and Sean Kustom went to a no contest when Hermes interfered attacking them with a chair
5. Harley Wonderland and Shazza McKenzie def. The Blue Nation Floozies (Charli Evans and Jessica Troy)
6. Kingi def. Mat Rogers
7. The Riot Squad def. Concrete Davidson and Robbie Eagles to become the 2015 Kings of the Castle

Apex Pro Wrestling, Brisbane, Australia, January 17:
1. Daniel “Taxman” Payne def. PJ O’Connor
2. Sara Jay def. Izzy Shaw
3. Sam Richards def. KAOS, Magnus and Sativa
4. “The Devils Double” Jesse Daniels def. Blair Seeker
5. Matt Hayter def. Cyprien, Thirteen and Thomas Hockley
6. Bryan Lawson def. Deejay Havoc for the vacant Queensland Championship
7. Matt Lawson def. Ryze Havok to retain the Australian Heavyweight Championship
8. Rionne Fujiwara def. AJ Istria

All Action Wrestling, January 17:
1. TJ Max def. Chris Target
2. JC Blade def. Dallas Knight
3. Danny Andrews def. Joey Angel to retain the AAW Championship and gain the MITB Briefcase
4. “The Australian Sensation” Craven def. James Grace in a Last Man Standing Match (Special Referee: TJ Max)
5. Chris Target def. Ben Mitchell, Casey Hanson, Dallas Knight, Danny Andrews, Del Cano, Delhi Dud Singh, Eric Owens, “Firefly” Felix Young, James Grace, JC Blade, Joey Angel, Julio, Just Jordan, NC Viper, Pandora, “Ricardo Rodriguez”, The Shark, TJ Max and “Big” Vin Penhero to win the Unleashed Rumble and become the new AAW World Champion

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Adelaide, January 16:
1. Psycho Circus def. Big Daddy Jack, Marvin P. Newton and Tex Rogers
2. William Stars def. Black Star
3. Wam Bam Bellows def. Acid Haze to become the new Snakepit FNF Champion following interference from Doc Kinkaid
4. Michael Weaver def. Ace Wilson in the War to Settle the Score following interference from Jake Viper
5. Adam Crowe def. Jake Viper in a Submission Match
6. Tyson Storm def. Reilly St James via submission
7. Doc Kinkaid def. King John E Radic in a Hardcore Match to become the new Snakepit Adelaide Open Champion following interference from Wam Bam Bellows

Impact Pro Wrestling, Mt Albert War Memorial Hall, Mt Albert, New Zealand, January 17
1 Pat Schisk and Elias defeated O’Connor and Duncan
2 Curt Chaos defeated Brodie Coast
3 TnT & Britenay defeated The Pride
4 Travis Banks defeated Johnny Idol
5 Fury vs James Shaw ended in a No Contest

(sourced from the various organisations’ Facebook pages)

APC Catch – 1 Jenny Avenue, Nanterre, France, January 11
Peter Fischer won the Tournoi des Poids-Lourds 2015

German Stampede Wrestling, Marburg, Hessen, Germany, January 10
Axel Dieter Jr. and Axel Tischer defeated Bruderschaft Edelweiss (Drake Destroyer and Jamie Gardner)
Emil Sitoci defeated Chris Colen
John Klinger vs Pascal Spalter – Double Count Out
Ivan Kiev defeated Tommy End to retain the GSW Breakthrough Title
Blue Nikita defeated Laura Wellings to retain the GSW Women’s Title
The AUTsiders (Big Daddy Walter and Robert Dreissker) defeated Absolute Andy and Michael Kovac in a no DQ match to win the GSW Tag Team Title
Crazy Sexy Mike defeated Karsten Beck to win the GSW Heavyweight Title

Do or Die Wrestling, Przywidzu, Poland, January 11
Piekny Kawaler and Luxus defeated Kaszuba and Robert Stara
GREG defeated Gracjana Korpo
Kamil Aleksander vs Don Roida for the DODW Championship was initially a time limit draw but was then restarted and Aleksander successfully defended the title

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(Results courtesy of Australian Indy Wrestling Facebook page)

