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International Wrestling Australia, Club Toukley RSL and North Ryde RSL, Australia, August 21 and 22
Night One:
1. Randal defeated Alex Titan
2. Tyson Gibbs defeated Paris Pablo De Silva
3. Apollo and Matt Bailey defeated Josh Gatt and Keegan
4. Mikey Lord defeated “D-RAILER” Chris Abbott to retain the IWA Championship
5. Harley Wonderland and Rachel Rose defeated Charli Evans and Jessica Troy in IWA’s first ever Women’s Tag Team Main Event!
Night Two:
1. Paris Pablo De Silva defeated Josh Gatt
2. ”D-RAILER” Chris Abbott defeated TD
3. Apollo defeated Ethan Hughz to retain the IWA Trans Tasman Championship
4. Tyson Gibbs defeated Keegan
5. Mikey Lord and Randal defeated Alex Titan and Matt Bailey

Snakepit Adelaide Professional Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pooraka, Australia, August 22:
1. The Revolution (Big Daddy Jack and Tex Rogers) defeated Snakepit Tag Team Champions Pop Nation (Adam Crowe and Bryan Lawson) via countout
2. Marvin P. Newton defeated ”Dirty” Dingo Richards
3. Michael Weaver defeated Acid Haze to become the New Adelaide Open Champion
4. ”Nightmare” Eddie Draven and Miss Fortune defeated Izzy Shaw and Matt Hayter
5. Damien Synn defeated King John E Radic via DQ
6. Blue Blood and Tons Of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) defeated Ace Wilson and The Jackal in a Handicap Match

Adelaide Championship Wrestling, Karadinga Sports Centre, Adelaide, Australia, August 22:
1. Nacho Man defeated Mouse via count out
2. Joey Eclipse defeated Joe Mundie
3. Jesse Hendy defeated Zak Douglas
4. Damien Rivers defeated Faceless
5. Simple Simon defeated Cody Swift
6. The Barron defeated Jack Rossely

Explosive Pro Wrestling, Cyril Jackson Recreation Centre, Perth, Australia, August 22:
1. Cowboys and Indians defeated Dan Moore and Jarrad Slate, Emanuelle and JXT and The Hive (Bee Boy and the MANtis) to retain the EPW Tag Team titles
2. Tyler Jacobs defeated Alex “AK-47” Kingston [Invitational Tournament – Semi Final]
3. Hughesy def. Scotty Ryan [Invitational Tournament – Semi Final]
4. Marcius Pitt defeated Jonah Rock
5. McMassive (Gavin McGavin and Mike Massive) defeated Generation Zero (Hayden Zenith and Michael Morleone) in a Hardcore Rules Match
6. Logan Grey defeated Liam Mendel, Jordan Bishop and Taylor King in a Four Way Match to win the Rising Star Cup
7. Damian Slater defeated “The Smashing Machine” Chris Vice to retain the EPW Championship following interference from the Solution’s Amity Row, The Warship and newest member AZ Vegara.

Professional Championship Wrestling, Victoria, Australia, August 22:
1. Apocalypse defeated Ryan Rapid
2. Rocco and Ruff Security defeated Dubble Dragon and WAIK
3. Nate Cross defeated Stevie Filip
4. “Brick Wall” Lee Burns defeated James Marshall (w/Brodie the Roadie)
5. Cass Stone and Manny Gunner defeated Andrew Titan and Chris Trance
6. “Brick Wall” Lee Burns won a Royal Rumble to earn a Slam title shot

New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling, Belmont Memorial Hall, Belmont, New Zealand, August 22
1. Rodeo Drive defeated Wainui Express and James Shaw to become dual NZWPW/KPW Tag Team Champions
2. Kingston Eclipse defeated ‘Rufguts’ Roddy Gunn with Dreamcatcher (Via DQ)
3. ‘Team Vegan’ Shane Sinclair defeated Brodie Coast and Mrs Silver
4. Ben Mana defeated Curtis Castlewood to retain the NZWPW NZ Heavyweight Championship
5. Team Maniacs (JPE and Bobby G) defeated Team KPW (Scarlett and El Falcoln)
6. Misty defeated Tammy Lee
7. Over the Top: James Shaw eliminates ‘Rufguts’ Roddy Gunn to become the #1 Contender for the NZWPW NZ Heavyweight Championship at PowerPlay XII


My apologies for being late with this wrap-up this week. My wife had a baby (three weeks earlier than expected) on Monday, so my time on the computer has been extremely limited.

