New European Championship Wrestling, NEW Hotspot, Hessdorf, Bayern, Germany, July 4
Escape To Destiny Ladder Qualification Matches:
T-K-O defeated Maverick Cross
Georg Gwärch defeated Rik Stalwart
Felix Reiter defeated Tommy Blue Eyes
Juvenile X defeated ?
Jay Cruise defeated Insane Killer
The Hellvetic Warrior defeated Demolition Davies
Escape To Destiny Seven Man Ladder Match: Marius Al-Ani defeated Georg Gwärch, Jay Cruise, Juvenile X, T-K-O and The Hellvetic Warrior
Tyler Slade defeated Nik Hellström
Boombastic and Zacharias Falk defeated Bam and Big Steve
Adrian Severe defeated Mexx to retain the NEW World Heayweight title

German Wrestling Federation, Huxley’s Neue Welt, Berlin, Germany, July 4:
Orlando Silver defeated Nickolas von Rijk
Pete Bouncer defeated Flying Dragon Jr.
GWF Berlin Title Tournament Qualification Match: Bruce Sterling defeated Jake McCluskey
GWF Berlin Title Tournament Qualification Match: Chris Colen defeated Koray by DQ
Non Title Tag Team Match: Young Lions (Lucky Kid and Tarkan Aslan) defeated Cash Money Mafia (Highjakka and Murat AK)
Andre Trucker defeated Robert Kaiser
Cem Kaplan and Ronaldo defeated Chris Colen and Marty Fabz
Crazy Sexy Mike defeated Cash Money Erkan, Ivan Kiev and Rambo in a four-way ladder match to retain the GWF Heavyweight Championship

Fight Factory Pro Wrestling, St Patrick’s GAA Club, Wicklow Town, Ireland, July 4
Rocky Starr defeated JDP
The Best Friend Club defeated The Tyedye Express to retain the PWU Tag Team Titles
Katey Harvey defeated Valkyrie to retain the Irish Women’s Title
Lee Flynn defeated Luther Valentine and Sammy D to retain the Irish Junior Heavyweight Championship
LJ Cleary defeated Bonesaw via DQ
Justin Shape and Sebastian Lexington defeated The Wood Brothers
American Warrior defeated Bonesaw

STHLM Wrestling, Göta Källare, Stockholm, Sweden, July 4
All Ages Show:
Carlito defeated Bajen Brawler
Stanislaw van Dobroniak defeated Jack The Strangler
Great Kaiju defeated Wilda Westman
The Beast defeated Harley Rage by DQ
CJ Parker defeated Redline
Main show:
Döden defeated TNT
Bajen Brawler and Stanislaw van Dobroniak defeated Carlito and Sten Sardin
Boxer vs Wrestler Match: Mikaela Lauren [Boxer] defeated PT [Wrestler]
Ken Malmsteen and Levi Petrus defeated CJ Parker in a handicap match
Harley Rage defeated Steinbolt
The Beast defeated Timmy Force

Swiss Wrestling Entertainment, Sternensaal Bümpliz, Schönbühl, Bern, Switzerland, July 4:
Cash Crash defeated Marty Scurll
Maik Tuga defeated Cannonball Grizzly by DQ
Michael Kovac defeated La Parka Suiza
Diablo defeated John Klinger, Karsten Beck and Toby Blunt to retain the SWE King of Switzerland title in a four-way match
Grado and Pascal Spalter defeated Hakeem Waqur and Murat Bosporus to win the vacant SWE Tag Team Championship
Laura Wellings vs. Sara-Marie Taylor – No Contest
Big Ryck defeated Drake Destroyer by Count Out but failed to win the SWE Championship.


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