(Australian results courtesy of Australian Indy Wrestling, New Zealand result from the Hughes Academy Facebook page)

Outback Championship Wrestling, Victoria, Australia, March 20
1. Scotty 2 Hotty def. “FanTabulous” Micky Jackson
2. Kellyanne def. Demi Bennett
3. Brad Smyth def. Ricardo Rodriguez
4. Mad Dog McCrea last eliminated Matt “GRIMM” Basso to win a Battle Royal to become #1 Contender for the OCW Heavyweight Championship
5. Gangrel def. Matt “GRIMM” Basso
6. Loose Bastards (Adam Brooks and KrackerJak) def. Gabriel Wolfe and Slade Mercer to retain the OCW Tag Team Titles
7. Drew Galloway def. Andy Phoenix in a Winner Takes All No DQ Match to retain the EVOLVE Championship & ICW Championship and win the OCW Heavyweight Championship
8. Alberto El Patron (w/Ricardo Rodriguez) def. Mr. Anderson via submission

Australian Wrestling Entertainment, Sydney, Australia, March 20:
1. Bash def. The Great Ayatollah and Vinnie Vain in a Handicap Match
2. Concrete Davidson def. “Australian Freebird” Hunter P.S Hayes
3. Bruza The Serb def. BBN (Big Bad Nick)
4. The Rejects Of Society (Crofty and The Masked Mauler w/Nigel Bridgefort) def. Bernie Mac and Corruption to become the new AWE Tag Team Champions
5. AWE Champion Exclusive vs. Luke Knight ended in a double count out
6. Psykotic def. Carlito

Wrestle Rampage, Fowlers, Adelaide, South Australia, March 21:
1. Miyagi-do Dojo (Boomer-san and Slater-san) def. The Aryan Assassins (“The Smashing Machine” Chris Vice and Havok)
2. The Big Men on Campus (Dean Valente and “Big” Willy Gibson) def. The Hotrodz (Joey and Pat Graham)
3. Robby “The Lion” Heart def. “Jag” Hartley Jackson in a Hardcore Street Fight

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Pooraka, Australia, March 21:
1. Blunt Force Trauma (Jake Viper and Michael Weaver) eliminated Adam Crowe and Charles Jordan to win the Four Corner Tag Team Elimination Match. The other teams were Beer and Loathing (Doc Kinkaid and WB Bellows) and Marvin P. Newton and William Stars
2. Tyler Daniels def. King John E Radic
3. Benjy the Clown and “The Nightmare” Eddie Draven def. Bryan Lawson and Dallas Sommers
4. Damien Synn def. Dallas Sommers
5. Tons Of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) def. The Jackal and “Cannonball” Kris Taylor via DQ after interference from Jake Viper to retain the Snakepit Tag Team Titles
6. Miss Fortune def. Izzy Shaw in Match 2 of their Best of 5 Series
7. Black Star (revealed to be King John E Radic) def. Acid Haze to become the new Snakepit Adelaide Open Champion

8. Ace Wilson def. Snakepit Heavyweight Champion Blue Blood via DQ

Riot City Wrestling, RCW Academy, Wingfield, South Australia, March 21:
Quarter Finals of the Strength Cup Tournament
1. Dean Brady def. Tony Torro
2. Luke Santamaria def. Bulldog McKenzie
3. “Big” Brodie Marshall def. “The Answer” Mike Wheeler
4. Matt “GRIMM” Basso def. Brad Smyth
Other matches:
5. “World Class” Chris Basso def. Blue S.M.A.S.H in the World Class Challenge
6. Marvel def. Cadie Tre
7. Savannah Summers def Aria Gracie and Demi Bennett in a Triple Threat Match

All Action Wrestling, Perth, Australia, March 21:
1. Dallas Knight and Scotty 2 Hotty def. Casey Hanson and Joey Angel (c), Delhi Dud Singh and Ricardo Rodriguez, Eric Owens and “Firefly” Felix Young, “The Phillipine Dream” Julio and Just Jordan and Keegan and Zac Brettle in a Gauntlet Match to become the new AAW Tag Team Champions
2. Killah def. Gangrel to retain the Australian Championship
3. Drew Galloway def. Tyler Throne
4. TJ Max def. James Grace
5. JC Blade def. Carlito
6. “Australian Sensation” Craven def. Chris Target (c), Danny Andrews and Mr. Anderson to become the new AAW Champion
7. Alberto El Patron def. Andrew “The Shark” Carter

