(Results courtesy of Australian Indy Wrestling)

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pooraka, Australia, April 24:
1. Snakepit Tag Team Champions Blunt Force Trauma (Jake Viper and Michael Weaver) defeated AJ Reid and Gex Richards in a non-title match
2. Joey Triton defeated Luke Macalino
3. William Stars defeated Matt Hayter
4. Adam Crowe and Bobby V defeated Beer and Loathing (Doc Kinkaid and Wam Bam Bellows) to become #1 Contenders to the Snakepit Tag Team Titles
5. Bryan Lawson and The “Nightmare” Eddie Draven defeated Damien Synn and Joey Triton
6. Big Daddy Jack defeated Snakepit Adelaide Open Champion King John E Radic via DQ
7. Blake “The Man” Mitchell and Jamie Baker defeated Acid Haze and Reilly St James after St James abandoned his partner.

Explosive Pro Wrestling, The Game Sports Bar, Perth, Australia, April 24:
1. Hayden Zenith defeated Jarrad Slate
2. Dan Moore vs. “The Don” Michael Morleone ended in no result leading to a tag team match
3. Generation Zero (Hayden Zenith and “The Don” Michael Morleone) defeated Dan Moore and Jarrad Slate
4. Liam Mendel, Lucha Amarillo and Sam Fantastic defeated Cowboys and Indians (Billy Williams and Eddy Bombay) and Elliot Forbes
5. Amity Row defeated Allyson Cruz
6. McMassive (Gavin McGavin and Mike Massive) defeated The Solution (Davis Storm and The Warship) to retain the EPW Tag Team Titles
7. Lucha Rojo defeated Taylor King
8. “Big Rig” Scotty Ryan won the 15-man gauntlet

Pro Wrestling Australia, Camden Civic Centre, Camden, Australia, April 24:
1. Sean Kustom defeated Rufio
2. InstaGraham defeated El Honcho Jr III (fka Bee Boy)
3. Rainbro Warriors (Rainbro Savage and The Samoan Warrior) defeated Brian Seeker and Matt Rogers
4. The Cure defeated 4 Nations (Adam Hoffman, Madison Eagles and Mick Moretti)
5. Floozie #2 defeated PWWA Champion Shazza McKenzie via DQ
6. Bishop Sommers defeated Ryan Eagles
7. “Real Man” Jack Bonza defeated Big Fudge to retain the PWA Championship
8. Robbie Eagles defeated “The Smashing Machine” Chris Vice to become #1 Contender for the PWA title

Outback Championship Wrestling, Ashwood Performance Centre, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, April 25:
1. Alexi Papadopoulos defeated Jake Navara via DQ
2. Kellyanne defeated Harley Wonderland and Vixsin in a 3-Way contest after pinning Wonderland
3. Gabriel Wolfe and Slade Mercer defeated Chicos de Lucha (Uno and Dos)
4. “FanTabulous” Micky Jackson defeated Chris Tayven
5. Jacko Lantern defeated Sketch
6. The Loose Bastards (Adam Brooks and KrackerJak) defeated Cadman and Cletus (w/Vixsin) to retain the OCW Tag Team Titles
7. “Big” Brodie Marshall defeated Cody Swift and Zac Douglas in a Handicap Match
8. Matt “Grimm” Basso defeated “Jurassic Punk” Syd Parker
9. JXT (w/Kellyanne) defeated F.O.X
The scheduled Andy Phoenix vs. Brad Smyth Lumberjack Match did not take place due to Phoenix attacking Smyth’s girlfriend Gemma.
10. Mad Dog vs. Tyrus (fka Brodus Clay) #1 Contenders Match ended in no contest after Tyrus walked out


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