(Results from Cagematch.net and the federations’ Facebook pages and websites)

Belgian Catch Wrestling Federation, Westerlo, Belgium, May 17
Joey D defeated Chris Sky
Eddie Dark and Andynamite defeated Zad and Daz to retain the BWS Tag Team Championship
Rob Raw defeated Johnny Evers
Sander ‘The Dragon’ Thys defeated Big Joe by DQ
Matt Scorpion and Emily Sauvage defeated Blake Andersen and Priscilla
Black Cobra defeated Antic Warrior (w/ Calypso)
Kay Williams defeated Zitch
Sander ‘The Dragon’ Thys, Eddie Dark and Rob Raw defeated Joey D, Johnny Evers and Big Joe

Wrestling.dk, Ungdommenshus, Fredericia, Denmark, May 16
Royal Rumble: Kimball and Rick Dominick defeated Benny Ray, DMS, Lars Schjøtler, Michael Fynne, Neil, Purple, Red, Reinheart Von Wullfstien, Silvio Bazz, The Geek, Thorn, Toby Zane, X-Ray, ZachBall and Zach White
Lars Schjøtler defeated Muskelmanden
The Geek defeated Toby Zane in a no DQ match
Rick Dominick defeated Kimball
Sonne defeated Thorn to retain the Wrestling.dk Championship

Deutsche Wrestling Allianz, Aladin Arena, Bremen, Germany, May 16
DWA European Title #1 Contendership Battle Royal: Joe E. Legend defeated Alexander Fröhlich, Apu Singh, Crazy Johnny Tiger, Felix Highfly, Highjakka, Jaroslav Milezko, Machine, Nik Hellström, Ronaldo, The Big JAWS and Tim Karstens
DWA Cruiserweight Title #1 Contendership Match: Ivan Kiev defeated Rockn Rolla
Amber Rox and Vanessa La Bestia defeated The Starlets (Brenda Star and Steffi Stern)
Crazy Sexy Mike vs. Mexx – No Contest
Crazy Sexy Mike and Mexx defeated Michael Jaritz and Ronaldo
Andre Trucker defeated Joe E. Legend to retain the DWA European Championship
Chris Raaber defeated Demolition Davies
Young Lions (Lucky Kid and Tarkan Aslan) defeated Cash Money Mafia (Cash Money Erkan and Murat AK) to retain the GWF, DWA and MWA Tag Team Titles

European Wrestling Promotion, EWP Wrestling School, Hanover, Germany, May 16:
Val Verde defeated Markus Antonius
Ecki Eckstein and Mr. Mickito defeated Johnny Rancid and Robert Schmunk
Leon van Gasteren defeated Grave Artist
Marius Al-Ani defeated Michael Schenkenberg
11 Man Royal Rumble: Ecki Eckstein defeated Dusdy Doom, Grave Artist, Johnny Rancid, Leon van Gasteren, Marius Al-Ani, Markus Antonius, Michael Schenkenberg, Mr. Mickito, Robert Schmunk and Val Verde

Hungarian Championship Wrestling, KSI Jégszínház, Hungary, May 16
Renegade defeated Dover to win the HCW Championship
(Other results not known)

Italian Championship Wrestling, Altopascio, Italy, May 16
Antonio Piddu defeated Corvo Bianco
Doblone defeated Bon Giovanni
I Discepoli del Dolore (Incubo and Psycho Mike) defeated Alex Flash and Stelvio L’Alpino
Alessandro Corleone defeated Rafael
OGM defeated Killer Mask
Red Devil defeated Mr Excellent and Tempesta in a triple threat match to retain the ICW Italian Championship