Bodyslam, Ceres Park and Arena, Aarhus, Denmark, August 22
Rick Dominick (w/Grace) defeated Janne Walterz
Kristian Thorn defeated Chris Ridgeway
Aries vs. Silvio Bazz – No Contest
Heimo Ukonselkä and Robbie E defeated Axel Steele and Harley Rage
Emeritus Midnight (w/Hailey) defeated Killer Karlson
Tank defeated Michael Fynne (w/Michael Jøden)

Dansk Pro Wrestling, Remissen, Randers, Denmark, August 22:
FVN defeated Nitro Green
DPW Light Heavyweight Title Steel Cage Match: Johnny Casanova (c) vs. Ravn – No Contest
Steel Cage Match: Kool Krede defeated Big D
Steel Cage Match: Starbuck defeated The Beast
Steel Cage Match: Lou King Sharp defeated The Geek
Best Two Out Of Three Falls Steel Cage Match (Special Referee: Starbuck): Ken Anderson (aka Mr Anderson) defeated Chaos

German Hurricane Wrestling, Sandhase, Nauheim, Hessen, Germany, August 22
Maggot and Misfit defeated Grid Iron (Aaron Insane and Chris Rush) by DQ
Drake Destroyer defeated Mohamed Jnibi
Purple Playa and Steve Valentino defeated Reich Und Schön (Kevin Roadster and Marius van Beethoven) by DQ
Bad Bones John Klinger (w/Johanna Jäger) defeated Ken Floyd (w/Stella)
Eight Man Elimination Tag Team Match: Grid Iron (Aaron Insane and Chris Rush) and Reich Und Schön (Kevin Roadster and Marius van Beethoven) defeated Maggot, Misfit, Purple Playa and Steve Valentino
Three Way Match: Sasa Keel defeated Karsten Beck and Thunder Hawk

Hungarian Championship Wrestling, Dürer Kert, Budapest, August 22
Renegade defeated Miki Biro to retain the HCW Championship
(Other results not known)

Israeli Wrestling League, Great Alternative Sports, Israel, August 17
Tal Bar-On defeated Udi Fitness
Psycho D defeated Rixon
Candy Crushers defeated Ken Kerbis and Sharon Palty
Hawaii Allen defeated Shanell
White Leopard defeated Amit Oren
Black Leopard defeated De Style in a no DQ, no count-out, loser must retire match
Max Havok defeated Ben “Iceman” Rozin to win the IWL Championship

Norges Wrestlingforbund (Norwegian Wrestling Federation), BUL-Salen, Oslo, Norway, August 22
Ungt Blod Tournament 2015 Semi Finals: Argon defeated Allan Ackles; Heresh Kurdi defeated Ruslan
GromKnoke (Grom Gravalid and Knoke) defeated TnT (Natasja and Tommy P) and Krigsherrene (Bjørn Sem and Hannibal) in a triple threat match to retain the NWF Tag Team Championship
Argon defeated Heresh Kurdi to win the Ungt Blod Tournament 2015
Adrian Storm defeated Siggy Løseth
Daniel Sebastian defeated Erik Isaksen to win the NWF Heavyweight Championship

(Results courtesy of, the HCW Facebook page and sent to us directly by IWL)

Durban Pro Wrestling results from August 22:
The Crow defeated Matthew the Assassin Hammer
Hotaru unmasked Joshua the Bull
Taxi Queen defeated Dreamchild and Raven to become the inaugural DPW Ladies Champion.
Shadow defeated Loudmouth to retain the DPW Interprovincial title, but then relinquished the title as he is leaving for the USA
Loudmouth won the over the top rope battle royal to become the new DPW inter provincial champion

