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DENMARK:, Ungdommens Hus, Frederica, Denmark, February 21
Kristian Thorn defeats Toby Zane
BallZach (Zach White) defeats Kimball
Kristian Thorn defeats The Geek in a #1 contenders match
Sonne (c) vs. Rick Dominick – Time Limit Draw in match for the WDK Championship

Fighters Revenge Pro Wrestling, Cosec de Saige de Pessac, February 21
Yvann Traft beat Alex K-9
Jefferson and Robb Harris beat Johnny Hogger and Casey
Eloanne beat Loba to retain the FRPW Women’s Championship
Gamma beat Vaillant
Peter Fischer beat Ragnar Rök to retain the FRPW Championship

Nordisch Fight Club, NFC Dojo, Hamburg, Germany, February 21
Michael Schenkenberg defeats Björn Magnusson
Leon van Gasteren defeats Nikita Charisma by DQ
Pascal Spalter vs. Veit Müller – Double Count Out
Vincent Heisenberg defeats Andre Trucker
Apu Singh and Demolition Davies defeat Crazy Sexy Mike and Rambo Braun to win the vacant NFC Tag Team Championship

Westside Xtreme Wrestling, Bielefeld Forum, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, February 21:
Kim Ray defeats The Rotation
Robert Dreissker defeats Julian Nero
Waschbären Auf Koffein (Franz Engel and Laurence Roman) defeat Die Schilds (Bobby Gunns and Vincent The Beast)
John Klinger (c) vs. Ilja Dragunov – Double Knock Out – wXw Shotgun Championship
Melanie Gray defeats Nixon Newell
Hot And Spicy (Axel Dieter Jr. and Da Mack) defeat Karsten Beck and Tyler Bate
Big Daddy Walter defeats Axel Tischer

German Hurricane Wrestling, Volkshaud, Klein-Gerau, Hessen, Germany, February 20 and 21:
Night one:
Bad Bones John Klinger defeats Chris Rush
Maggot defeats Marius van Beethoven and Mohamed Jnibi and Purple Playa in a fatal four-way
Murat Bosporus defeats Bernd Föhr
Aaron Insane defeats Farmer Joe
Ken Floyd defeats Marco Zercher
Sasa Keel defeats Absolute Andy by DQ in a non-title match

Night two:
Bernd Föhr and Maggot defeat Grid Iron (Aaron Insane and Chris Rush)
Farmer Joe and Johann Schuster defeat Sexecutioners (CorVus and Ken Floyd) (w/Stella)
Sasa Keel (c) defeats Mike Schwarz by DQ (GHW District Championship)
Mike Schwarz & Sasa Keel defeat Felix Reiter & Tommy Miller in a tag team street fight
Eric Schwarz defeats Carnage
Grid Iron (Aaron Insane and Chris Rush) defeat Bernd Föhr and Maggot to retain the GHW Tag Team Championship
Johanna Jäger defeats Stella by DQ
Absolute Andy defeats Murat Bosporus in a street fight to retain the GHW Heavyweight Championship

Pro Wrestling Holland, Hillegom, Netherlands, February 21
Johnny Evers defeated Kid Lux and advanced to the final of the Dutch Masters-tournament.
Jeff McCready defeated Jamie DLC and advanced to the final of the Dutch Masters-tournament.
Mot defeated Young Money Chong.
Dragan defeated BIG John to retain the PWH TV Title
Jeff McCready defeated Johnny Evers in the final of the Dutch Masters-tournament. McCready is now the No. 1 Contender for the PWH title.
Tengkwa defeated Tommy End, Richie Julio and Paul Simmons in a Four Corner PWH Combat, to win the PWH Championship.

Swiss Power Wrestling, Geneva, Switzerland, February 19
Adrian Johnatans beat Thunder in a non-title match
Rob Iron beat Akuma
Yoshihiro Yamada beat Diamond Daniels to retain the SPW French Championship

Welsh Wrestling, Llanelli, Wales, February 16
Kade Callous defeated Stevie Starr to win the Welsh Wrestling Championship.


