Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pooraka, Australia, June 19
1. Adam Crowe and Bryan Lawson defeated Tons Of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) to become #1 contenders to the Snakepit Tag Team Championship
2. Acid Haze (Snakepit) defeated D.T. Carter (HRPW)
3. Tyler Daniels defeated William Stars
4. Rookie Gauntlet
Doc Kinkaid defeated Ben Brooks
Doc Kinkaid defeated Korey Kaiser
”Nightmare” Eddie Draven defeated Doc Kinkaid to win the Rookie Gauntlet
5. Blake ”The Man” Mitchell (HRPW) defeated Marvin P. Newton (Snakepit) to retain the Snakepit Friday Night Fights title after interference from HRPW
6. Matt Hayter (Empire) def. Michael Weaver (Snakepit) after interference from Doc Kinkaid.
7. J.M.C (HRPW) vs. Tex Rogers (Snakepit) ended in a double count out
8. Big Daddy Jack (Snakepit) defeated ”Dirty” Dingo Richards (HRPW)
9. King John E. Radic (HRPW) defeated Jake Viper (Snakepit) to retain the Snakepit Adelaide Open Championship

Rock and Roll Wrestling, June 19 and 20:
Night one: Kemblawarra Portuguese Club
1. Hydro defeated “Good Guy” Dan Wilson
2. “Real Man” Jack Bonza defeated Otis
3. Captain Keato defeated JT Robinson
4. Hunter P.S Hayes and Robbie Eagles defeated Adam Hoffman and “Green Dragon” Mick Moretti
5. Shazza McKenzie defeated Charli Evans
6. UWA Elite Champion Sean Kustom defeated Michael Spencer via DQ

Night Two: Dapto Citizen’s Bowling Club:
1. Robbie Eagles defeated “Good Guy” Dan Wilson
2. “Real Man” Jack Bonza defeated Bee Boy
3. Jordan Black and JT Robinson defeated Hydro and Otis
4. Mr. Waterhouse defeated Captain Keato
5. Charli Evans defeated Shazza McKenzie
6. Michael Spencer defeated Sean Kustom to become the new UWA Elite Champion

New Horizon Pro Wrestling, Cockburn Youth Centre, Australia, June 20:
Dark Match: King Shahil defeated “Seychelles Sensation” JL Ah Weng
1. Kuhmana defeated Aaron O’Malley to become the new NHPW Hybrid Champion
2. Rhys Youngblood def. Felix Young (w/Jordan Bishop)
3. “The Business” Aaron Jackson defeated ”The One” Hayden Zenith
4. Perth K9 (Dane and Odin) defeated SST Legacy Tag Team Champions Sex Mafia (David Nero and Michael Morleone w/London Hargreaves) via DQ after the Heroes of Future Past attacked the K9’s
5. Kaha Edmonds defeated Aaron Jackson, Aaron O’Malley, Bodhi McKenzie, David Nero, Felix Young, Hayden Zenith, Heritor, Jacob O’Driscoll, JL Ah Weng, John Dozer, Jordan Bishop, Josh Newland, Kuhmana, King Shahil, Liam Mendel, London Hargreaves, Michael Morleone, Switchblade and the Warship to win the first ever Path to Greatness Rumble
6. Kaha Edmonds defeated Jay Taylor to become the new NHPW Art of Fighting Champion

Explosive Pro Wrestling, Perth, Australia, June 20:
1. Jordan Bishop defeated Lucha Rojo to advance in the Rising Star Cup
2. Mike Massive defeated Twitch in a Special Challenge Match
3. Headhunters (Devlin Reeves and Tyler Jacobs) defeated Liam Mendel and Ross Cage
4. “Big Rig” Scotty Ryan defeated Gavin McGavin
5. Taylor King defeated Bodhi McKenzie to advance in the Rising Star Cup
6. Allyson Cruz defeated Blair Brady
7. Dan Moore vs. The Warship ended in no contest