Gippsland Pro Wrestling, Gippsland, Australia, March 21:
1. Mitch Waterman def. F.O.X
2. Paul Thornton def. Sketch and Xavier Black in a Three Way Dance
3. JXT def. “FanTabulous” Micky Jackson
4. Chris Trance def. Andy Rhodes
5. “Jurassic Punk” Syd Parker def. Joey Eclipse
6. “The Relentless Wolf” JC Taylor def. Tommy Hellfire to retain the GPW Heavyweight Championship

Queensland Wrestling Alliance, Queensland, Australia, March 21:
1. Generalissimo Vader def. Stitches the Clown
2. Curtus Jaxx def. Nick Skitz to win the Open House Party Challenge
3. Sir Johnny Maverick def. Xander Rage
4. Haze (w/Stitches) def. Rocko Rumblé
5. Combat Wombat def. DH
6. His Royal Tenis def. Australian Wolf
7. The Choff def. Seth Tylors and Tower of Power to become the inaugural QWA Champion.

Rock and Roll Wrestling, Towradgi Beach Hotel and Waves, Towradgi, Australia, March 21:
1. Robbie Eagles def. Adam Hoffman
2. “Good Guy” Dan Wilson def. Concrete Davidson
3. Sean Kustom (w/Mr. Waterhouse) def. Michael Spencer to retain the UWA Elite Championship
4. Captain Keato and Otis def. Bryan Seeker and JT Robinson
5. “Australian Freebird” Hunter P.S Hayes def. “Real Man” Jack Bonza and “Green Dragon” Mick Moretti (c) to become the new UWA Heavyweight Champion

PROWL Wrestling, Brisbane, Australia, March 21:
1. Bryce McAllister def. Alex Shepard
2. Blade and XXX-Rated def. Jake Jackman and Ricky Rembrandt
3. Scarlett def. Kira Sommers
4. Rip Reilly def. Jordan James to become the new PROWL Heavyweight Champion
5. Street Revolution (Lynx Lewis Jr. and Renegade) def. Gorgeous Garry and Lucas Gold to become PROWL Super Tag Cup Champions
6. Tim Kade def. “Showtime” Jake Nova in a TLC Match to retain the PROWL Super HULK title

Insane Championship Wrestling, Canberra, ACT, Australia, March 21:
Madness Match: Kandi Luv def. Nyx Jade
1. Fredrick and Wrath def. Nyx Jade and Tank [Tag Warfare Qualifying Match]
2. I.O.D (Devious Dave and Russell the Love Muscle) def. Kandi Luv and Mavin the Morphman [Tag Warfare Qualifying Match]
3. Angelo and Halloween Jack def. Asha Sixx and Chris Shadows via DQ [Tag Warfare Qualifying Match]
4. A.T.O (Captain Ultimate and Dan Archer) def. Dakota Lane and Gavin [Tag Warfare Qualifying Match]
5. I.O.D def. Fredrick and Wrath [Tag Warfare Semi-Final Match]
6. A.T.O def. Angelo and Halloween Jack [Tag Warfare Semi-Final Match]
7. ICW World Heavyweight Champion Warpath def. Chris Shadows Via DQ. After the match, Mike Kelly ran out and cashed in a briefcase.
8. Mike Kelly def. Warpath to become the new ICW World Heavyweight Champion.
9. A.T.O vs. I.O.D Tag Warfare Final/ICW Tag Team Championship Match ended in a DQ when the lights went out. When they came back on Super Crimson Mask made his return. He took out all competitors, along with Wrath and Fredrick.

International Wrestling Australia, New South Wales, Australia, March 21:
1. “The Deadly Shot” Kasai won the Rookie Invitational Contract on a Pole Match to earn a 3 year IWA contract
2. Angus McCloud def. Birdman Picasso in a Tar and Feather Match
3. Apollo def. Alex Titan
4. Rachel Rose def. Jessica Troy
5. Matt Bailey def. Randal
6. “New Age Ninja” Mikey Lord def. Tyson Gibbs to become the new IWA Champion ending Gibbs’ 2 year reign

Hughes Academy of Professional Wrestling, Kelston Community Centre, New Zealand, March 21
Kenith beat Kartik via pinfall.
Hayden Daniels beat The debuting Matt Evans via pinfall
Frankie Quinn beat Graham Hughes via pinfall
Krstyal Kayne beat Curtis Castlewood via pinfall
Sombras de Oro beat Rodeo Drive (Chad Howard and Bryant) via pinfall.
Charlie Roberts beat Steve Jordan via pinfall after a cheap shot with the title.
“The Neo Viper” Kartik out lasted 26 other wrestlers in the rumble match to earn a Hughes Academy Championship match on May 2nd


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