Explosive Pro Wrestling, Perth, Australia, February 20:
1. “The Smashing Machine” Chris Vice def. Kings and Bishops (Jordan Bishop and Taylor King) in a Handicap Match
2. The Warship def. Sam Fantastic
3. EPW Tag Team Champions The Headhunters (Devlin Reeves and Tyler Jacobs) def. The McKenzie Brothers (Bodhi and Byron McKenzie) in a non-title match
4. “The Real Life Risky Business” Leo Pratt def. Elliot Forbes and Liam Mendel in a Triple Threat Special Challenge Match for a Blank Contract to any match the winner desires at a House Show
5. McMassive (Gavin McGavin and Mike Massive) def. Cowboys and Indians (“The Outlaw” Billy Wiliams and Eddy Bombay)
6. “The Smashing Machine” Chris Vice def. “The Prince of Perth” Jay Taylor

Platinum Wrestling Enterprises, Hopper’s Crossing, Australia, February 20:
1. Chris Trance (w/Shane Hero) def. JXT (w/Mr. H)
2. Cadman Turner (w/Mr. H) def. Xavier Black
3. #bestos (Adam Brooks and Kellyanne) def. Regular Team (Cody Swift and El Tecniko)
4. Drew Clissold (w/Shane Hero) def. Joey Eclipse
5. Damian Rivers def. Gabriel Wolfe
6. Zak Douglas def. Benny Factor, F.O.X, JC Taylor (c), Paul Thornton, Slade Mercer, Syd Parker and Vixsin in the “7 Evil Entrants” Match to become the new Platinum Enterprises Heavyweight Champion

International Wrestling Australia, February 21:
1. Mikey Lord vs. Randal [Result unknown]
2. Birdman Picasso def. “The Deadly Shot” KASAI
3. Bee Boy def. JT Robinson
4. Ethan Hughz def. Matt Bailey
5. Tyson Gibbs def. Keegan Brettle to retain the IWA Championship
6. Keegan Brettle won a Rumble Match

Melbourne City Wrestling, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, February 21:
1. Hard Way Inc. (Jay Andrews and Mike Burr w/Miami) vs. MCW Tag Team Champions World’s Friendliest Tag Team (Lochy Hendricks and TD) ended in no contest
2. Tommy Hellfire (w/Siren Monroe) def. Zak Douglas
3. Emanuelle (w/Cousin Ali and Sebastian Walker) def. BJ Hudson and JXT in a Three Way Dance
4. Kellie Skater def. Siren Monroe
5. Gabriel Wolfe and Slade Mercer def. Elliot Sexton and Mr. Juicy to become #1 contenders for the MCW Tag Team Titles
6. KrackerJak def. Carlo Cannon to become the new MCW Heavyweight Champion

Pacific Pro Wrestling, February 21:
1. The Wolves of the Sea (Australian Wolf and Koi Bombora) def. Chet Jacobs and Savage to retain the Pacific Tag Team Titles
2. AJ Istria def. Tim Kade [P-1 Tournament – First Round]
3. Johnny Lukas def. Thirteen [P-1 Tournament – First Round]
4. “Jag” Hartley Jackson def. Alex Shepard [P-1 Tournament – First Round]
5. Rufio def. Jesse Daniels [P-1 Tournament – First Round]
6. AJ Istria def. Johnny Lukas [P-1 Tournament – Semi Final]
7. “Jag” Hartley Jackson def. Rufio [P-1 Tournament – Semi Final]
8. Lucas Gold def. Lynx Lewis Jr to become the new Pacific Light Heavyweight Champion
9. AJ Istria def. “Jag” Hartley Jackson to win the P-1 Tournament and a shot at Heavyweight champion Jonah Rock [P-1 Tournament – Final]

Southern Hemisphere Pro Wrestling, February 21:
1. “The Don” Michael Morleone def. Byron McKenzie (w/Bodhi McKenzie)
2. Jagger Stevens def. Liam Mendel via submission
3. Jarrad Slate def. Avalanche (w/Ebenizah J. Klaus)
4. Eddy Bombay and Samuel Colt def. Crimson Lightning and Mike Massive in a Tag Team Championship Tournament Match
5. The Warship def. Bodhi McKenzie (w/Byron McKenzie)
6. “Firefly” Felix Young (w/Zoe Quinn) def. Michelle K. Hasluck
7. SHWA Champion Dan Steel def. Jay Taylor via submission in a non-title match