Hunter Valley Wrestling, Hunter Valley, January 10:
1. Keegan (w/Tarlee) def. “Psycho Cowboy” Benny Factor
2. 5 Star Flash and Randal def. Anubis and Misfit (w/Mortis)
3. Danger Paul def. “D’Railer” Chris Abbott
4. Syd Parker def. Mikey Lord and Slade Mercer in a Triple Threat Match
5. Fergus Ferguson def. “Hollywood Sleaze” Alex Titan
6. Falco was the winner of the 20 man elimination rumble

Queensland Championship Wrestling, Sands Tavern, Plaza Parade, Maroochydore, January 10:
1. James McCallum def. Liam Cassidy
2. “Commando” Ben Ayres and Pala def. Cyprien and “The Dutch Demon” Natas
3. Renegade def. Kid Kaze
4. Circus of Tragedy (Rabies the Clown and Thirteen) def. Team Brohawk (Mickey 2 Phat and Ricky Rembrandt)
5. Tim Kade def. Slammin’ Sam
6. XXX Rated def. Rip Rielly

Independent matches as part of the world movie premier for From Parts Unknown: Fight Like a Girl, Victoria, Australia, January 10:
1. Siren Monroe def. KrackerJill
2. Kellyanne def. Vixsin in a Hardcore Match

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Adelaide, Australia, January 11:
1. Matt Hayter def. King John E Radic
2. Reilly St James def. Waspman via submission
3. Mann Dozer def. Mad Man Munta
4. Blunt Force Trauma def. Kaos and Tex Rogers
5. Wam Bam Bellows def. Adam Crowe
6. Adam Crowe, King John E Radic, Tex Rogers and Waspman def. Izzy Shaw, Matt Hayter, Reilly St James and Wam Bam Bellows
7. Joey Triton def. Bryan Lawson in a First Blood Match to become the inaugural Snakepit Sunday Slam Champion

7. Simon Tokoroa def. His Royal Tenis to become the new QCW North Queensland Champion

In another quiet week Down Under, there were just two events, both on Saturday. Here are the results (thanks to Australian Indy Wrestling on Facebook):

Impact Pro Wrestling Australia, William Duncan SS Hall, Kerang, Australia, January 3:
1. Taxman def. The Wolfman via DQ
2. Kiwi Thriller def. Skhorn
3. Luxford def. Josh Bruise to retain the IPW Cruiserweight Championship
4. Poison def. Troll to earn a shot at the IPW Hardcore Title
5. Benny Lava def. Bojack
6. Igor the Invisible def. The Weird One
7. BJ Blade & Cruz def. Eliminator & R.I.P to become the new IPW Tag Team Champions
8. TJ Warrior won a 16 man Rumble after last eliminating Luxford.

Professional Championship Wrestling, Warrnambool Stadium, Victoria, Australia, January 3:
1. Fulli Syk (Alberto Bravo & “FanTabulous” Mickey Jackson) def. Chris Trance & Nash Archer to retain the PCW Tag Team Titles
2. Rocco def. Mr. Big
3. Trikki def. Anthony Dangerfield and Mark Kage in a Three Way Dance to retain the PCW State Championship
4. “The Maniac” Wayne Mattei def. “The Model” Tome Filip
5. “Nightmare” Chris Trio def. Twitch Smith to win their Best of 3 series 2-1
6. Daniel Swagger def. KrackerJak in an Extreme Rules Match to become the 8 time PCW National Champion

1 Curt Robinson defeated Dan O’Hare (Banana Splits, 5:36)
2 Lennon Duffy defeated Slugger Clark (Sunset Flip, 8:47)
3 Penelope Ford defeated Dave McCall (Rainbow Press, 4:30)
4 Rockin’ New Year’s Eve Copper Man Match: Andrew Wolf defeated Trooper Audubon (6 falls to 5, 15:00)
5 Joey Janela and Rex Lawless defeated Blake Morris and Ben Ortiz (Janela pinned Ortiz after double stomp, 13:35)
6 Medal of Valor Championship: Conor Claxton defeated Frankie Pickard to retain the title (2 falls to 1, 9:37)

Thanks to Nate Stein for the results.