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pookara, Australia, August 14 and 16
Night one:
1. Pop Nation (Adam Crowe and Bryan Lawson) defeated Doc Kinkaid and Matt Hayter to retain the Snakepit Tag Team titles
2. Gex Richards defeated J.M.C.
3. J.M.C defeated “Dirty” Dingo Richards
4. Joey Triton defeated Marvin P. Newton
5. Michael Weaver defeated Damien Synn to become #1 Contender for the Adelaide Open Championship
6. Big Daddy Jack and Tex Rogers defeated Pineapple Express (Ben Brooks and Korey Kaiser)
7. “Nightmare” Eddie Draven defeated Reilly St. James to retain the Snakepit FNF Championship
8. Acid Haze defeated King John E Radic to become the new Snakepit Adelaide Open Champion
Night two:
1. Joey Triton defeated Adam Crowe
2. Gex Richards defeated Ben Brooks
3. The Jackal defeated Dark Valentine
4. Alex Alexson defeated “The Arch Duke” Jonathan Corvidae Esquire III in a MMA Challenge
5. King John E Radic defeated “Nightmare” Eddie Draven and Korey Kaiser
6. Matt Hayter defeated Michael Weaver in a Cage Match to become the new Snakepit Sunday Slam Champion
7. Wam Bam Bellows defeated Southern Pitbull in a Cage Match

Explosive Pro Wrestling, Perth, August 15:
1. The Warship defeated Elliot Forbes [Fortune Cookie Tournament – Round 1]
2. Bodhi McKenzie defeated Jordan Bishop [Fortune Cookie Tournament – Round 1]
3. Jay Taylor defeated “Big Rig” Scotty Ryan [Fortune Cookie Tournament – Round 1]
4. Amity Row defeated Allyson Cruz
5. Gavin McGavin defeated Taylor King [Fortune Cookie Tournament – Round 1]
6. The Warship defeated Gavin McGavin in a Special Challenge Strong Style Match [Fortune Cookie Tournament – Semi Final]
7. Bodhi McKenzie defeated Jay Taylor [Fortune Cookie Tournament – Semi Final]
8. Liam Mendel defeated Byron McKenzie to qualify for the Rising Star Cup Final
9. The Warship defeated Bodhi McKenzie [Fortune Cookie Tournament – Final]

Insane Championship Wrestling, Belconnen Community Centre, Belconnen, Australia, August 15:
1. Tarlee defeated Sofia Morales via DQ
2. Devious Dave defeated Warpath
3. Dan Archer defeated Angelo and Marvin The Morphman to retain the ICW Capital Championship
4. Flame defeated ICW Women’s Champion Kandi Luv via DQ
5. Dead Wrestler Society defeated The Gimp and Russell The Love Muscle to retain the ICW Tag Team titles
6. Asha Sixx defeated Nyx Jade
7. Chris Shadows defeated Dr. Archer in a No DQ Match to retain the ICW Australian Championship
8. Josh Gatt and “The Deadly Shot” Kasai defeated Keegan and Tristan Slade

New Age Wrestling, NAW Arena, Albion, Australia, August 15:
1. Morphine defeated Leon Knights
2. Paul Thornton (w/Xavier Black) defeated Joey Eclipse
3. Cody Swift defeated F.O.X and Marcus Blaike in a Three Way Dance
4. Gabriel Wolfe defeated Sketch
5. El Tecniko defeated Zak Douglas to become #1 Contender for the NAW South Pacific Championship
6. Mitch Waterman (w/Damian Rivers) defeated Xavier Black (w/Paul Thornton) via DQ
7. Slade Mercer defeated George “The Hitman” Julio via DQ after answering Julios’ Worldwide Open Challenge
8. Judd “The Studd” Newman defeated “The Player” Jake Lindo to retain the NAW Heavyweight Championship

Newcastle Pro Wrestling, Charlestown Bowling Club, Newcastle, Australia, August 15:
1. Michael Spencer outlasted 29 other competitors to win the Newy Pro Rumble match and gain a Middleweight Championship match at the Newy Pro Anniversary Show on October 17.
2. Harley Wonderland defeated Jessica Troy
3. Newcastle Pro Heavyweight Champion Mick Moretti vs. Newcastle Pro Middleweight Champion Sean Kustom ended in no contest

