Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pooraka, Australia – February 27/28:
Night one:
1. Adam Crowe and Michael Weaver def. Charles Jordan and Doc Kinkaid [Lethal Lottery – Round 1]
2. Acid Haze and King John E Radic def. Big Daddy Jack and William Stars [Lethal Lottery – Round 1]
3. Benjy The Clown def. Tex Rogers
4. Adam Crowe and Michael Weaver def. Acid Haze and King John E Radic [Lethal Lottery – Round 2]
5. Acid Haze def. Charles Jordan to retain Snakepit the Friday Night Fights Championship
6. Tons Of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) def. Adam Crowe and Michael Weaver to retain the Snakepit Tag Team Titles [Lethal Lottery – Final]
Night two:
1. Adam Crowe and Charles Jordan def. Blunt Force Trauma (Jake Viper and Michael Weaver)
2. Damien Synn def. Acid Haze
3. Izzy Shaw def. Miss Fortune in a No DQ Match
4. The Jackal and William Stars def. Snakepit Tag Team Champions Tons Of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) in a non-title match
5. King John E Radic def. Snakepit Heavyweight Champion Blue Blood via DQ
6. Jake Viper won a Hardcore Royal Rumble to become the new Snakepit X-Treme Champion after last eliminating Acid Haze

Apex Pro Wrestling, Bribie Island, Australia, February 28:
1. Matt Hayter def. Chip Havok to retain the Middleweight Chamionship. Hayter was awarded the title before the match.
2. Sara Jay def. Kira Sommers via DQ
3. Kira Sommers def. Minzy Montana to retain the Australian Women’s Championship
4. PJ O’Connor def. Daniel Payne and Slammin’ Sam Richards
5. “The Notorious” M2P def. Ricky Rembrandt
6. Ethan Hughz def. Tim Kade
7. Australian Wolf def. Thirteen
8. Deejay and Ryze Havok def. Bryan and Matt Lawson to win the Australian and Queensland Titles. Ryze Havok is now Australian Champion. Deejay Havok is now Qld Champion.

Outback Championship Wrestling, Victoria, Australia:
1. Jacko Lantern def. JXT
2. Gabriel Wolfe and Slade Mercer def. Cadman Turner and Vixsin (w/Cletus) to become #1 Contenders for the OCW Tag Team Titles
3. Mad Dog McCrea def. Freddy Fuzion and ”The Answer” Mike Wheeler in a Three Way Dance
4. Loose Bastards (Adam Brooks and KrackerJak) def. Chicos de Lucha to retain the OCW Tag Team Titles
5. Robbie E def. ”FanTabulous” Micky Jackson
6. OCW Heavyweight Champion Andy Phoenix vs. Brad Smyth ended in no contest

Queensland Wrestling Alliance, Townsville, Queensland, Australia, February 28:
1. Nick Skitz def. Stitches the Clown via DQ following interference from Haze and Nemesis
2. His Royal Tenis def. Sir Johnny Maverick
3. Curtus Jaxx and Rocko Rumblé def. Haze and Nemesis (w/Stitches)
4: DH def. Xander Rage
5. Seth Tylors vs. Tower of Power ended in no contest after multiple superstars invaded the ring leading to …
6. Party Battle Royale ended with a double elimination between Seth Tylors and Tower of Power

Riot City Wrestling, North Adelaide, Australia, February 28:
1. Blue S.M.A.S.H def. Lord Huberous
2. “Big” Brodie Marshall def Tony Torro
3. Savannah Summers def. Demi Bennett (Harley Wonderland guest referee)
4. “World Class” Chris Basso def. Damian Slater
5. Andy “Voodoo” Roy def. GRIMM, Luke Santamaria & Marvel in a 4 way dance
6. Dean Brady def. Green S.M.A.S.H
7. Nick Armstrong def. Rocky Menero in a 3 Stages of Hell Match to retain the RCW Championship

Impact Pro Wrestling, Dunedin, New Zealand, February 28
1. Johnny Idol defeated Michael Cosmo in the Armageddon Cup semifinal
2. Curt Chaos defeated TK Cooper in the Armageddon Cup semifinal
3. Johnny Idol defeated Curt Chaos to win the Armageddon Cup.


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