Explosive Pro Wrestling, Perth, Australia
1. Elliot Forbes defeated Liam Mendel
2. Billy Williams defeated Ross Cage to qualify for the Rising Star Cup final
3. Blair Brady and Shane Haste defeated Kings and Bishops (Jordan Bishop and Taylor King) after answering K& B’s Open Challenge
4. Gavin “Shootfighter” McGavin defeated Eddy Bombay and Twitch in a special challenge triple threat Oscar the Grouch match after he put Twitch in the wheelie bin and closed the lid
5. Michelle K. Hasluck defeated Allyson Cruz
6. “The Smashing Machine” Chris Vice defeated Jagger Stevens

Pacific Pro Wrestling, Bundamba, Australia:
1. Triple X Rated defeated Ricky Rembrandt
2. Bryce McAllister and Sam Richards defeated Alex Shepard and Astro Shock
3. Lucas Gold defeated Tim Kade to retain the Pacific Light Heavyweight title
4. Thirteen defeated Rufio
5. Pacific Women’s Champion Kellie Skater vs. Kellyanne ended in a double count out
6. The Street Revolution (Lynx Lewis Jr and Renegade) defeated The Wolves of the Sea (Australian Wolf and Koi Bombora) to become the new Pacific Tag Team Champions
7. AJ Istria defeated Jonah Rock to become the new Pacific Heavyweight Champion

Professional Championship Wrestling, Polish Club, Rowville, Australia:
1. Mark Kage defeated Trikki to become the new PCW State Champion and advance in the Night of Champions Tournament
2. Cass Stone defeated Manny Gunner to become the new PCW Slam Champion
3. The Enforcer won the #1 Contenders Battle Royal after last eliminating Chris Trance
4. Supremacy (Nash Archer and “The Macedonian Model” Tome’ Filip) defeated Fulli Syck (Alberto Bravo and “FanTabulous” Mickey Jackson) to become the new PCW Tag Team Champions
5. Daniel Swagger defeated “Nightmare” Chris Trio to retain the PCW National Championship and advance in the Night of Champions Tournament
6. PCW State Champion Mark Kage defeated PCW National Champion Daniel Swagger to unify the titles and become the PCW Undisputed Champion

Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance, Swan View, Australia:
1. Mike Massive and Samuel Colt defeated Crimson Lightning and Eddy Bombay
2. Michelle K. Hasluck defeated Avalanche (w/Ebenizah J. Klaus) via DQ following interference by Elliot Forbes
3. “The Don” Michael Morleone def. Hayden Zenith to retain the #1 Contendership
4. Kyote def. Taylor King after accepting King’s Open Challenge
5. Kyote def. Jagger Stevens
6. “Firefly” Felix Young (w/Zoe Quinn) and The Solution (Davis Storm and The Warship) defeated Bodhi McKenzie and Ultra Mega Death Stallions (Jarrad Slate and Liam Mendel)

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Adelaide, Australia:
1. Tex Rogers last eliminated King John E Radic in the Adelaide Open Title on a Pole Battle Royal to become the new Snakepit Adelaide Open Champion
2. Damien Synn defeated Bryan Lawson in a Stretcher Match
3. Blake “The Man” Mitchell defeated Acid Haze and Reilly St. James in the Take No Prisoners Match
4. Blunt Force Trauma (Jake Viper and Michael Weaver) defeated Adam Crowe and Bobby V and Tons Of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) in a Triple Threat Ladder Match to retain the Snakepit Tag Team Titles
5. “Cannonball” Kris Taylor defeated Tyler Daniels in a Finisher vs. Finisher Match
6. Ace Wilson defeated Blue Blood in a Tables Match to retain the Snakepit Heavyweight Championship
7. Benjy The Clown defeated The Jackal in a Barbwire Tables Match to take the lead in their Best of 5 Series 2-1

All Action Wrestling, Warnbro, Western Australia:
1. Dallas Knight defeated Dehli Dud Singh and Eric Owens in a Handicap Match to retain the AAW Tag Team titles
2. “The Philippine Dream” Julio defeated JC Blade via DQ
3. Mike Shaw defeated Andrew “The Shark” Carter (Possibly wrong)
4. James Grace defeated Tyler Throne
5. Chris Target defeated Killah to become the new NWA Australian Champion

Maniacs United, Rutherford Hall, New Zealand
Kartik defeated Rufguts
The Enforcer defeated El Oro Maximo and Shadow Ninja
Graham Hughes defeated Dom Alupis
Blaze defeated JPE
Kingston Eclipse defeated Ben Mana to retain the Maniacs United Title
Scarlett defeated Frankie Quinn to win the KPW Women’s Championship.


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