Pacific Pro Wrestling, Acacia Ridge Hotel, Australia, August 15:
1. Johnny Lukas defeated Rufio
2. Lucas Gold defeated Ricky Rembrandt to retain the Pacific Pro Light Heavyweight Championship
3. The Street Revolution (Lynx Lewis Jr. and Renegade) defeated Team Fight or Die (Blair Seeker and Chet Jacobs) to retain the Pacific Pro Tag Team titles
4. Uprising (Alex Shepard, AstroShock and Bryce McAllister) defeated The Powerhouse Players (Savage and Triple X Rated) and Sam Richards
5. Jonah Rock defeated Kyote
6. Kellyanne defeated Kellie Skater to retain the Pacific Pro Women’s Championship
7. AJ Istria defeated Thirteen to retain the Pacific Pro Heavyweight Championship

Professional Championship Wrestling, Hallam, Victoria, Australia, August 15:
1. Alberto Bravo and Trikki defeated “FanTabulous” Micky Jackson and Tome Filip
2. Anthony Dangerfield defeated Chris Trance
3. Nash Archer defeated “Pitbull” Craig Cole
4. Titan defeated Manny Gunner and WAIK
5. PCW Tag Team Champions The Elements (Nate Cross and Tyler Frost) defeated BricKazi (Lee Burns and MiKazi)
6. Daniel Swagger defeated Rocco

Professional Wrestling Entertainment, Morrinsville, New Zealand, August 15
PWE Northland Championship Qualifiers:
James Shaw defeated T-Cole
Bull Addams defeated Brook Duncan and Travis Banks
Stix and Tank defeated Reece Breeg and “Rufguts” Roddy Gunn
Hustla defeated Johnny Idol
Mark Kage defeated Cass Stone
Tank wins the battle royal to win the PWE Northland Championship
Stix defeated Tank to win the PWE Northland Championship

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling vs High Risk Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pooraka, Australia, August 8
King John E Radic (Empire/HRPW) last eliminated Blue Blood to win the 20 Man Royal Rumble [HRPW 1 – Snakepit 0]
The Jackal (Snakepit) defeated Blue Blood (HRPW) [HRPW 1 – Snakepit 1]
Doc Kinkaid, Izzy Shaw and Matt Hayter (HRPW/Empire) defeated “Nightmare” Eddie Draven, Miss Fortune and Wam Bam Bellows (Snakepit) [HRPW 2 – Snakepit 1]
Snakepit Champion Ace Wilson defeated HRPW Champion Nick Eclipse [HRPW 2 – Snakepit 2]
Blunt Force Trauma (Jake Viper and Michael Weaver), Damien Synn and Pop Nation (Adam Crowe and Bryan Lawson) (Snakepit) defeated D.T Carter, Jamie Baker and Tons of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) to win the Battlefield Rumble (HRPW) [Snakepit 3 – HRPW 2]
King John E Radic (Empire/HRPW) defeated Acid Haze (Snakepit) [Snakepit 3 – HRPW 3]
“Cannonball” Kris Taylor (Snakepit) defeated Blake “The Man” Mitchell (HRPW) [Snakepit defeats HRPW 4-3]

Melbourne City Wrestling, MCW Arena, Essenoon, Australia, August 8:
Elliot Sexton defeated “The Messiah” Davis Storm (w/Tommy Hellfire) to retain the MCW Championship
Hard Way Inc. (Jay Andrews and Mike Burr w/Miami) defeated Axe 2 Grind (Fox Grinder and Josh Shooter) via DQ
Evie vs. Kellie Skater 2 out of 3 Falls Match ended in a draw
The Estate (Gabriel Wolfe and Slade Mercer w/Sebastian Walker) defeated Los Luchas
JXT defeated Marcius Pitt
Dowie James defeated Mr. Juicy to become the inaugural MCW Intercommonwealth Champion

Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance, Aversham Memorial Hall, Aversham, Australia, August 8:
“Mad” Mike Massive defeated Elliot Forbes (w/Ebenizah J. Klaus)
The Warship defeated Crazy Train
“Big Dog” John Dozer defeated Eddy Bombay
“The One” Hayden Zenith (w/Micheal Morleone) defeated Dan Steel (w/The Wraith)
5SHWA Tag Team Champions Ultra Mega Death Stallions (Jarrad Slate and Liam Mendel) defeated David Nero and Jagger Stevens in a non-title match
Bodhi McKenzie defeated SHWA Champion “The Don” Micheal Morleone (w/Hayden Zenith) via DQ after The Warship attacked McKenzie
Michelle K. Hasluck defeated “Firefly” Felix Young (w/Zoe Quinn) in a Lego Deathmatch to become #1 Contender for the SHWA Championship

Night Cap Wrestling Federation, Rosebud, Victoria, Australia, August 8:
Cody Swift defeated Joey Eclipse
Oni defeated Marcus James. After the match Kolesidis came out and attacked James
Felicity Briscoe defeated Kira Sommers following distraction from Rickii Rose
Andy Gold defeated CJ Redfield and Skip Sampson to become the inaugural NCWF Southern Star Champion
Zac Douglas defeated Jake Lindo and El Tecniko
Heath Evan Legions and Zirous Madic defeated Bullseye and Damian Rivers
Pauly Thornton won a 20 man battle royal to become the inaugural NCWF Champion

Professional Championship Wrestling, Polish Club, Rowville, Australia, August 8:
Tome Filip defeated Daniel Swagger via DQ
The Enforcer (w/Benny English) defeated Anthony Dangerfield
Trikki defeated Nash Archer
Titan defeated “The Mozzie” Cass Stone to retain the PCW Slam Championship
The Elements (Nate Cross and Tyler Frost) defeated Fulli Syk (Alberto Bravo and Micky Jackson) and The Summoned (Frederick and WAIK) in a Triple Threat Match to retain the PCW Tag Team Titles
Mark Kage defeated “Pitbull” Craig Cole to retain the PCW National Championship

Maniacs United, Te Atatu Peninsula, New Zealand, August 8
Kingston Eclipse defeated Stix
Kartik defeated Matt Evans
Rufguts defeated Angelo
Rodeo Drive defeated El Falcon and Kazu to retain there KPW tag team titles
Curtis Castlewood defeated Blaze
Bobby G defeated Dom Alupis
Scarlett defeated Frankie Quinn and JPE

Fight Club Finland, Pressa Arena, Helsinki, Finland, August 8
Tohtori Ioni defeated Vili Luupää
Regina defeated Julia Kyy and Sara Elektra
Murskaaja Mieto defeated Jake Luupää, Johnny McMetal and Make Smooth
Jami Aalto and Joey Impact defeated Ricky Vendetta and Stark Adder
Heimo Ukonselkä and King Kong Karhula vs. Mikko Maestro and Sly Sebastian – Double DQ
Jessica Love defeated Teuvo
Valentine defeated The Beast by DQ to retain the FCF Finnish Heavyweight Championship

New European Championship Wrestling, NEW Hotspot, Bayern, Germany, August 8
Fast Time Moodo vs. Exotic Erotic – No Contest
Tyler Slade and Rik Stalwart defeated Tommy Tornado and Big Bad Boy; Exotic Erotic and Fast Time Moodo, and Jack Anderson and Zacharias Falk in a four-way tag team match
Big Steve defeated Georg Gwärch
Mexx and Demolition Davies defeated T-K-O and Hellvetic Warrior
WRising (Juvenile X and Maveric Cross) defeated Marius Al-Ani in a handicap match
Tommy Blue Eyes defeated Cash Crash
Adrian Severe defeated Joel Redman (aka Oliver Grey) to retain the NEW World Heavyweight Championship

Westside Xtreme Wrestling, Steffy Arena, Oberhausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, August 8:
Axel Dieter Jr. defeated Chris Brookes
Vincent The Beast defeated Dominic Brackner
Aaron Insane defeated Dragan
Jurn Simmons defeated Steve Valentino
Karsten Beck and Melanie Gray defeated Alice and Axel Dieter Jr.
Prost (Mike Schwarz and Toby Blunt) and Jay Skillet defeated Kim Ray and Reich Und Schön (Kevin Roadster and Marius van Beethoven)

