Australian results courtesy of Australian Indy Wrestling, New Zealand results from the Impact Pro Wrestling and Independent Wrestling Initiative Facebook pages, Qatar results from

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pookara, April 17
1. Adam Crowe and Charles Jordan won a Battle Royal to become #1 Contenders to the Snakepit Tag Team Titles
2. Blake “The Man” Mitchell defeated Marvin P Newton
3. Tyler Daniels defeated Acid Haze
4. Blue Blood defeated Snakepit Heavyweight Champion Ace Wilson via DQ
5. Blunt Force Trauma (Jake Viper and Michael Weaver) defeated Adam Crowe and Charles Jordan to retain the Snakepit Tag Team Titles
6. King John E Radic defeated Big Daddy Jack to retain the Snakepit Adelaide Open Title
7. Benjie the Clown def. The Jackal in a Coffin Match [Match 1 of 5 Stages of Hell series]

Australasian Wrestling Federation, Gold Coast, Australia, April 18 and 19:
Day 1:
12pm Session
1. Dean Draven defeated “Showtime” Jake Nova to retain the AWF Australasian Championship
2. Spaceman Dacey defeated Kyote
2pm Session
3. Dean Draven defeated Spaceman Dacey to retain the AWF Australasian Championship
4. “Showtime” Jake Nova defeated Slammin’ Sam
4pm Session
5. Spaceman Dacey and TNT defeated “Showtime” Jake Nova and Kyote

Day 2:
12pm Session
1. Dean Draven defeated Kyote to retain the AWF Australasian Championship
2. Spaceman Dacey defeated Thirteen
2pm Session
3. “The Maniac” Wayne Mattei defeated Kyote
4. Dean Draven and TNT defeated Slammin’ Sam and Thirteen
4pm Session
5. Spaceman Dacey and TNT defeated Kyote and Thirteen
6. Kobra Jones defeated Slammin’ Sam

Hunter Valley Wrestling, Club Maitland City, April 18:
1. Team Bubbles (Bubbles, D’Railer and Matt Bailey) defeated Team Vercetti (Anubis, Johnny Vercetti, Misfit and Mr.Mortis). Anubis, Misfit and Mortis turned on Vercetti after the match and formed a new faction called “The Entity”.
HVW Championship Tournament Quarterfinals
2. “New Age Ninja” Mikey Lord defeated “The Deadly Shot” Kasai
3. “Jurassic Punk” Syd Parker defeated Fergus Ferguson
4. Slade Mercer defeated Alex Titan
5. Keegan Brettle defeated “Psycho Cowboy” Benny Factor
HVW Championship Tournament Semifinals
6. “Jurassic Punk” Syd Parker defeated Slade Mercer via count out
7. Keegan Brettle defeated “New Age Ninja” Mikey Lord
HVW Championship Tournament Final
8. “Jurassic Punk” Syd Parker defeated Keegan Brettle to become the inaugural HVW Champion.

Professional Championship Wrestling, Polish Club, Rowville, Australia, April 18:
1. Joe Zollo defeated Chris Trance
2. The Supremacy (Nash Archer and “The Macedonian Model” Tome’ Filip) defeated The Elements (Nate Cross and Tyler Frost w/Ava) to become #1 Contenders for the PCW Tag Team Titles
3. Anthony Dangerfield vs. KrackerJak ended in no contest
4. Trikki defeated Chris Trio to retain the PCW State Championship
5. Fulli Syk (Alberto Bravo and “FanTabulous” Micky Jackson) defeated Frederick and WAIK to retain the PCW Tag Team Titles
6. PCW National Champion Daniel Swagger vs. Mark Kage ended in no contest

