PROWL Wrestling, Logan City, Australia, January 17:
1. “Showtime” Jake Nova def. Astro Shock [Top Notch Tournament – First Round]
2. Lucas Gold def. “Smooth” Jeremy Cruise [Top Notch Tournament – First Round]
3. Lynx Lewis Jr. def. Renegade [Top Notch Tournament – First Round]
4. Rip Rielly def. Alex Shepard [Top Notch Tournament- First Round]
5. “Showtime” Jake Nova def. Lucas Gold [Top Notch Tournament – Semi Final]
6. Rip Rielly def. Lynx Lewis Jr. [Top Notch Tournament – Semi Final]
7. Kyote def. Alex Titan
8. “Showtime” Jake Nova def. Rip Rielly to win the Top Notch Tournament and become #1 contender for the PROWL Heavyweight Title
9. Two Falls Match with both the PROWL Heavyweight and Super Hulk Titles on the line:
Tim Kade def. Jordan James to become the new PROWL Super Hulk Champion
Jordan James def. Tim Kade to become the new PROWL Heavyweight Champion

Tasmanian Championship Wrestling, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, January 17:
1. Zakk Archer def. Otis to earn a spot in the main event
2. Liam Mendel def. Rufio
3. Omega def. Ace Deluca
4. McMassive (Gavin “Shootfighter” McGavin and “Mad” Mike Massive) def. pAnic (“Psycho Cowboy” Benny Factor and “Jurassic Punk” Syd Parker)
5. Killrog (w/ Ricky Simmons) def. Chris Trance
6. Diablo def. Eddie Jones (c) and Zakk Archer in a Triple Threat TLC match to become the new TCW Champion

Newcastle Pro Wrestling, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, January 17:
1. Concrete Davidson and Robbie Eagles def. The Green Nation (Madison Eagles and Mick Moretti) in a King of the Castle Qualifying Match
2. The Riot Squad (Matt “Grimm” Basso and Nick Armstrong) def. The Alphas (Alpha Bobby and Alpha Brenner) in a King of the Castle Qualifying Match
3. “Dreamboat” Chris Hermes def. Adam Hoffman via submission to retain the Newcastle Pro Middleweight Championship
4. Newcastle Pro Heavyweight Champion Jack Bonza and Sean Kustom went to a no contest when Hermes interfered attacking them with a chair
5. Harley Wonderland and Shazza McKenzie def. The Blue Nation Floozies (Charli Evans and Jessica Troy)
6. Kingi def. Mat Rogers
7. The Riot Squad def. Concrete Davidson and Robbie Eagles to become the 2015 Kings of the Castle

Apex Pro Wrestling, Brisbane, Australia, January 17:
1. Daniel “Taxman” Payne def. PJ O’Connor
2. Sara Jay def. Izzy Shaw
3. Sam Richards def. KAOS, Magnus and Sativa
4. “The Devils Double” Jesse Daniels def. Blair Seeker
5. Matt Hayter def. Cyprien, Thirteen and Thomas Hockley
6. Bryan Lawson def. Deejay Havoc for the vacant Queensland Championship
7. Matt Lawson def. Ryze Havok to retain the Australian Heavyweight Championship
8. Rionne Fujiwara def. AJ Istria

All Action Wrestling, January 17:
1. TJ Max def. Chris Target
2. JC Blade def. Dallas Knight
3. Danny Andrews def. Joey Angel to retain the AAW Championship and gain the MITB Briefcase
4. “The Australian Sensation” Craven def. James Grace in a Last Man Standing Match (Special Referee: TJ Max)
5. Chris Target def. Ben Mitchell, Casey Hanson, Dallas Knight, Danny Andrews, Del Cano, Delhi Dud Singh, Eric Owens, “Firefly” Felix Young, James Grace, JC Blade, Joey Angel, Julio, Just Jordan, NC Viper, Pandora, “Ricardo Rodriguez”, The Shark, TJ Max and “Big” Vin Penhero to win the Unleashed Rumble and become the new AAW World Champion

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Adelaide, January 16:
1. Psycho Circus def. Big Daddy Jack, Marvin P. Newton and Tex Rogers
2. William Stars def. Black Star
3. Wam Bam Bellows def. Acid Haze to become the new Snakepit FNF Champion following interference from Doc Kinkaid
4. Michael Weaver def. Ace Wilson in the War to Settle the Score following interference from Jake Viper
5. Adam Crowe def. Jake Viper in a Submission Match
6. Tyson Storm def. Reilly St James via submission
7. Doc Kinkaid def. King John E Radic in a Hardcore Match to become the new Snakepit Adelaide Open Champion following interference from Wam Bam Bellows

Impact Pro Wrestling, Mt Albert War Memorial Hall, Mt Albert, New Zealand, January 17
1 Pat Schisk and Elias defeated O’Connor and Duncan
2 Curt Chaos defeated Brodie Coast
3 TnT & Britenay defeated The Pride
4 Travis Banks defeated Johnny Idol
5 Fury vs James Shaw ended in a No Contest


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