Pro Wrestling Showdown, Waarland, the Netherlands, May 14
Toby Blunt defeated Homeless Tom to win the Toughest Motherfucker Of Europe Trophy
Phil Boyd defeated Andrei Ivanov
Jack King defeated Scotty Dynamo
Phil Boyd defeated Toby Blunt to win the Toughest Motherfucker Of Europe Trophy
Toby Blunt defeated The Rotation
Katey Harvey and The Rotation defeated Steve Valentino and Toby Blunt
Katey Harvey defeated Phil Boyd to win the Toughest Motherfucker Of Europe Trophy
Robbie Maddox defeated Katey Harvey to win the Toughest Motherfucker Of Europe Trophy
Robbie Maddox defeated Johnny Evers
Soldiers Of Fortune 2.0 (Andrei Ivanov and Sean Lucas) defeated Jeff McCready and Phil Boyd to retain the FFWP Irish Tag Team Championship
Jack King defeated Robbie Maddox to win the Toughest Motherfucker Of Europe Trophy
Jurn Simmons defeated Homeless Tom to retain the PWS Heavyweight Championship
Homeless Tom defeated Jack King to win the Toughest Motherfucker Of Europe Trophy

Northern Storm Wrestling, Comic Con, St. Petersburg Sports & Concert Complex, St Petersburg, Russia, May 16 and 17
Day 1:
Anatoly Moroz defeated Grizzly
Alex-D (Alex Anderson and D-Grundy) defeated Kamchatka 270 (Denis Rudenko and Maxim Rustamov)
Agnar defeated both members of Walking Dead in a handicap match
Velimir Shegaii defeated Alcor and Egor Sokolov in a triple threat match
Freddy Martello defeated The Vulture
Milana defeated Ivan Morne
Ronnie Crimson defeated Anton Deryabin and LaPatka in a three-way match
Battle Royal: Agnar defeated both members of Walking Dead, Alcor, Alex Anderson, Anatoly Moroz, Anton Deryabin, D-Grundy, Denis Rudenko, Egor Sokolov, Freddy Martello, Grizzly, Ivan Morne, LaPatka, Maxim Rustamov, Milana, Ronnie Crimson, The Vulture and Velimir Shegaii

Day 2:
Vulture defeated D Grundy
Ruslan “Akela” Angelov defeated Max Rustamov
LaPatka defeated Ronny Crimson and Anton Deryabin in a triple threat
Anatoly Moroz defeated “Walking Dead”
Dan Rudenko defeated Alex Anderson and Grizzly in a triple threat
Egor Sokolov defeated Milana
Alcor defeated Freddy Martello
Freddy Martello won a Battle Royal

Revolution Championship Wrestling, No Limits Sport Centre, Barcelona, Spain, May 16
Toni Storm defeated Courtney
Carranza defeated Tony Tornado
Vaneli defeats Kasey Owens in a two out of three falls match to retain the WWS Championship
Amazing Montse and Dragonita defeated Glamour Gym (Carmel Jacob and Sara-Marie Taylor)
RCW Title Match: Bad Boy defeated La Pulga (c) by count-out but didn’t win the title
Leah Owens defeated Kay Lee Ray to retain the RCW Women’s Championship

Spanish Pro Wrestling, TriRex, Espai Jove La Fontana, Barcelona, Spain, May 17:
Jerarquía (Capitán Barracuda, Jocoso Junior and Morthus “El Tyrano”) defeated Team Dragonita (Dragonita, Fenrir and Jeffrey Pac)
Protato Monsters (León Dorado, Antonio Cortés and Jaime Lector) defeated Team Rookies (Xenomantis, DJ Issi and Revil)
Voluntad de Fuego (Axel Salazar, Amazing Montse and Gravity Zero) defeated Pol Badía, Marc Grizzly and Jon Hammer
Dave Steel defeated Adriano Genovese
Jerarquía defeated Voluntad de Fuego and Protato Monsters to win the Trios tournament

STHLM Wrestling, Pal Ljuns Hage Mall, Nyköping, Sweden, May 17
Stanislaw van Dobroniak defeated Marcus of Man (w/Jack The Strangler)
Wild Westman defeated Bajen Brawler
The Beast defeated TNT
Battle Royal: Bajen Brawler vs. Stanislaw van Dobroniak vs. The Beast vs. TNT vs. Wild Westman – No Contest

Swiss Power Wrestling, Salle Polyvalente, 1964 Conthey, Switzerland, May 17
Jefferson defeated Tormentor
Candy defeated la Tornade Italienne
Zack Bury defeated Gigolo
Rob Iron and Akuma defeated Kurt Simmons and Diamond Daniels
Adrian Johnatans defeated Ken Malmsteen to retain the SPW Swiss Championship


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