Impact Pro Wrestling, William Duncan State School Hall, Ashmore, Gold Coast, Australia, May 2
South Pacific Title Tournament – First Round
1. Kiwi Thriller defeated Rhayne
2. BJ Blade defeated Xander
3. R.I.P defeated Sledgehammer
4. Troll defeated Rob Daniels
South Pacific Title Tournament – Second Round
5. BJ Blade defeated Kiwi Thriller
6. R.I.P defeated Troll
South Pacific Title Tournament – Third Round
7. R.I.P defeated BJ Blade
South PacificTitle Tournament – Final
8. R.I.P defeated Poison to become the new IPW South Pacific Champion
Non-Tournament Matches
9. Willow defeated Jay Hazard
10. Josh Bruise defeated Tyler Isaacs to retain the IPW Cruiserweight Championship
11. Luxford defeated Bojack to retain the IPW Heavyweight Championship
12. Ryan Melrose defeated Jackaroo

New Age Wrestling, Melbourne, Australia, May 2:
1. “FanTabulous” Micky Jackson defeated Sketch
2. “The Relentless Wolf” JC Taylor defeated Alexi
3. Andy Rhodes defeated Paul Thornton (w/Lunatic Militia) to retain the NAW South Pacific Championship
4. Judd “The Studd” Newman defeated F.O.X (w/Mr. H) to become the new NAW Heavyweight Champion after answering F.O.X’s open challenge
5. Lunatic Militia (CJ Redfield and Xavier Black w/Paul Thornton) defeated H20 (Damian Rivers and Mitch Waterman) to retain the NAW Tag Team Titles
6. Jake Lindo defeated Zak Douglas in a 2 out of 3 falls match (2-1) to win the Team Advantage for EGO in War Game

Adelaide Championship Wrestling, Northfield RSL, Adelaide, South Australia, May 2:
1. Aaron Edwards defeated Faceless
2. Jesse Hendy defeated El Tecniko
3. Joe Mundie and Nacho Man defeated Joey Eclipse and Simple Simon
4. Cody Swift defeated Mouse
5. Jack Rossely defeated Gabriel Wolfe via submission

Wrestle Rampage, Adelaide, South Australia, May 2:
1. Robby Heart defeated “The Smashing Machine” Chris Vice and Link Barnett in a Triple Threat Match
2. Havok (w/The Brotherhood) defeated Mr. Juicy
3. The Hotrodz (Joey and Pat Graham) defeated Dean Valente and “Gorgeous” Greg Graham (w/Moneybags Malone and Sensational Stephan)
4. “Jag” Hartley Jackson defeated “Rapid Fire” Mike Boomer
5. Damian Slater defeated “World Class” Chris Basso (w/Todd Eastman)
6. Jonah Rock defeated Wreckin’ Ball Wilson to retain the Wrestle Rampage Australian National Championship

Newcastle Pro Wrestling, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, May 2:
1. Madison Eagles defeated Concrete Davidson
2. Ryan Eagles defeated Mat “Full Force” Rogers
3. InstaGraham defeated “Good Guy” Dan Wilson and Michael Spencer in a 3-Way Match
4. Sean Kustom defeated Henderson Peabody
5. Harley Wonderland defeated Jessica Troy
6. Massive Q, Matt ”Grimm” Basso and Travis Banks defeated The FourNations (Adam Hoffman, Jack Bonza and Mick Moretti)

Australian Wrestling Allstars, Adelaide, Australia, May 2:
1. Rufio defeated AJ Istria, Australian Wolf and Koi Bombora to become #1 Contender for the AWA Heavyweight Title
2. Rip Reilly defeated Lucas Gold
3. Darth Maulsterio and Generallisimo Vader defeated Jon Jeremy and Mauricio del Taco
4. The Powerhouse Playas (Savage and Triple X Rated) defeated Blaire Seeker and Chet Jacobs
5. Johnny Lukas defeated Combat Wombat via submission
6. Hugh Manatee, Mantis and Turbo Wolf defeated Bai Long, Thirteen and Ultra Lion after Manatee and Wolf both pinned Thirteen

Hughes Academy of Professional Wrestling, Kelston Community Centre, Auckland, New Zealand, May 2
1. Curtis Castlewood defeated Shadow Ninja via submission
2. Kingston Eclipse defeated Dan Stryker via pinfall
3. Kenith defeated El Oro Maximo via pinfall
4. Chad Howard defeated Graham Hughes via pinfall
5. Kartik defeated Charlie Roberts via DQ after Kenith pushed Kartik off the rope through the announcers table
6. Tabitha defeated JPE, Krystal Kayne, Frankie Quinn and Misty to become the new Hughes Academy Women’s Champion

  1. James Norton says:

    on the Impact Pro Wrestling may 2 result you left out the biggest upset im talking about Ryan Melrose def Jackaroo

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