New Horizon Pro Wrestling, Cockburn Youth Centre, Cockburn, Australia, February 13 and 14:
Night One:
1. Perth K9 (Dane and Odin) def. Lucky Charms (Aaron O’Malley and Hayden Zenith) [HSLC Tournament Round 1]
2. Kaha Edmonds def. London Hargreaves
3. Heroes of Future Past (Bodhi McKenzie and Liam Mendel) def. Purple Pain (Eddy Bombay and “Big Gun” Samuel Colt) [HSLC Tournament Round 1]
4. Switchblade and The Warship def. Perth City Preachers (“Firefly” Felix Young and Jordan Bishop) [HSLC Tournament Round 1]
5. Hayden Zenith def. Aaron O’Malley in Match 1 of a Best of 3 Series for the NHPW Hybrid Championship
6. Death Machines (“The Smashing Machine” Chris Vice and Jarrad Slate) def. Sex Mafia (Jay Taylor and “The Don” Michael Morleone) via DQ [HSLC Tournament Round 1]

Night Two:
1. Heroes of Future Past (Bodhi McKenzie and Liam Mendel) def. Perth K9 (Dane and Odin) via DQ [HSLC Tournament Semi Final]
2. Death Machines (“The Smashing Machine” Chris Vice and Jarrad Slate) def. Switchblade & The Warship [HSLC Tournament Semi Final]
3. “Firefly” Felix Young def. Eddy Bombay
4. Odin def. Jordan Bishop
5. Sex Mafia (“Lord” London Hargreaves and “The Don” Michael Morleone) def. Aaron O’ Malley in a Handicap Match
6. Death Machines (“The Smashing Machine” Chris Vice and Jarrad Slate) def. Heroes of Future Past (Bodhi McKenzie and Liam Mendel) to win the Headshrinker Samu Legacy Cup Tournament

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pooraka, Australia, February 13 and 15:
Night One:
1. Acid Haze def. Matt Hayter to retain the Snakepit Friday Night Fights Title
2. D.T Carter def. Marvin P Newton
3. Michael Weaver def. Adam Crowe after interference from Blue Blood
4. Big Daddy Jack, Bryan Lawson, Tex Rogers and William Stars def. Crunchy the Clown, Damien Synn, Joey Triton and Mann Dozer to win the 8 man tag elimination match
5. Acid Haze def. Doc Kinkaid to retain the Snakepit Adelaide Open Title
6. Reilly St James def. Charles Jordan via submission
7. The Jackal def. Black Star
8. Jaxx L Radic def. King John E Radic
9. Blue Blood def. Acid Haze via DQ to retain the Snakepit Heavyweight Title

Night Two:
1. Acid Haze def. Michael Weaver via count out
2. The Lone Wolf def. Matt Hayter via DQ
3. Mann Dozer def. Dark Valentine via submission
4. Mann Dozer def. Mad Man Munta
5. Matt Hayter and Michael Weaver def. Acid Haze and Charles Jordan
6. John E Radic def. Crunchy the Clown in a Hardcore Retirement Match
7. Joey Triton def. Bryan Lawson via DQ to retain the Sunday Slam Championship

Australian Wrestling Entertainment, Concord RSL, Concord, New South Wales, Australia, February 13:
1. Masked Mauler def. Robert James Sabre
2. Vinnie Vain def. Bash
3. Bernie Mac and Corruption def. Birdman Picasso and Crofty (w/Nigel Bridge-Fort) to retain the AWE Tag Team Titles
4. BBN – Big Bad Nick def. Saxon Bruce
5. Luke Knight def. Hudson Kai
6. Mr. Exclusive def. Psykotic (c) and Tukahe in a Triple Threat Match to become the new AWE Champion after pinning Psykotic

Queensland Championship Wrestling, The Sands Tavern, Plaza Palace, Maroochydore, Australia, February 14:
1. QCW South Queensland Champion “Notorious” M2P def. Rufio in a non-title match
2. Kira Sommers def. Catherine Mynx
3. Gorgeous “Black Lav” Gary def. Liam Cassidy
4. Rip Rielly def. Rabies The Clown
5. Pala def. Kid Kaze to win the Trans Tasman Challenge
6. Renegade def. Lucas Gold via DQ
7. Nathaniel West def. Ricky Rembrandt via submission
8. ANZAC (Australian Wolf, Ben Ayres and Tim Kade) def. Circus of Tragedy (Cyprien, Slammin’ Sam Richards and Thirteen) in a 6 man elimination match


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