Celtic Championship Wrestling, Middleton GAA, Middleton, Ireland, August 9
Ricky Combat defeated The Sidekicks, “Bedlam” Billy Lynch and Conor “the body” Charisma in a battle royal
Lee Cahalane defeated OMEGA
Marion Armstrong defeated Roughshod in a #1 contenders match
Valkyrie defeated Raven Creed
Bingo Ballance defeated Karl Brien to retain the CCW All Star Championship.
Lycan defeated LJ Cleary to retain the CCW Heavyweight Championship. After the match Ricky Combat attempted to cash in his Championship Choice Contract, but was distracted by The Establishment

Italian Championship Wrestling, Area Feste, Viale Degli Olmi, Calcinate, Italy, August 9
Taurus defeated Lupo
Tenacious Dalla defeated Miroslav Mijatovich
Mark Fit defeated Simon Silas
Queen Maya defeated Jokey to retain the ICW Women’s Championship
Alessandro Corleone defeated Tenacious Dalla, Mark Fit and Lupo in a four-way match to win the ICW Interregional Championship.

We’ve made a decision to do away with one of our regularly-updated pages, “Still lacing up the wrestling boots”.
When I first launched this blog, it seemed like a good idea to keep people up to date with former WWE/TNA/WCW/ECW etc stars who were no longer featured on TV, but were still active in the independents.
But over the past year or so, the landscape has changed a lot, particularly when it comes to the contracts and appearances of stars in the major companies.
Almost every TNA employee also makes appearances in other companies when TNA isn’t busy filming, and WWE are allowing people like Samoa Joe, Rhino, Brian Kendrick, Tommy Dreamer and “Blue Pants” Leva Bates to work part-time for them and part-time elsewhere.
Then you have people like The Young Bucks who are much bigger stars now than they ever were when they wrestled as Generation Me in TNA, that it hardly seems right to include them in a page that was essentially meant to feature veterans like Bushwhacker Luke, Great Mutah and Jake the Snake Roberts.
The lines have become so blurred in terms of who should and should not be on the page, that we’ve decided to drop it completely.

European Professional Wrestling, Schützenhof Hüttenbusch, Worpswede, Niedersachsen, Germany, August 1
Kevin Roadster defeated Young Money Chong
Dojo Student Axel defeated Melanie Gray by DQ
Carnage defeated The Masked Destroyer by DQ
Carnage and Eddy Steinblock defeated Jurn Simmons and The Masked Destroyer
Mike Schwarz defeated Dragan Spazic
Karsten Beck defeated Bad Bones John Klinger

Westside Xtreme Wrestling, Westside Dojo, Germany, August 1:
Morning session:
Die Schilds defeated Die Waschbaeren via Roll-up
Kim Ray defeated Chris Brookes via Inception
Big Daddy Walter, Johnny Rancid and Michael de Marc defeated Toby Blunt, Steve Valentino and Francis Kaspin via Big Splash from Walter
Afternoon session:
Numbers Game 1 and Numbers Game 2 defeated Chris Ramirez and Steve Valentino
Die Waschbären defeated Die Schilds via Flying Elbowdrop
Big Daddy Walter, Toby Blunt and Francis Kaspin defeated Kim Ray, Johnny Rancid and Michael de Marc by Basement Dropkick from Kaspin on Rancid
Evening session:
Die Schilds defeated Die Waschbären via Schildbürgerstreich
Streetfight: Big Daddy Walter and Toby Blunt defeated Chris Brookes and Manka via Swanton Bomb from Blunt on Manka
Toby Blunt wins the Tattoo Brawl Battle Royal

German Hurricane Wrestling, Grünspan, Hamburg, Germany, August 1:
Maggot defeated Marius van Beethoven
Purple Playa defeated Bernd Föhr
Mohamed Jnibi defeated Misfit
Hot And Spicy (Axel Dieter Jr. and Da Mack) defeated Aaron Insane and Marius van Beethoven by DQ
Mia Touchdown defeated Johanna Jäger
Sasa Keel defeated Drake Destroyer in a street fight to retain the GHW District Championship

