Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pooraka, Australia, July 31 and August 2:
Night One
1. J.M.C and Tons Of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) (HRPW) defeated Acid Haze, Gex Richards and Tex Rogers (Snakepit)
2. Big Daddy Jack (Snakepit) defeated D.T Carter (HRPW)
3. Damien Synn (Snakepit) defeated Black Starr (HRPW)
4. Reilly St James vs. Wam Bam Bellows ended in a double count out
5. Izzy Shaw and King John E Radic (Empire) defeated Pineapple Express (Ben Brooks and Korey Kaiser) (Snakepit)
6. “Nightmare” Eddie Draven (Snakepit) defeated Blake “The Man” Mitchell (HRPW) and Doc Kinkaid (Empire) to become the new Snakepit Friday Night Fights Champion

Night Two:
1. Bryan Lawson (Snakepit) defeated Joey Triton (HRPW)
2. ”Arch Duke” Johnathan Corvidae Esquire III defeated Alex Alexson
3. Adam Crowe defeated Southern Pitbull via DQ
4. Acid Haze defeated Xodia
5. Izzy Shaw, King John E Radic (Empire) and Tons Of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) (HRPW) defeated AJ Reid, ”Nightmare” Eddie Draven, Gex Richards and Sammy Stallone (Snakepit) to win a Battlefield Rumble
6. Matt Hayter (Empire) vs. Snakepit Sunday Slam Champion Michael Weaver (Snakepit) ended in a Draw

Australian Wrestling Allstars, The Denison Centre, Mawson Lakes, Australia, August 1:
1. Nick Armstrong defeated “World Class” Chris Basso
2. Elliott Sexton defeated Rafael Sanchez
3. Havok and John E Radic defeated S.M.A.S.H.
4. Hartley Jackson defeated Rocky Menero via DQ
5. Damian Slater defeated Robby “The Lion” Heart to become the new Australian Middleweight Champion after outside interference from JT Robinson
6. RCW Champion ”Big” Brodie Marshall vs. Wrestle Rampage National Australian Champion Jonah Rock ended in no contest

Hunter Valley Wrestling, Club Maitland City, Australia, August 1:
1. Danger Paul defeated ”Kiss Stealin”’ Johnny Whelan
2. Kristie Lea defeated Tarlee after distraction from pAnic
3. Bubbles and Ethan Hughz defeated Jackson Spade and Johnny Vercetti
4. Alex Titan defeated Matt Bailey in a match where low blows were legal
5. Bee Boy defeated Cesar, Josh Gatt and Paris in a 4-Way Match
6. Team Falco (Fergus Ferguson, Mikey Lord, Randal, Slade Mercer and Tarlee) defeated Team pAnic (Benny Factor, the Entity and Syd Parker)

Impact Pro Wrestling Australia, William Duncan State School Hall, Nerang, Queensland, Australia, August 1:
1. Ryan Melrose defeated Josh Bruise to become the new IPW Cruiserweight Champion
2. Rob Daniels defeated Weird One
3. RIP defeated Eliminator
4. Gorilla defeated Troll in a Bodyslam match
5. Demonis De Morte defeated Benny Lava and Willow
6. Kiwi Thriller defeated Xander Sullivan
7. Iceman and IPW Heavweight Champion Luxford battled to a draw in a Last Man Standing Match
8. Bojack won a 16 man Rumble to become #1 Contender for the IPW Heavyweight Championship

Queensland Wrestling Alliance, Townsville Greek Community Centre, Townsville, Australia, August 1:
1. Haze (red) defeated Stewart the Minion
2. Nick Skitz defeated Benny B Badd
3. Gingero defeated Rocko Rumble’
4. His Royal Tenis defeated Stitches the Clown
5. Curtus Jaxx defeated Tower of Power to earn a shot at the QWA Tag Team Titles
6. Seth Tylors defeated DH to become #1 Contender for the QWA Championship

Impact Pro Wrestling New Zealand, John Locke Theater, Manurewa, New Zealand, August 1
Jakob Cross defeated Johnny Idol to retain the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship
Aaron Henry defeated Travis Banks
Carmen Rose defeated Evie
Knox and McCracken defeated Chaos and Burnell
Mason Daniels defeated Michael Richards
Kingi, Dunn, Brook and Britenay won an eight-person tag match (opponents not known)
James Shaw defeated Taylor Adams


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