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pookara, Australia, February 21 and 22:
Night one:
1. Ace Wilson, Charles Jordan and Tyson Storm def. The New Black (The Duke, Jake Viper and Matt Hayter)
2. Snakepit Adelaide Open Champion Acid Haze def. Tyler Daniels via DQ after Daniels hit Haze with a chain
3. Miss Fortune def. Izzy Shaw in Match 1 of their Best of 5 Series
4. Blue Blood def. Adam Crowe to retain the Snakepit Heavyweight Championship
5. Damien Synn def. William Stars
6. Tons of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) def. Acid Haze and King John E Radic to retain the Snakepit Tag Team Titles
7. The Jackal def. Michael Weaver in a Tables Match

Night two:
1. Adam Crowe def. The Nightmare (Debut) via count out [Snakepit Tournament – Round 1]
2. Matt Hayter def. Scot Tee (Debut) [Snakepit Tournament – Round 1]
3. Joey Triton def. Sam Stallone (Debut) [Snakepit Tournament – Round 1]
4. Mann Dozer def. Dark Valentine [Snakepit Tournament – Round 1]
5. Izzy Shaw and Ozzy Ozzy Aussie (Debut) def. Black Star and The Duke
6. Matt Hayter def. Adam Crowe [Snakepit Tournament – Semi Final]
7. Mann Dozer def. Joey Triton [Snakepit Tournament – Semi Final]
8. King John E Radic def. Charles Jordan
9. Mann Dozer def. Matt Hayter [Snakepit Tournament – Final]

Newcastle Pro Wrestling, Newcastle, New South Wales, February 21:
1. Robbie and Ryan Eagles def. Hayden Zenith and Hunter Hayes
2. Kingi def. MANtis
3. Shazza McKenzie def. Jessica Troy
4. Newcastle Pro Heavyweight Champion Jack Bonza def. Bee Boy in a non-title match
5. The APWG def. Team PWA
6. “Green Dragon” Mick Moretti def. Concrete Davidson
7. “Swagzilla” Sean Kustom def. “Dreamboat” Chris Hermes in a No DQ Match to become the new Newcastle Pro Middleweight Champion

Insane Championship Wrestling, Canberra, Australia, February 21:
Madness Match: Nick Maltino and Sarah Von Stone def. Flame and Warpath
1. Dan Archer def. Chris Shadows via DQ
2. Wrath def. Tim the Ref
3. ICW Women’s Champion Flame def. Asha via DQ after Chris Shadows interfered
4. Chris “D-Railer” Abbott and Josh Gatt def. Five Star Flash and James Dean
5. Kandi Luv def. Nyx
6. Captain Ultimate won the Pick Your Destiny Match. Ultimate now has the contract to face any champion, at any time.

New Horizon Pro Wrestling, Cockburn Youth Centre, Cockburn, Australia, February 13 and 14:
Night One:
1. Perth K9 (Dane and Odin) def. Lucky Charms (Aaron O’Malley and Hayden Zenith) [HSLC Tournament Round 1]
2. Kaha Edmonds def. London Hargreaves
3. Heroes of Future Past (Bodhi McKenzie and Liam Mendel) def. Purple Pain (Eddy Bombay and “Big Gun” Samuel Colt) [HSLC Tournament Round 1]
4. Switchblade and The Warship def. Perth City Preachers (“Firefly” Felix Young and Jordan Bishop) [HSLC Tournament Round 1]
5. Hayden Zenith def. Aaron O’Malley in Match 1 of a Best of 3 Series for the NHPW Hybrid Championship
6. Death Machines (“The Smashing Machine” Chris Vice and Jarrad Slate) def. Sex Mafia (Jay Taylor and “The Don” Michael Morleone) via DQ [HSLC Tournament Round 1]

Night Two:
1. Heroes of Future Past (Bodhi McKenzie and Liam Mendel) def. Perth K9 (Dane and Odin) via DQ [HSLC Tournament Semi Final]
2. Death Machines (“The Smashing Machine” Chris Vice and Jarrad Slate) def. Switchblade & The Warship [HSLC Tournament Semi Final]
3. “Firefly” Felix Young def. Eddy Bombay
4. Odin def. Jordan Bishop
5. Sex Mafia (“Lord” London Hargreaves and “The Don” Michael Morleone) def. Aaron O’ Malley in a Handicap Match
6. Death Machines (“The Smashing Machine” Chris Vice and Jarrad Slate) def. Heroes of Future Past (Bodhi McKenzie and Liam Mendel) to win the Headshrinker Samu Legacy Cup Tournament