German Wrestling Federation Next Step Wrestling, Gartensparte Open Air Arena, Dresden, Sachsen, Germany, August 1:
Rick Baxxter defeated The Black Phantom
T-Nox defeated Chris Rocke
The Grannatic defeated Dynamite Dave
Nickolas von Rijk defeated Jaroslav Miletsko
10 Man Battle Royal: Winner: Zeritus
Ilja Dragunov defeated Robert Kaiser to retain the GWF Next Step Championship

Northern Storm Wrestling, Leningradsky Dom Molodezhi, St. Petersburg, Russia, July 31-August 2:
Day One
Egor Sokolov defeated Vulture
Team Evil (Freddy Martello and LaPatka) defeated Super Tato and Valery Hamov
TRIUMPH Trios Tournament Quarter Final Match: Anatoly Moroz, Tsar Grigory I and Yarobor defeated The Walking Dead (??? and Zomby) and Milana
D-Grundy defeated Velimir Shegaj
Alex Anderson defeated Ruslan Angelov
TRIUMPH Trios Tournament Quarter Final Match: Alcor, Antonio El Campeon Del Pueblo and Gamer defeated Team IWF (America’s Hope (Leo and Tim) and Yuri Chistyakov)
TRIUMPH Trios Tournament Quarter Final Match: Alex-D (Alex Anderson and D-Grundy) and Egor Sokolov defeated Agnar, Dmitry Vasilyev and Roona
Harley Quinn defeated Daria Moriarti
Day Two:
Daria Moriarti defeated Harley Quinn
Freddy Martello defeated Grizzly
TRIUMPH Trios Tournament Quarter Final Match: Cult Of Light (Ivan Mourne and Velimir Shegaii) and Ruslan Angelov defeated Anti-Sanctions (Grizzly and Vulture) and El Corte
Serge White defeated Dmitry Orlov
TRIUMPH Trios Tournament Semi Final Match: Alcor, Antonio El Campeon Del Pueblo and Gamer defeated Anatoly Moroz, Tsar Grigory I and Yarobor
Dmitry Orlov defeated Yuri Chistyakov
Anton Deryabin defeated Dmitry Orlov and Serge White in a three-way match
Alcor defeated Ivan Mourne
Anatoly Moroz defeated Zomby
Team Evil (Freddy Martello and LaPatka) defeated Ivan Mourne and Ruslan Angelov
Vulture defeated Milana
Dmitry Orlov defeated Velimir Shegaii
TRIUMPH Trios Tournament Semi Final Match: Cult Of Light (Ivan Mourne and Velimir Shegaii) and Ruslan Angelov defeated Alex-D (Alex Anderson and D-Grundy) and Egor Sokolov
Anatoly Moroz defeated Gamer
Anton Deryabin and Serge White defeated America’s Hope (Leo and Tim)
Day Three:
Velimir Shegaii defeated Yarobor
Serge White defeated Dmitry Orlov
Alex Anderson defeated Grizzly
Yuri Chistyakov defeated Super Tato and Valery Hamov
Gamer defeated Roona
Ruslan Angelov defeated Alcor and Freddy Martello in a three-way match
Agnar defeated Grizzly
Anton Deryabin defeated D-Grundy to retain the IWF Heavyweight Championship
Egor Sokolov defeated Valery Hamov
LaPatka defeated Serge White
Non Title Tag Team Match: Team Evil (Freddy Martello and LaPatka) defeated Tim and Yuri Chistyakov
Vulture defeated Anatoly Moroz
TRIUMPH Trios Tournament Final Match: Alcor, Antonio El Campeon Del Pueblo and Gamer defeated Cult Of Light (Ivan Mourne and Velimir Shegaii) and Ruslan Angelov to win the tournament

