(Results courtesy of Australian Indy Wrestling)
Impact Pro Wrestling, William Duncan State School Hall, Nerang, Australia:
IPW Championship Tournament – First Round

1. Luxford def. ”Hot Property” Bronson Hoye
2. Josh Bruise def. Hazard
3. Kiwi Thriller def. Willow
4. Poison def. The Eliminator
5. R.I.P def. Rob Daniels
6. Troll def. Sledgehammer
7. BJ Blade def. Benny Lava
8. Skhorn def. Rhayne
9. Reaper def. Isaacs
10. Bojack def. Ryan Melrose
IPW Championship Tournament – Quarter Finals
11. Luxford def. Bruise
12. Poison def. Kiwi Thriller
13. R.I.P def. Troll
14. BJ Blade def. Skhorn
15. Bojack def. Reaper
IPW Championship Tournament – Semi Finals
16. Luxford def. Poison and R.I.P
17. Bojack def. BJ Blade
IPW Championship Tournament – Final
18. Luxford def. Bojack to become the new IPW Champion

Australian Wrestling Allstars, Globe Theatre, Fortitude Valley, Australia:
1. Kelso Kahoniz def. Lucas Gold to retain the AWA #YOLO Championship
2. Mantis def. Hugh Manatee and Ultra Lion
3. Chet Jacobs def. xXx Rated
4. Rip Rielly def. Combat Wombat
5. Turbo Wolf def. Jesse Daniels. As a result of Jesse Daniels losing his match, as per the stipulation, he has been released from his contract with the AWA.
6. Wolves of the Sea (Australian Wolf and Koi Bombora) def. AJ Istria and Rufio to retain the AWA Q/League Titles Per the stipulation placed on this match, Australian Wolf and Koi Bombora have both received a chance to wrestle for the #1 contendership to the AWA Heavyweight Championship.

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pooraka, Australia:
1. Blunt Force Trauma (Jake Viper and Michael Weaver) def. Link Barnett and Mike Boomer to retain the Snakepit Tag Team Titles

2. King John E Radic def. Acid Haze to become the new Snakepit Adelaide Open Champion
3. Damian Slater, Robby Heart and Wreckin’ Ball Wilson def. Dean Valente and The SA Serial Killers (”Jag” Hartley Jackson and Jonah Rock)
4. Matt “Grimm” Basso and Savannah Summers def. Blair Alexis and ”Big” Brodie Marshall
5. Ace Wilson def. Blue Blood to become the new Snakepit Heavyweight Champion
6. Acid Haze last eliminated King John E Radic to win the 41 man Royal Rumble

Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance, Brown Park Recreation Centre, Swan View, Australia:
1. “The Don” Michael Morleone def. Crazy Train, Crimson Lightning, Jay Taylor and “Big Dog” John Dozer in a 5 Way #1 Contenders Match
2. Michelle K. Hasluck def. Elliot Forbes
3. “Firefly” Felix Young def. Jake Jackman
4. The Solution (“The Messiah” Davis Storm and The Warship) def. The McKenzies (Bodhi and Byron McKenzie) in a SHWA Tag Team Title Tournament Semi Final
5. Ultra Mega Death Stallions (Jarrad Slate and Liam Mendel) def. Eddy Bombay and Samuel Colt in a SHWA Tag Team Title Tournament Semi Final
6. El Jim Bob def. Taylor King in King’s Open Challenge
7. Dan Steel def. Jagger Stevens via submission in a No Holds Barred Match to retain the SHWA Championship


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