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pooraka, Australia, February 13 and 15:
Night One:
1. Acid Haze def. Matt Hayter to retain the Snakepit Friday Night Fights Title
2. D.T Carter def. Marvin P Newton
3. Michael Weaver def. Adam Crowe after interference from Blue Blood
4. Big Daddy Jack, Bryan Lawson, Tex Rogers and William Stars def. Crunchy the Clown, Damien Synn, Joey Triton and Mann Dozer to win the 8 man tag elimination match
5. Acid Haze def. Doc Kinkaid to retain the Snakepit Adelaide Open Title
6. Reilly St James def. Charles Jordan via submission
7. The Jackal def. Black Star
8. Jaxx L Radic def. King John E Radic
9. Blue Blood def. Acid Haze via DQ to retain the Snakepit Heavyweight Title

Night Two:
1. Acid Haze def. Michael Weaver via count out
2. The Lone Wolf def. Matt Hayter via DQ
3. Mann Dozer def. Dark Valentine via submission
4. Mann Dozer def. Mad Man Munta
5. Matt Hayter and Michael Weaver def. Acid Haze and Charles Jordan
6. John E Radic def. Crunchy the Clown in a Hardcore Retirement Match
7. Joey Triton def. Bryan Lawson via DQ to retain the Sunday Slam Championship

Australian Wrestling Entertainment, Concord RSL, Concord, New South Wales, Australia, February 13:
1. Masked Mauler def. Robert James Sabre
2. Vinnie Vain def. Bash
3. Bernie Mac and Corruption def. Birdman Picasso and Crofty (w/Nigel Bridge-Fort) to retain the AWE Tag Team Titles
4. BBN – Big Bad Nick def. Saxon Bruce
5. Luke Knight def. Hudson Kai
6. Mr. Exclusive def. Psykotic (c) and Tukahe in a Triple Threat Match to become the new AWE Champion after pinning Psykotic

Queensland Championship Wrestling, The Sands Tavern, Plaza Palace, Maroochydore, Australia, February 14:
1. QCW South Queensland Champion “Notorious” M2P def. Rufio in a non-title match
2. Kira Sommers def. Catherine Mynx
3. Gorgeous “Black Lav” Gary def. Liam Cassidy
4. Rip Rielly def. Rabies The Clown
5. Pala def. Kid Kaze to win the Trans Tasman Challenge
6. Renegade def. Lucas Gold via DQ
7. Nathaniel West def. Ricky Rembrandt via submission
8. ANZAC (Australian Wolf, Ben Ayres and Tim Kade) def. Circus of Tragedy (Cyprien, Slammin’ Sam Richards and Thirteen) in a 6 man elimination match

(Results courtesy of and the various organisations’ websites)

Dansk Pro Wrestling, Katapulten, Arhus, Denmark, February 7
Afternoon Show:
Kaschi and Mash Payn defeated Den Gule Fare and Metalhead
Nikita Charisma defeated Johnny Casanova by Count Out
Chaos defeated Michael Schenkenberg
Apu Singh defeated Aries
Veit Müller defeated Axel Steele
Kool Krede and Michael Fynne defeated Big D and FVN

Evening show:
Mash Payn defeated Den Gule Fare and Metalhead
Kool Krede defeated Johnny Casanova by DQ
Michael Schenkenberg defeated Aries
Nikita Charisma defeated Axel Steele and Veit Müller
Apu Singh defeated The Geek
Chaos vs. Michael Fynne – No Contest
Chaos and Michael Fynne defeated Michael Schenkenberg and Nikita Charisma

Fight Club Finland, Helsingin Urheilutalo, Helsinki, Finland, February 7
Sly Sebastian defeated Belthazar
The Beast defeated Jami Aalto and Make Smooth in a two-on-one handicap match
Stark Adder defeated HC Andersen and Joey Impact
Mikko Maestro and Sara Elektra defeated Julia Kyy and Pyöveli Petrov
Starbuck defeated Ricky Vendetta
Murskaaja Mieto and Tohtori Ioni vs Jake Luupää and Vili Luupää – No Contest
Tuho Torvinen defeated Robert Holmström
Valentine defeated Heimo Ukonselkä, Jessica Love, Johnny McMetal and King Kong Karhula in a five-way TLC match to win the FCF Finnish Heavyweight Championship.