Wrestle Rampage, St Clair Rec Centre, Australia, June 20:
1. Rufio defeated Carlo Cannon
2. The Brotherhood (Anarchy and Havok) defeated Robby Heart in a Handicap Match. Anarchy was revealed to be Damian Slater.
3. Pat Graham defeated Dean Valente
4. TMDK (Hartley Jackson and Jonah Rock) defeated Cousin Ali and Emanuelle
5. Link Barnett and Mike Boomer defeated Juicy Balls (Mr. Juicy and Wreckin’ Ball Wilson)
6. ”Gorgeous” Greg Graham defeated Joey Graham in a Strap Match
7. Marcius Pitt defeated ”The Smashing Machine” Chris Vice via DQ following interference from The Brotherhood
8. TMDK (Hartley Jackson, Jonah Rock and Marcius Pitt) defeated The Brotherhood (Chris Vice, Damian Slater and Havok)

Outback Championship Wrestling, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, June 20:
Dark Match: “Big” Brodie Marshall defeated Sketch
Dark Match: Matt “GRIMM” Basso defeated F.O.X
Joey Ryan’s “Open Australian Sleaze” Beat the Clock Challenge:
1. Cadman Turner vs. “Jurassic Punk” Syd Parker ended in a time limit draw
2. JXT vs. “FanTabulous” Micky Jackson ends in a double count out
3. “Big” Brodie Marshall defeated Cletus (4:45)
4. Kellyanne vs. Vixsin ended in a time limit draw
5. Josh “The Axe” Shooter defeated Mohamed Ali Vaez (1:42)
6. Matt “GRIMM” Basso defeated Sketch (0:09)
– GRIMM wins the Open Sleaze Challenge to face Joey Ryan later in the evening!
7. Brad Smyth defeated Andy Phoenix after a video message from Robbie E distracted Phoenix
8. Mad Dog McCrea defeated Mohamed Ali Vaez to retain his #1 Contendership to the OCW Heavyweight Championship
9. Gabriel Wolfe and Slade Mercer defeated Adam Brooks in a Handicap Street Fight to become the new OCW Tag Team Champions
10. Matt “GRIMM” Basso defeated Joey Ryan

Championship Wrestling Australia, Canley Vale Hall, Australia, June 21:
1. Tristan Lewis defeated J.D. Wilson (w/Gentleman Jack) via DQ
2. Johnny Vercetti defeated Jackson Spade via count out
3. Tristan Slade defeated 5 Star Flash
4. Pineapple Militia (Keegan Brettle and Randal) defeated The Mediterranean Generals (Achilles and Osama Hussein) to retain the CWA Tag Team titles
5. Tarlee defeated Flame to capture the vacant CWA Ladies title
6. Mikey Lord defeated 5 Star Flash, Achilles, Alex Titan, Chris Abbott, Chris Shadows, J.D.Wilson, Johnny Vercetti, Joshua Gatt, Kasai, Keegan, Marvin The Morphman, Nick Maltino, Osama Hussein, Randal, Tristan Lewis and Zac Falzon to win a special CWA Rumble and earn a shot at the CWA Heavyweight Championship
7. Alex Titan defeated ”The Deadly Shot” Kasai and Mikey Lord to retain the CWA Heavyweight Championship

Queensland Wrestling Alliance, Townsville, Queensland, Australia, June 21:
1. Australian Wolf defeated Stitches the Clown (w/ Haze (White) [Global Domination Tournament Qualifier]
2. Rocko Rumblé defeated DH [Global Domination Tournament Qualifier]
3. Joey Ryan defeated His Royal Tenis [Global Domination Tournament Qualifier]
4. Tower of Power defeated Gingero [Global Domination Tournament Qualifier]
5. Haze (Red) defeated Johnny Maverick
6. Nick Skitz and Seth Tylors defeated The Choff and Karlos Aries (w/Frank the Tank)
7. Joey Ryan defeated Australian Wolf, Rocko Rumblé and the Tower of Power in an elimination match to win the Global Domination Tournament and become the inaugural QCW Global Champion

Impact Pro Wrestling New Zealand, Mt Albert War Memorial, Mt Albert, New Zealand, June 20
1. Dal Knox, Johnny Idol and Taylor Adams defeated Chaos, Clementson and Mr Burns.
2. Aaron Henry defeated Michael Richards.
3. Jakob Cross defeated Fury via Referee Stoppage.
4. Noface defeated Mason Daniels.
5. Lil T defeated TK Cooper.
6. Vinny Dunn and Kingi defeated The Pride via Disqualification.
7. James Shaw defeated Travis Banks to retain the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship


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