(Results sourced from the organisations’ Facebook pages)

Westside Xtreme Wrestling, City Hall, Steinheim, Nordrhein-Westfalen, January 24:

1 The Rotation defeated Marius van Beethoven
2 Kim Ray defeated Darksoul
3 Bad Bones John Klinger defeated Kevin Roadster (w/Marius van Beethoven)
4 Big Daddy Walter defeated Sha Samuels
5 Axel Tischer defeated Mike Schwarz
6 Tommy End defeated Axel Dieter Jr.
7 Absolute Andy and Waschbären Auf Koffein (Franz Engel and Laurence Roman) defeated Die Schilds (Bobby Gunns and Vincent The Beast) and Karsten Beck in a six-man tag match

Celtic Championship Wrestling, Ballyphehane Community Centre, Cork, Ireland, January 24
1 Chaos Theory (Omega and Deano Glyde) defeated The Sons Of The South (D.O.C. and The Cork Kid), El Charisma and Marion Armstrong, and Phibes and Hayden (w/Gutso) in a four-way elimination tag match
2 Bingo Ballance defeated Karl Brien in an open challenge
3 Ballymun Bruiser defeated The Fabulous Nicky
4 Ricky Combat (w/The Voice Of Ireland’s John Sheehy) defeated Xavier Burns to earn a shot at a title of his choosing within the next 12 months.
5 Lycan defeated Luther Ward to retain the CCW Heavyweight Championship

Pro Wrestling Holland, January 25
1 Tengkwa defeated Yan Colby
2 Richie Julio defeated Nick Mustayne
3 Dragan defeated Jamie DLC by DQ to retain the PWH TV championship
4 Kid Lux defeated Johnny Evers
5 Wesley Croton and Mot van Kunder defeated Hard Rock Inc. (Lloyd Pengel and Young Money Chong) and BIG Geert and Danni D to retain the PWH Tag Team Championship
6 Jurn Simmons defeated Gabriel Angelfyre in a NO DQ match to retain the PWH Championship

Spanish Pro Wrestling, Barcelona, January 25
1 Team SPW Vs. Team Triple W – no contest due to interference from JB and Santiago Sangriento
2 Ricky Barceló and A-Kid defeated Capitán Barracuda and Seth Rodrigues
3 Santiago Sangriento defeated Hades, Trashman and León Dorado in a fatal four-way
4 Axel Salazar defeated JB and Rod Zayas in a triple threat match
5 ‘Dashing’ Pol Badía defeated La Pulga
6 Padre Paolo and Ruky defeated Jocoso Jr. and Jaime Lector as well as Greg Burridge and Payaso Pesadilla in a triple threat tag team match


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