Joint Westside Xtreme Wrestling and German Wrestling Federation show, Shake arena, Berlin, Germany, February 7
Sasa Keel defeats Chris Colen
The Young Lions (Lucky Kid and Tarkan Aslan) defeated Die Schilds (Bobby Gunns and Vincent The Beast) and Dark Society (Koray and Ronaldo) and Waschbären Auf Koffein (Franz Engel and Laurence Roman) in a four-way tag match
Mike Schwarz defeated Cash Money Erkan by DQ
John Klinger defeated Axel Dieter Jr., Ilja Dragunov and Ivan Kiev in a fatal fourway for the wXw Shotgun Championship
Blue Nikita defeated Melanie Gray
Crazy Sexy Mike defeated Axel Tischer
Karsten Beck and Rambo defeated Big Daddy Walter and Pascal Spalter

NEW European Championship Wrestling, NEW Hotspot, Hessdorf, Bayern, Germany,February 6 and 7:
Night one (all matches first round NEW World Heavyweight Title Tournament matches)
Cash Crash defeated Tommy Blue Eyes (w/Georg Gwärch)
T-K-O defeated Vicious Impact Power
Mike Skull defeated Schizo Rik
Marius Al-Ani defeated The Arabian Star
Adrian Severe defeated Fast-Time Moodo
Demolition Davies defeated The Hellvetic Warrior
Georg Gwärch defeated Big Brother Steve
Juvenile X defeated Mexx

Night two:
NEW World Heavyweight Title Tournament Quarterfinals:
Demolition Davies (w/Amber Rox) defeated Adrian Severe
T-K-O defeated Cash Crash
Felix Reiter defeated Fast Time Moodo
Marius Al-Ani defeated Georg Gwärch
Tommy Blue Eyes defeated Juvenile X by DQ
Tag Team Match: Adrian Severe and The Arabian Star defeated Mexx and Vicious Impact Power
NEW World Heavyweight Title Tournament Semifinals:
T-K-O defeated Marius Al-Ani
Demolition Davies (w/Amber Rox) defeated Tommy Blue Eyes
Non-tournament singles match: Big Brother Steve defeated The Hellvetic Warrior
NEW World Heavyweight Title Tournament Final Match:
Demolition Davies (w/Amber Rox) defeated T-K-O to win the vacant NEW World Heavyweight Championship

Revolutionary Championship Wrestling, No Limits Gym, Barcelona, February 7
Leah Owens defeated Hikara Shida in a street fight to win the RCW Women’s Championship
(other match results not known)

Professional Championship Wrestling, Polish Club, Rowville, Australia, February 6:
1. Pitbull def. Chris Trance
2. Mark Kage def. MiKazi
3. Twitch Smith def. Rocco to earn the last spot in next month’s Rumble match
4. Fulli Syk (Alberto Bravo and Micky Jackson) def. Frederick and WAIK to retain the PCW Tag Team Titles
5. Trikki def. Nash Archer to retain the PCW State Championship
6. Tome Filip def. Anthony Dangerfield
7. Daniel Swagger def. Chris Trio in a Tables Match to retain the PCW National Championship

New Age Wrestling, NAW Arena, Albion, Australia, February 7:
1. Damian Rivers vs. Mitch Waterman ended in no contest
2. JXT (w/EGO) def. Gabriel Wolfe
3. George Julio def. Paul Thornton via submission
4. Judd “The Stud” Newman def. “Psycho Cowboy” Benny Factor
5. “Jurassic Punk” Syd Parker def. Josh “The Axe” Shooter
6. Andy Rhodes def. Scott Slayer to retain the NAW South Pacific Championship
7. NAW Tag Team Champions Regular Team (Cody Swift and El Tecniko) def. Death Squad (Alex Haixe and Xavier Black) via DQ
8. F.O.X (w/EGO) def. Psycho Kid Thunder to retain the NAW Heavyweight Championship (Special Enforcer – Jake Andrewartha)

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Pooraka, Australia, February 7:
1. Tons of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) def. Bryan Lawson in a Handicap Match to become the new Snakepit Tag Team Champions
2. Wam Bam Bellows def. Charles Jordan
3. Acid Haze def. King John E Radic to retain the Snakepit Adelaide Open Championship
4. Crunchy the Clown and Damien Synn def. Marvin P Newton and William Stars
5. Team Jackal (Ace Wilson, Adam Crowe, The Jackal and “Cannonball” Kris Taylor) def. Team Weaver (Blue Blood, Jake Viper, Michael Weaver and Tyler Daniels) in the Battlefield Rumble

