Explosive Pro Wrestling, Northridge, Perth, Australia, January 23:
1. Jay Taylor def. Hayden Zenith
2. Marcius Pitt def. Hughesy, “The Don” Michael Morleone and Taylor King
3. Elliot Forbes vs. Liam Mendel vs. Sam Fantastic ended in no contest after Bobby Marshall, in a surprise return, destroyed all 3 men.
4. The Dropkicks (Leo Pratt and Scotty Ryan) def. Cowboys and Indians (“The Outlaw” Billy Williams and Eddy Bombay) after Pratt pinned both Williams and Bombay.
5. “The Smashing Machine” Chris Vice def. “The Messiah” Davis Storm via DQ following interference from Richter
6. Jarrad Slate def. Jordan Bishop
7. EPW Champion Alex “AK-47” Kingston def. Damian Slater via DQ after the Headhunters and McMassive brawl continued from the backstage area, spilling into the ring. This lead to a 10 man Tag Match.
8. Alex Kingston, Chris Vice, Marcius Pitt and McMassive (Gavin McGavin and Mike Massive) def. Damian Slater, Davis Storm, Michael Morleone and The Headhunters (Devlin Reeves and Tyler Jacobs)

New Horizons Pro Wrestling, Cockburn Youth Centre, Australia, January 24:
Pre-Show Match: “Perth K9” Dane def. Heritor
1. “Firefly” Felix Young vs. Jordan Bishop ended in a double DQ
2. Kaha Edmonds def. Switchblade
3. “Superstar” David Nero def. Ruin
4. Sex Mafia (Jay Taylor and “The Don” Michael Morleone) def. Stallions of Death (Jarrad Slate and Liam Mendel) to retain the SST Legacy Tag Team Titles
5. “The Smashing Machine” Chris Vice def. Samuel Colt
6. Aaron O’Malley def. “Lord” London Hargreaves
7. Jay Taylor def. Hayden Zenith to retain the NHPW Art of Fighting Championship

Queensland Wrestling Alliance, Townsville, Queensland, Australia, January 24:
1. El Cheekay Grandè def. Stewart
2. DH def. Nick Skitz
3. Stitches the Clown def. Rocko Rumblè in a Cane on a Pole Match
4. Nemesis def. Curtus Jaxx
5. Tower of Power def. Sir Johnny Maverick
6. Seth Tylors def. His Royal Tenis

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Adelaide, Australia, January 24:
1. The New Black (Jake Viper and Matt Hayter) def. Ace Wilson and Adam Crowe
2. Blue Blood def. Tyson Storm to earn the #30 spot in the Summer Rumble
3. Bryan Lawson def. Bobby V
4. Acid Haze and King John E Radic def. Beer and Loathing (Doc Kinkaid and Wam Bam Bellows)
5. King John E Radic def. Michael Weaver
6. Blue Blood last eliminated Acid Haze to win the 30 man Summer Rumble to become the new Snakepit Heavyweight Champion

Championship Wrestling Australia, Yagoona Greyhound Social Club, Yagoona, New South Wales, Australia, January 24:
1. Keegan (w/Tarlee) def. “D-Railer” Chris Abbott and “The Deadly Shot” Kasai in a 3-Way Match
2. Flame def. Tarlee
3. Jackson Spade def. Johnny Vercetti
4. Chad Waugh def. 5 Star Flash
5. Johnny Rocket and Maso def. Creeper and Sai
6. Niki Nitro def. Kristie Lea to retain the CWA Australian Women’s Champion
7. Alex Titan def. Mikey Lord to win the CWA Heavyweight Championship, following interference from Chad Waugh.

Tasmanian Championship Wrestling, Tasmania, Australia, January 25:
1. Ace DeLuca def. Omega
2. Chris Trance def. Killrog (w/Ricky Simmons)
3. Otis def. Mr Old School
4. Diablo def. Eddie Jones and Zakk Archer to retain the TCW Championship after pinning Jones.
5. Chris Trance def. Diablo, Eddie Jones, Killrog, Mos, Omega, Otis, Mos, Ricky Simmons and Zakk Archer to become the first ever Skyfire Rumble winner.

Australasian Wrestling Federation, Blacktown, Australia, January 25:
1. The Buccaneer def. Diego Del Fuego
2. Panic (Benny Factor and Syd Parker) def. Masked Kamikaze and Mikey Lord
3. Apollo def. Spaceman Dacey to retain the AWF Commonwealth Championship
4. Alex Titan def. Josh Shooter
5. Aussie Ozbone def. Slade Mercer
6. Dean Draven def. Giant Kyote to retain the AWF Australasian Championship

Professional Championship Wrestling, Victoria, Australia, January 25:
1. Fury def. Ryan Rapid
2. Andrew Titan and Apocalypse def. BricKazi (“Brick Wall” Lee Burns and MiKazi)
3. Frederick and WAIK def. The Elements (Nate Cross and Tyler Frost)
4. Chris Trance def. Anthony Dangerfield
5. Manny Gunner def. Rocco
6. Cass Stone def. Elias


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