European results: July 14-19

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DENMARK:, Nordkraft Arena, Aalborg, Denmark, July 18
Rick Dominick defeated Michael Fynne
Toby Zane defeats Zach White by DQ
Lars Schjøtler defeated The Geek
Kristian Thorn defeated Sonne Croce to win the Championship

Tigers Pro Wrestling, Saint-Pierre-de-Varengeville, France, July 14
Christianium defeated Johnny Hogger
Jefferson defeated Cormac Hamilton
Senza Volto defeated Casey
Peter Fischer defeated Vince’NT
Amale and Eva Summers defeated Morgane and Eloanne
Ragnar Rok defeated Tristan Archer to retain the TPW Strong Style Championship

Association Biterroise de Catch, Arènes de Béziers, Béziers, France, July 17:
Tony Trivaldo won a tournament which also featured Jonny Storm, Jody Fleisch, Dead Mask, Claude Roca, Heidi Katrina, Adrian Johnatans, Abc Ranger, Morgane Leigh, Kurt Simmons and Yoshihiro Yamada

German Hurricane Wrestling, Goldbornhalle, Flörsheim am Main, Hessen, Germany, July 18
Rico Bushido defeated Jurn Simmons
Bernd Föhr and Maggot defeated Grid Iron (Drake Destroyer and Marco Zercher)
Adam Polak defeated Thunder Hawk
Karsten Beck defeated John Klinger
Prost (Mike Schwarz and Toby Blunt) defeated Grid Iron (Aaron Insane and Chris Rush) by DQ
Sasa Keel defeated Mohamed Jnibi and Purple Playa in a three-way match to retain the GHW District Championship
Absolute Andy defeated Carnage to retain the GHW Heavyweight Championship

German Wrestling Federation, Tivoli Arena, Freiberg, Sachsen, Germany, July 18:
Johnny Rancid defeated Shadow and Vincenzo Coccotti
Posse In Effect (Rick Baxxter and The Grannatic) defeated Amazing Alex and Ron Ronzen to retain the GWF Next Step Tag Team Championship
Zeritus (w/Dr. Victor Satanius) defeated Dynamite Dave
Waschbären Auf Koffein (Franz Engel, Laurence Roman and Marty Fabz) defeated Projekt Gold (Nickolas von Rijk, Robert Kaiser and TinoX)
Andre Trucker defeated Pete Bouncer
10 Man Battle Royal Winner: Robert Kaiser
Ilja Dragunov defeated Marius Al-Ani to retain the GWF Next Step Championship

German Wrestling Promotion, Soccer Plaza Beach Club, Schwabach, Bayern, Germany, July 18:
Boombastic and Bruder Chaos defeated Dean Jazzman and Farmer Joe
Ken Floyd defeated Bam and Jonny Storm in a three-way elimination match to retain the Dragonhearts Championship
Chris Colen defeated Cem Kaplan
Murat Bosporus defeated Ivan Kiev
Mexx defeats Iestyn Rees
Stella defeated Laura Wellings
Emil Sitoci defeated T-K-O
Juvenile X defeated Tatanka to retain the GWP World Championship

Celtic Championship Wrestling, Parochial Hall, Cork, Ireland, July 18
Bingo Ballance defeated Karl Brien to win the CCW All-Star Championship
Jack Vice defeated Omega
Ricky Combat defeated Michael Mayhem
Loser leaves town match: Lee Cahalane defeated D.O.C.
Xavier Burns defeated Phil The Thrill
#1 Contender match: Roughshod defeated Marion Armstrong and LJ Cleary
Valkyrie defeated Katey Harvey
CCW Heavyweight Championship match: CJ Parker defeated Lycan by DQ but didn’t win the title

All Wrestling Organization, Tira, Israel, July 19
Eyal Smiley defeated Arabian Horse to win the AWO Israeli Championship
(other results not known)

Italian Championship Wrestling, Cecina, Livorno, Italy, July 18 and 19
Night one:
Alessandro Corleone defeated Mark Fit
OGM defeated Max Peach and Nick Lenders
Doblone and Charlie Kid defeated Irene and Queen Maya
Ricky Rastella defeated Mr Excellent
Marcio Silva and Red Devil defeated Lupo and Andy Manero
Corvo Bianco defeated Jari Siberia
Queen Maya defeated Charlie Kid
Ombra and Jester defeated Hydra and Extreme Panther
Red Devil defeated Lupo to retain the ICW Italian Championship

Night Two:
Simon Silas defeated Ronin
Nick Lenders defeated Costantino
Mark Fit defeated Bon Giovanni
Alex Flash and Pegaso defeated Jet and Picchio Rosso
Battle Royal Winner: Rafael
Killer Mask defeated Max Peach
Bon Giovanni and Rafael defeated Incubo and Mark Fit

Centro De Treinos De Wrestling, Lisbon, Portugal, July 18 and 19:
Night one, Academia Recreativa Da Ajuda
Dan Darkstar defeated El Bourneo Jr.
El Grando Beardo defeated Leonardo Rossi (w/Igor Machado)
Lobo Iberico and Stealth defeated Manuel Joaquim and Red Eagle
Wheeler defeated Eric Phillips and Nelson Pereira in a gauntlet match
Battle Royal: Red Eagle defeated Dan Darkstar, El Bourneo Jr., Eric Phillips, Lobo Iberico, Manuel Joaquim, Nelson Pereira, Stealth and Wheeler

Night two, Sociedade Musical Arena:
Lobo Iberico and Stealth defeated El Bourneo Jr. and Red Eagle
El Grando Beardo, Manuel Joaquim and Nelson Pereira (w/Eric Phillips) defeated Dan Darkstar, Leonardo Rossi and Wheeler (w/Igor Machado)

Riot Wrestling, Parc Del Turonet, Cerdanyola Del Valles, Barcelona, Spain, July 17
Bad Boy defeated Santiago Sangriento
Law and Order (Folo and Pacheco) (w/Kuki) defeated Lo Perico Enmascarat and Mandril Escobar
Marc Grizzly defeated Pol Badia
La Pulga (w/Loi Vanss) defeated Jorge Carranza
Bad Boy and LatiNatioN (Jorge Carranza and Mandril Escobar) defeated Folo, La Pulga and Santiago Sangriento

Spanish Pro Wrestling, Espai Jove La Fontana, Barcelona, Spain, July 19:
Jon Hammer defeated Gravity Zero and Jeffrey Pac
La Jerarquia (Barracuda, Jocoso Jr. and Morthus) defeated Fenrir, Revil and Xenomantis
Antonio Cortes defeated Marc Grizzly
Protato Monsters (Jaime Lector and Leon Dorado) defeat Law and Order (Adriano Genovese and Folo)
Axel Salazar defeated Pol Badia to retain the SPW Championship


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