Wrestle Rampage, St Clair, Woodville, Australia, February 7:
1. Damian Slater def. Carlo Cannon
2. Demi Bennett def. Savannah Summers
3. The Smashing Machine (Chris Vice and Marcius Pitt) def. The World’s Friendliest Tag Team (Lochy Hendricks and TD)
4. Mr. Juicy def. Emanuelle (w/Allan Payne)
5. Anarchy and Havok (w/Benjamin Rosenthal, Heinz Schultz and Mark Aiston) def. Link Barnett and Mike Boomer
6. “Jag” Hartley Jackson def. Wreckin’ Ball Wilson
7. Wreckin’ Ball Wilson def. Bones Malone, “Big” Brodie Marshall, Carlo Cannon, Chris Vice, Damian Slater, Dean Valente, Emanuelle, “Gorgeous” Greg Graham, Hartley Jackson, Havok, Jayson Cooper, John E. Radic, Link Barnett, Lochy Hendricks, Marcius Pitt, Matt “GRIMM” Basso, Mike Boomer, Mr. Juicy and TD to win the 20 man Meltdown Rumble and become #1 Contender for the Wrestle Rampage National Australian Championship.

AWA, Globe Theatre, Fortitude Valley, Australia, February 7:
1. Rufio def. “The Devils Double” Jesse Daniels
2. Blair Seeker def. Chet Jacobs
3. Kelso Kahoniz def. Red Backlund to retain the AWA #Yolo Championship
4. Th1rte3n def. Tim Kade and Triple X Rated
5. “The Roaring” Ultra Lion def. ManTis
6. AJ Istria def. Simon Tokoroa via submission
7. The Wolves of the Sea (Australian Wolf and Koi Bombora) def. The Marsupial Militia (Battle Toad and Combat Wombat) to retain the AWA Q League and Pacific Pro Tag Team Titles

Impact Pro Wrestling, Nerang, Gold Coast, Australia, February 7:
1. Mylonas def. “Hot Property” Bronson Hoye
2. Poison def. Eliminator
3. R.I.P def. T.J. Warrior
4. Rob Daniel and Ryan Melrose def. Riot and Sledgehammer
5. Reaper def. Bojack
6. Troll def. Weird One in a Rat Trap Match after slamming the Weird One through a table and 60 loaded mousetraps.
7. Cruz and Skhorn def. Jackaroo and Kiwi Thriller
8. B.J. Blade def. Diablo
9. Josh Bruise def. Luxford to become the new IPW Cruiserweight Champion

Belgian Catch Wrestling Federation, Phillipeville, Belgium, January 31
1 Blake Andersen defeated Alex LeGrand and Big Joe in a triple threat
2 Daz and Zad defeated Jeff McCready and Nick Fury
3 Black Cobra defeated Scotty
4 Collin Williams vs. Kay Williams – Double Count Out
5 Zitch defeated Chris Sky
6 Darkmondo defeated S’n’B
7 MBM defeated Antic Warrior by DQ
8 Emilie defeated Axel
9 Andynamite and Eddie Dark defeated Matt Scorpion & Priscilla to win the BWS Tag Team Championship

Mad Wrestling Association, Stockelsdorf, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, January 31
1 MWA International Heavyweight Title #1 Contendership Three Way Match: Andre Trucker defeated Crazy Sexy Mike and Pascal Spalter by Count Out
2 Koray defeated Luke Ass
3 Rob Cage (w/Kevin Cross) defeated Ivan Kiev to win the MWA International Heavyweight Championship (special referee: Andre Trucker)
4 Ivan Kiev defeats Rob Cage (w/Kevin Cross) in a rematch to win the MWA International Heavyweight Championship
5 Lord Of The Ring 2015 Battle Royal: Marty Fabz defeated Amber Rox, Diamond Ace, Luke Ass, Masterpiece Marsellus, Nico Block, Nik Hellström, The Big JAWS, Tim Karstens, Tim Suxdorf and Vincenzo Coccotti
6 Tim Suxdorf defeatws Masterpiece Marsellus, Murat AK and Tim Karstens in a fatal fourway to retain the MWA Limit-X Championship
7 The Young Lions (Lucky Kid and Tarkan Aslan) defeated Reign Of Terror (Cash Money Erkan and The Big JAWS) to win the MWA Tag Team Championship.

