New Horizon Pro Wrestling, Coogee, Australia, January 26
8am Session
“Perth K9” Odin def. “Lord” London Hargreaves
“Perth K9” Dane def. RUIN
Aaron O’Malley def. Switchblade
9am Session
“Perth K9” Dane def. “Australian Gothic” Heritor
Seth Deadwell def. RUIN
Aaron O’Malley def. “Lord” London Hargreaves
10:30am Session
“Lord” London Hargreaves def. Switchblade
Aaron O’Malley, “Australian Gothic” Heritor and RUIN def. Perth K9’s (Dane and Odin) and Seth Deadwell

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snake Pit Arena, 2 Langford Street, Pooraka, Australia, January 30:
1. The Highlighters (Charles Jordan and Tyson Storm) def. Blue Blood and Reilly St James
2. Miss Fortune def. Izzy Shaw
3. Damien Synn def. William Stars
4. Ace Wilson def. Jake Viper via DQ after Viper stabbed Wilson in the eye with a fork.
5. Bobby V and Bryan Lawson def. Big Daddy Jack and Tex Rogers to retain the Snakepit Tag Team Titles
6. Michael Weaver def. Adam Crowe
7. Acid Haze eliminated Wam Bam Bellows to become the new Snakepit Friday Night Fights Champion and Doc Kinkaid to become the new Snakepit Adelaide Open Champion in a Tag Team Falls Count Anywhere Match with both titles on the line. Haze teamed with King John E. Radic.

Outback Championship Wrestling, Victoria, Australia, January 30:
1. Jacko Lantern def. “FanTabulous” Micky Jackson
2. Slade Mercer def. Zak Douglas
3. Mad Dog McCrea def. JXT
4. Gabriel Wolfe def. Cody Swift via submission
5. Demi Bennett def. Kellyanne
6. Andy Phoenix def. Brad Smyth and “Jurassic Punk” Syd Parker in a Three Way Dance to retain the OCW Championship
7. Loose Bastards (Adam Brooks and KrackerJak) def. Arm Dragons (“The Smash Hit” Joel Bateman and Josh “The Axe” Shooter), Cadman Turner and Vixsin and Chicos de Lucha in a Four Corners Elimination Match to become the inaugural OCW Tag Team Champions
8. Loose Bastards (Adam Brooks and KrackerJak) def. Gabriel Wolfe and Slade Mercer to retain the OCW Tag Team Titles

Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Association, Brown Park, Australia, January 31:
1. “Mad” Mike Massive def. Crimson Lightning
2. Michelle K Hasluck def. Eddy Bombay
3. Jay Taylor def. Liam Mendel
4. “The Don” Michael Morleone def. Hayden Zenith
5. The Solution (Davis Storm and The Warship) def. The McKenzie Brothers (Bodhi and Byron McKenzie) twice. First time saw Storm get the pin with his feet on the ropes, the McKenzies then challenged The Solution to a rematch.
6. Del Cano def. Avalanche
7. Dan Steel def. “Firefly” Felix Young (w/Zoe Quinn) via submission to retain the SHWA Championship

Australian Championship Wrestling, Northfield, Australia, January 31:
1. Nacho Man def. Paul Thornton
2. Simple Simon (w/Melody) def. Joe Mundie
3. Zak Douglas def. Joey Eclipse
4. The Outbackers def. The Regular Team
5. Gabriel Wolfe def. Jack Rossely

Riot City Wrestling, Wakeville, South Australia, Australia, January 31:
1. FuZion and Kellyanne def. Blair Alexis and “The Cornerstone” Chris Basso
2. “Big” Brodie Marshall def. Brad Smyth
3. Matt “Grimm” Basso def. Tama Williams
4. Harley Wonderland def. Demi Bennett in a Lumberjill Match to retain the RCW Women’s Championship
5. The Rude Ones def. Anthony Toro and Cadie Tre, Lord Huberous and Putty #2, Only the Strong, The Playmakers and S.M.A.S.H to win the Tag Turmoil Match
6. Damian Slater def. Adam Brooks (afterwards Team Eastman came out and berated/ attacked Brooks, seemingly kicking him out of Team Eastman)
7. Nick Armstrong def. Rocky Menero to retain the RCW Championship

Insane Championship Wrestling, Canberra, Australia, January 31:
1. Tristan Slade def. Angelo
2. Dan Archer def. Marvin the Morphman to retain the ICW Capital Championship
3. Fredrick def. Captain Ultimate
4. Flame def. Kandi Luv to retain the ICW Women’s Championship
5. Russell the Love Muscle def. Chris Shadows via DQ
6. Asha def. Nyx Jade to become #1 Contender for the ICW Women’s Championship
7. Warpath def. Nick Maltino to retain the ICW World Heavyweight Championship

Rock and Roll Wrestling, Oapto Citizens Bowling Club, Oapto, Australia, January 31:
1. Hunter P.S Hayes def. The Blue Oni
2. Ethan Hughz def. Otis
3. “Good Guy” Dan Wilson and Hydro def. Bryan Seeker and JT Robinson
4. Michael Spencer def. “Real Man” Jack Bonza
5. Sean Kustom def. Robbie Eagles to retain the UWA Elite Championship

International Wrestling Australia, St John’s Bowling Club, Australia, January 31:
1. Mikey Lord def. Randal
2. Shazza McKenzie def. Rachel Rose
3. “Birdman” Phil Picasso won an over the top rope Battle Royal
4. Adam Hoffman def. Keegan Brettle
5. Apollo vs. IWA Heavyweight Champion Tyson Gibbs ended in DQ after Shazza McKenzie and Lord Mark Williamson got involved. The match was then turned into a 2 on 3 Handicap Match
6. Rachel Rose and Tyson Gibbs def. Apollo, Lord Mark Williamson and Shazza McKenzie in a Handicap Match

United Pro Wrestling, The Beenleigh Tavern, 114 Distillery Road, Beenleigh, Australia, January 31:
1. Lucas Gold def. Seb Max via submission
2. Spaceman Dacey def. “Hollywood Trash” Alex Titan
3. The Street Revolution (Lynx Lewis Jr. and Renegade) def. Mickey 2 Phat and Thirteen, #satasfaction (Cyprien and Slammin Sam) and TDT to become #1 Contenders for the UPW Tag Team Titles
4. Sara Jay def. Catherine Mynx
5. D-Volt def. “Showtime” Jake Nova to retain the UPW Paragon Championship and retire Showtime from UPW
6. “The Statement” Andruew Tang (special guest from Hong Kong Pro Wrestling Federation) def. Alex Shepard and Jack Nova to retain the AWGC Jnr Heavyweight Championship
7. Brian Angels vs. Xander Phoenix ended in no contest
8. Rip Rielly def. Kobra Jones via count out to retain the UPW Championship
9. “The Maniac” Wayne Mattei def. The Giant Kyote and will now name the stipulation of the eventual rematch between Rip and Kyote.

Independent Wrestling Initiative, Whangarei, New Zealand, January 31
1. T-Cole def. Criss “The Patient” Graves.
2. Reece Breeg def. Tony Dio.
3. John Henry def. Curtis Castlewood.
4. Charlie Roberts def. Ben Mana and Graham Hughes.
5. Stix def. Tank.
6. Kingston Eclipse def. Mr Viti.
7. Jamie Lee def. Scarlett.
8. Team APW def. Team I.W.I by disqualification


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