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pooraka, Australia, July 31 and August 2:
Night One
1. J.M.C and Tons Of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) (HRPW) defeated Acid Haze, Gex Richards and Tex Rogers (Snakepit)
2. Big Daddy Jack (Snakepit) defeated D.T Carter (HRPW)
3. Damien Synn (Snakepit) defeated Black Starr (HRPW)
4. Reilly St James vs. Wam Bam Bellows ended in a double count out
5. Izzy Shaw and King John E Radic (Empire) defeated Pineapple Express (Ben Brooks and Korey Kaiser) (Snakepit)
6. “Nightmare” Eddie Draven (Snakepit) defeated Blake “The Man” Mitchell (HRPW) and Doc Kinkaid (Empire) to become the new Snakepit Friday Night Fights Champion

Night Two:
1. Bryan Lawson (Snakepit) defeated Joey Triton (HRPW)
2. ”Arch Duke” Johnathan Corvidae Esquire III defeated Alex Alexson
3. Adam Crowe defeated Southern Pitbull via DQ
4. Acid Haze defeated Xodia
5. Izzy Shaw, King John E Radic (Empire) and Tons Of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) (HRPW) defeated AJ Reid, ”Nightmare” Eddie Draven, Gex Richards and Sammy Stallone (Snakepit) to win a Battlefield Rumble
6. Matt Hayter (Empire) vs. Snakepit Sunday Slam Champion Michael Weaver (Snakepit) ended in a Draw

Australian Wrestling Allstars, The Denison Centre, Mawson Lakes, Australia, August 1:
1. Nick Armstrong defeated “World Class” Chris Basso
2. Elliott Sexton defeated Rafael Sanchez
3. Havok and John E Radic defeated S.M.A.S.H.
4. Hartley Jackson defeated Rocky Menero via DQ
5. Damian Slater defeated Robby “The Lion” Heart to become the new Australian Middleweight Champion after outside interference from JT Robinson
6. RCW Champion ”Big” Brodie Marshall vs. Wrestle Rampage National Australian Champion Jonah Rock ended in no contest

Hunter Valley Wrestling, Club Maitland City, Australia, August 1:
1. Danger Paul defeated ”Kiss Stealin”’ Johnny Whelan
2. Kristie Lea defeated Tarlee after distraction from pAnic
3. Bubbles and Ethan Hughz defeated Jackson Spade and Johnny Vercetti
4. Alex Titan defeated Matt Bailey in a match where low blows were legal
5. Bee Boy defeated Cesar, Josh Gatt and Paris in a 4-Way Match
6. Team Falco (Fergus Ferguson, Mikey Lord, Randal, Slade Mercer and Tarlee) defeated Team pAnic (Benny Factor, the Entity and Syd Parker)

Impact Pro Wrestling Australia, William Duncan State School Hall, Nerang, Queensland, Australia, August 1:
1. Ryan Melrose defeated Josh Bruise to become the new IPW Cruiserweight Champion
2. Rob Daniels defeated Weird One
3. RIP defeated Eliminator
4. Gorilla defeated Troll in a Bodyslam match
5. Demonis De Morte defeated Benny Lava and Willow
6. Kiwi Thriller defeated Xander Sullivan
7. Iceman and IPW Heavweight Champion Luxford battled to a draw in a Last Man Standing Match
8. Bojack won a 16 man Rumble to become #1 Contender for the IPW Heavyweight Championship

Queensland Wrestling Alliance, Townsville Greek Community Centre, Townsville, Australia, August 1:
1. Haze (red) defeated Stewart the Minion
2. Nick Skitz defeated Benny B Badd
3. Gingero defeated Rocko Rumble’
4. His Royal Tenis defeated Stitches the Clown
5. Curtus Jaxx defeated Tower of Power to earn a shot at the QWA Tag Team Titles
6. Seth Tylors defeated DH to become #1 Contender for the QWA Championship

Impact Pro Wrestling New Zealand, John Locke Theater, Manurewa, New Zealand, August 1
Jakob Cross defeated Johnny Idol to retain the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship
Aaron Henry defeated Travis Banks
Carmen Rose defeated Evie
Knox and McCracken defeated Chaos and Burnell
Mason Daniels defeated Michael Richards
Kingi, Dunn, Brook and Britenay won an eight-person tag match (opponents not known)
James Shaw defeated Taylor Adams