New Horizon Pro Wrestling, Cockburn Youth Centre, Cokburn, Australia, April 18:
1. Kaha Edmonds defeated David Nero
2. “Ajax” Aaron Jackson defeated Lord London Hargreaves
3. Perth K9 (Dane and Odin) defeated Perth City Preachers (Felix Young and Jordan Bishop)
4. Aaron O’Malley defeated “The One” Hayden Zenith to tie up their Best of 3 series 1 all
5. Switchblade defeated “Bolly Boy” Eddy Bombay and Liam Mendel in a No DQ Triple Threat Match
6. Sex Mafia (Jay Taylor and “The Don” Michael Morleone) defeated Death Machines (Chris Vice and Jarrad Slate) in a Double Tables Match to retain the SST Legacy Tag Team Titles

All Action Wrestling, Perth, April 18:
1. ”The Phillipine Dream” Julio defeated JC Blade
2. NWA Australian Champion Killah defeated Tyler Throne in a non-title match
3. James Grace defeated Andrew “The Shark” Carter after Chris Target blasted Shark with a chairshot
4. Dallas Knight and Joey Angel defeated Delhi Dud Singh and Eric Owens
5. “The Australian Sensation” Craven defeated Chris Target in a Last Man Standing Match to retain the AAW Championship

Championship Wrestling Australia, Canley Vale Hall, April 18:
1. J.D. Wilson (w/Gentleman Jack) defeated Tristan Lewis
2. “D-Railer” Chris Abbott defeated The Misfit and Robbie O’Thorn in a 3-Way Match
3. Matt Bailey defeated Tristan Slade
4. 5 Star Flash (Johnny Rocket and Maso) defeated Insane Punishment (Creeper, Dave Payne and Sai w/Korruption)
5. Alex Titan defeated Mikey Lord in a No DQ Match to retain the CWA Heavyweight Championship

Queensland Wrestling Alliance, Townsville Community Centre, Queensland, Australia, April 18:
1. Stitches the Clown defeated Nick Skitz
2. Sir Johnny Maverick defeated Gingero
3. Haze defeated Rocko Rumblé
4. DH defeated Curtus Jaxx
5. Six till Two (His Royal Tenis and Tower of Power) defeated El Cheekay Grandé and Stewart the Minion to retain the QWA Tag Team Titles
6. The Choff defeated Seth Tylors to become the officially recognised QWA Champion following interference from Karlos Aires

Blue Mountains Pro Wrestling, Ironfest, The Shed, Blue Mountains, Australia, April 19:
Matt Rogers defeated BPW Champion Robbie Eagles by DQ. Rogers remains undefeated, Eagles remains champion.

Impact Pro Wrestling New Zealand, Mt Albert War Memorial, Mt Albert, New Zealand, April 18
James Shaw won The Rush for Gold to become the IPW Heavyweight Champion
The Pride defeated TnT to win the IPW New Zealand Tag Team Championship
The Jukebox Heroes defeated O’Connor and Duncan
Curt Chaos defeated Taylor Adams
Johnny Idol defeated Travis Banks
Brodie Coast defeated Mr Burns

Independent Wrestling Initiative, Activ8 Arena, New Zealand, April 18:
Neo Viper Kartik defeated El Oro Maximo.
Hu$tla defeated Jax Kasey.
T-Cole defeated Haydn Daniels.
Curtis Castlewood defeated John Henry.
Tempest defeated Bolta by DQ.
J.P.E with The Enforcer defeated Jamie Lee with Scarlett.
Charlie Roberts defeated Stixx in a no DQ match
Kingston Eclipse defeated Graham Hughes

Qatar Pro Wrestling, Souq Waqif, Doha, Qatar, April 14
Al Snow defeated Jason Anderson and Michael Kovac
Brodus Clay and Carlito defeated Chris Masters and Jinder Mahal
Chris Raaber defeated Mason Ryan to retain the QPW Championship
Caprice Coleman defeated Johnny Moss, Jonny Storm and Mexx in a four-way match to become inaugural QPW King Of Ladders Champion
Matt Cross cashed in his title shot and defeated Caprice Coleman to win the QPW King Of Ladders Championship
QPW Souq Waqif Title Tournament Final: John Morrison defeated Alofa to win the tournament
Rey Misterio Jr. defeated Alberto El Patron


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