Pro Wrestling Showdown, Jongerencentrum ToDo, Best, Netherlands, January 31
1 Toby Blunt defeated Andrei Ivanov
2 Beatings R Us (Jack Ferrigno and Robby Maddox) defeated Flip And Fly (Silver Bullet and The Rotation)
3 Jamie de la Combe defeated Lloyd Pengel to retain the PWS Junior Heavyweight Championship
4 Battle Royal: Winner: Mot van Kunder
5 Jurn Simmons defeated Joe E. Legend to win the PWS Heavyweight Championship
6 Johnny Evers and Mot van Kunder defeated Tommy End and Young Money Chong
7 Sean Lucas defeats Rico Bushido in a five stages guerrilla warfare match

GBG Wrestling, Gothenborg, Sweden, January 31
1 Timmy Crews defeated Hank Havoc
2 Harley Rage defeated Huckleberry Sinn
3 Levi Petrus defeated Danny Sharp
4 Bad Buddha and Timmy Crews (replacement for Buddha’s original injured partner Aguila Roja) defeated Los Classicos and Pretty Kool in a triple threat tornado tag match
5 The Empire State (Steinbolt and Mr. PPV) defeated Chaos and GBGW champion Conny Mejsel in a no DQ tag match

New Horizon Pro Wrestling, Coogee, Australia, January 26
8am Session
“Perth K9” Odin def. “Lord” London Hargreaves
“Perth K9” Dane def. RUIN
Aaron O’Malley def. Switchblade
9am Session
“Perth K9” Dane def. “Australian Gothic” Heritor
Seth Deadwell def. RUIN
Aaron O’Malley def. “Lord” London Hargreaves
10:30am Session
“Lord” London Hargreaves def. Switchblade
Aaron O’Malley, “Australian Gothic” Heritor and RUIN def. Perth K9’s (Dane and Odin) and Seth Deadwell

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snake Pit Arena, 2 Langford Street, Pooraka, Australia, January 30:
1. The Highlighters (Charles Jordan and Tyson Storm) def. Blue Blood and Reilly St James
2. Miss Fortune def. Izzy Shaw
3. Damien Synn def. William Stars
4. Ace Wilson def. Jake Viper via DQ after Viper stabbed Wilson in the eye with a fork.
5. Bobby V and Bryan Lawson def. Big Daddy Jack and Tex Rogers to retain the Snakepit Tag Team Titles
6. Michael Weaver def. Adam Crowe
7. Acid Haze eliminated Wam Bam Bellows to become the new Snakepit Friday Night Fights Champion and Doc Kinkaid to become the new Snakepit Adelaide Open Champion in a Tag Team Falls Count Anywhere Match with both titles on the line. Haze teamed with King John E. Radic.

Outback Championship Wrestling, Victoria, Australia, January 30:
1. Jacko Lantern def. “FanTabulous” Micky Jackson
2. Slade Mercer def. Zak Douglas
3. Mad Dog McCrea def. JXT
4. Gabriel Wolfe def. Cody Swift via submission
5. Demi Bennett def. Kellyanne
6. Andy Phoenix def. Brad Smyth and “Jurassic Punk” Syd Parker in a Three Way Dance to retain the OCW Championship
7. Loose Bastards (Adam Brooks and KrackerJak) def. Arm Dragons (“The Smash Hit” Joel Bateman and Josh “The Axe” Shooter), Cadman Turner and Vixsin and Chicos de Lucha in a Four Corners Elimination Match to become the inaugural OCW Tag Team Champions
8. Loose Bastards (Adam Brooks and KrackerJak) def. Gabriel Wolfe and Slade Mercer to retain the OCW Tag Team Titles

Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Association, Brown Park, Australia, January 31:
1. “Mad” Mike Massive def. Crimson Lightning
2. Michelle K Hasluck def. Eddy Bombay
3. Jay Taylor def. Liam Mendel
4. “The Don” Michael Morleone def. Hayden Zenith
5. The Solution (Davis Storm and The Warship) def. The McKenzie Brothers (Bodhi and Byron McKenzie) twice. First time saw Storm get the pin with his feet on the ropes, the McKenzies then challenged The Solution to a rematch.
6. Del Cano def. Avalanche
7. Dan Steel def. “Firefly” Felix Young (w/Zoe Quinn) via submission to retain the SHWA Championship

