Belgian Catch Wrestling Federation, Phillipeville, Belgium, January 31
1 Blake Andersen defeated Alex LeGrand and Big Joe in a triple threat
2 Daz and Zad defeated Jeff McCready and Nick Fury
3 Black Cobra defeated Scotty
4 Collin Williams vs. Kay Williams – Double Count Out
5 Zitch defeated Chris Sky
6 Darkmondo defeated S’n’B
7 MBM defeated Antic Warrior by DQ
8 Emilie defeated Axel
9 Andynamite and Eddie Dark defeated Matt Scorpion & Priscilla to win the BWS Tag Team Championship

Mad Wrestling Association, Stockelsdorf, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, January 31
1 MWA International Heavyweight Title #1 Contendership Three Way Match: Andre Trucker defeated Crazy Sexy Mike and Pascal Spalter by Count Out
2 Koray defeated Luke Ass
3 Rob Cage (w/Kevin Cross) defeated Ivan Kiev to win the MWA International Heavyweight Championship (special referee: Andre Trucker)
4 Ivan Kiev defeats Rob Cage (w/Kevin Cross) in a rematch to win the MWA International Heavyweight Championship
5 Lord Of The Ring 2015 Battle Royal: Marty Fabz defeated Amber Rox, Diamond Ace, Luke Ass, Masterpiece Marsellus, Nico Block, Nik Hellström, The Big JAWS, Tim Karstens, Tim Suxdorf and Vincenzo Coccotti
6 Tim Suxdorf defeatws Masterpiece Marsellus, Murat AK and Tim Karstens in a fatal fourway to retain the MWA Limit-X Championship
7 The Young Lions (Lucky Kid and Tarkan Aslan) defeated Reign Of Terror (Cash Money Erkan and The Big JAWS) to win the MWA Tag Team Championship.

Pro Wrestling Showdown, Jongerencentrum ToDo, Best, Netherlands, January 31
1 Toby Blunt defeated Andrei Ivanov
2 Beatings R Us (Jack Ferrigno and Robby Maddox) defeated Flip And Fly (Silver Bullet and The Rotation)
3 Jamie de la Combe defeated Lloyd Pengel to retain the PWS Junior Heavyweight Championship
4 Battle Royal: Winner: Mot van Kunder
5 Jurn Simmons defeated Joe E. Legend to win the PWS Heavyweight Championship
6 Johnny Evers and Mot van Kunder defeated Tommy End and Young Money Chong
7 Sean Lucas defeats Rico Bushido in a five stages guerrilla warfare match

GBG Wrestling, Gothenborg, Sweden, January 31
1 Timmy Crews defeated Hank Havoc
2 Harley Rage defeated Huckleberry Sinn
3 Levi Petrus defeated Danny Sharp
4 Bad Buddha and Timmy Crews (replacement for Buddha’s original injured partner Aguila Roja) defeated Los Classicos and Pretty Kool in a triple threat tornado tag match
5 The Empire State (Steinbolt and Mr. PPV) defeated Chaos and GBGW champion Conny Mejsel in a no DQ tag match


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