(Results courtesy of Cagematch.net and the various federation’s websites and Facebook pages)

Flemish Wrestling Force, Brugge, Belgium, April 26
Robbie Maddox defeated Jack King
Alexander Roth defeated Rob Raw
Richie D-Light defeated Silver Bullet
The Heroes Of Tomorrow defeated Delightful Powers
Homeless Tom defeated “Caramel Thunder” Andy Dunn
Jeff Mccready wins the battle royal for the #1 contendership for the Flemish Title
The Scum Of Society defeated the Soldiers Of Fortune to become the new FWF Tag Team Champions
Rex Rage defeats Jeff Mccready to retain the Flemish Championship

Westside Xtreme Wrestling, Antwerp Convention Centre. Antwerp, Belgium, April 26:
Event 1:
Peter Fischer defeated Toby Blunt
Melanie Gray defeated Alice
The Rotation and Steve Valentino defeated Reich und Schön (Marius van Beethoven and Kevin Roadster)
Event 2:
Toby Blunt defeated Marius van Beethoven
Alice defeated Melanie Gray
Peter Fischer defeated Karsten Beck by DQ
Event 3:
Toby Blunt defeated Marius van Beethoven
Steve Valentino defeated Kevin Roadster
Alice and Peter Fischer defeated Melanie Gray and Karsten Beck
Peter Fischer won the Battle of Antwerp

Fighters Revenge Pro Wrestling, Salle Robert Bretes, Merignac, France, April 20
Loba defeated Eloanne
Gamma defeated Ragnar Rök to become #1 contender
Eloanne and Ragnar Rök defeated Loba and Gamma

Ligue Nationale de Catch, Mirecourt, France, April 24:
Vinny Barthelemy defeated Enigma
Giglio Paonessa defeated Scott Rider
Akka defeated Corbeau and El Lobo in a three-way match
Docteur Muller and Sexy Sindy defeated David Michel and Esmee

Classic Wrestling Entertainment, Schillerstrasse 1, Hemsbach, Germany, April 25
Devils Misfits defeated Sea Devils
Farmer Joe defeated Mohamed Jnibi
Diablo defeated Master J and Drake Destroyer
Felix Reiter defeated Timo Theiss
European Union (Jack Union and German Eagle) defeated Always Horny
Chris Rush defeated Marco Zercher
Chris Rush won a 25-Man-Rumble

Westside Xtreme Wrestling:
Night one, Factory Arena, Magdeburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany, April 24:

Da Mack vs. The Rotation – No Contest
Kim Ray defeated Lucky Kid
Chris Brookes and Franz Engel defeated Die Schilds (Bobby Gunns and Vincent The Beast)
Absolute Andy defeated Sasa Keel
Ilja Dragunov defeated Jurn Simmons and Marius Al-Ani in a three-way match to retain the wXw Shotgun Title
Marty Scurll defeated Axel Dieter Jr.
Big Daddy Walter, Da Mack and The Rotation defeated Reich Und Schön (Kevin Roadster and Marius van Beethoven) and Karsten Beck

Night two, Schorre Arena, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany, April 25:
The Rotation defeated Kevin Roadster
Da Mack defeated Marius van Beethoven
Karsten Beck and Marty Scurll defeated Axel Dieter Jr. and Big Daddy Walter by DQ
Die Schilds (Bobby Gunns and Vincent The Beast) defeated Chris Brookes and Franz Engel
Ilja Dragunov defeated Kim Ray and Lucky Kid in a three-way match to retain the wXw Shotgun title
Absolute Andy and Marius Al-Ani defeated Keel Holding (Jurn Simmons and Sasa Keel) in a no DQ match

Italian Championship Wrestling, Valera Fratta, Lodi, Italy, April 25
Corvo Bianco defeated Stelvio L’Alpino
Il Lottatore Geneticamente Modificato (OGM, Matt Davidson, Vito Vesuvio and Magic Degan) defeated Il Padrino (Alessandro Corleone, Max Rotten, Street Dog and Tony Positano)
Tenacious Dalla won a battle royal
Irene defeated Cheyenne
Queen Maya defeated Simon Silas
Jari Siberia defeated Mr Excellent
I Discepoli del Dolore (Jester and Ombra) (with Jokey) defeated Hydra and Extreme Panther, Doblone and La Ciurma, and Nick Lenders and Tenacious Dalla in a four-way match to win the Primi Sfidanti al Campionato Italiano di Coppia

Dutch Pro Wrestling, De Leuningjes, Poeldijk, the Netherlands, April 26
Hugo Atilles defeated Danny Love
Kenzo Richards defeated Jimmy Gavroche
Max Damon defeated Tengkwa
Mot van Kunder defeated Daniel van Kuijk
Troublemaker defeated Lloyd Pengel
Emil Sitoci defeated Dutch Heavyweight Champion Zé Santos by DQ
Emil Sitoci and Kenzo Richards (with help from Rob van Dam) defeated Zé Santos and Max Damon

Independent Wrestling Federation, Avangard, Moscow, April 25
Sledgehammer defeated Oleg Davydov, Miku Banderas and Fedor Markova in an open challenge
Hope for America (Tim and Leo) defeated Tony Sly and Dmitry Orlov
Vladimir Kulakov defeated Christopher Raves and Serge Sullivan in a triple threat
Maine Ivant (Ivan Markov and Ivan Gromov) defeated the TAC (Valery Cads and Yuri Chistyakov)
Defender defeated Super PITA
Team Evil (Constantine LaPatka, Freddy Martello and NDF Lightweight Champion Nick Chui) defeated the Team of Goodness (NDF Heavyweight Champion Anton Deryabin, Yaroslavsky Nugget and Ronny Crimson)

STHLM Wrestling, Göta Källare, Stockholm, Sweden, April 25
Stanislaw van Dobroniak defeated Sten Sardin
PT defeated an unknown wrestler
The Beast defeated Redline
TNT defeated all three members of The Court in a three-on-one gauntlet match
Harley Rage and Timmy Force defeated Ken Malmsteen and Steinbolt (with Samantha Fox)
Bajen Brawler defeated Marcus Of Man in a bullrope match


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