Australian Championship Wrestling, Northfield, Australia, January 31:
1. Nacho Man def. Paul Thornton
2. Simple Simon (w/Melody) def. Joe Mundie
3. Zak Douglas def. Joey Eclipse
4. The Outbackers def. The Regular Team
5. Gabriel Wolfe def. Jack Rossely

Riot City Wrestling, Wakeville, South Australia, Australia, January 31:
1. FuZion and Kellyanne def. Blair Alexis and “The Cornerstone” Chris Basso
2. “Big” Brodie Marshall def. Brad Smyth
3. Matt “Grimm” Basso def. Tama Williams
4. Harley Wonderland def. Demi Bennett in a Lumberjill Match to retain the RCW Women’s Championship
5. The Rude Ones def. Anthony Toro and Cadie Tre, Lord Huberous and Putty #2, Only the Strong, The Playmakers and S.M.A.S.H to win the Tag Turmoil Match
6. Damian Slater def. Adam Brooks (afterwards Team Eastman came out and berated/ attacked Brooks, seemingly kicking him out of Team Eastman)
7. Nick Armstrong def. Rocky Menero to retain the RCW Championship

Insane Championship Wrestling, Canberra, Australia, January 31:
1. Tristan Slade def. Angelo
2. Dan Archer def. Marvin the Morphman to retain the ICW Capital Championship
3. Fredrick def. Captain Ultimate
4. Flame def. Kandi Luv to retain the ICW Women’s Championship
5. Russell the Love Muscle def. Chris Shadows via DQ
6. Asha def. Nyx Jade to become #1 Contender for the ICW Women’s Championship
7. Warpath def. Nick Maltino to retain the ICW World Heavyweight Championship

Rock and Roll Wrestling, Oapto Citizens Bowling Club, Oapto, Australia, January 31:
1. Hunter P.S Hayes def. The Blue Oni
2. Ethan Hughz def. Otis
3. “Good Guy” Dan Wilson and Hydro def. Bryan Seeker and JT Robinson
4. Michael Spencer def. “Real Man” Jack Bonza
5. Sean Kustom def. Robbie Eagles to retain the UWA Elite Championship

International Wrestling Australia, St John’s Bowling Club, Australia, January 31:
1. Mikey Lord def. Randal
2. Shazza McKenzie def. Rachel Rose
3. “Birdman” Phil Picasso won an over the top rope Battle Royal
4. Adam Hoffman def. Keegan Brettle
5. Apollo vs. IWA Heavyweight Champion Tyson Gibbs ended in DQ after Shazza McKenzie and Lord Mark Williamson got involved. The match was then turned into a 2 on 3 Handicap Match
6. Rachel Rose and Tyson Gibbs def. Apollo, Lord Mark Williamson and Shazza McKenzie in a Handicap Match

United Pro Wrestling, The Beenleigh Tavern, 114 Distillery Road, Beenleigh, Australia, January 31:
1. Lucas Gold def. Seb Max via submission
2. Spaceman Dacey def. “Hollywood Trash” Alex Titan
3. The Street Revolution (Lynx Lewis Jr. and Renegade) def. Mickey 2 Phat and Thirteen, #satasfaction (Cyprien and Slammin Sam) and TDT to become #1 Contenders for the UPW Tag Team Titles
4. Sara Jay def. Catherine Mynx
5. D-Volt def. “Showtime” Jake Nova to retain the UPW Paragon Championship and retire Showtime from UPW
6. “The Statement” Andruew Tang (special guest from Hong Kong Pro Wrestling Federation) def. Alex Shepard and Jack Nova to retain the AWGC Jnr Heavyweight Championship
7. Brian Angels vs. Xander Phoenix ended in no contest
8. Rip Rielly def. Kobra Jones via count out to retain the UPW Championship
9. “The Maniac” Wayne Mattei def. The Giant Kyote and will now name the stipulation of the eventual rematch between Rip and Kyote.

Independent Wrestling Initiative, Whangarei, New Zealand, January 31
1. T-Cole def. Criss “The Patient” Graves.
2. Reece Breeg def. Tony Dio.
3. John Henry def. Curtis Castlewood.
4. Charlie Roberts def. Ben Mana and Graham Hughes.
5. Stix def. Tank.
6. Kingston Eclipse def. Mr Viti.
7. Jamie Lee def. Scarlett.
8. Team APW def. Team I.W.I by disqualification