We’ve made a decision to do away with one of our regularly-updated pages, “Still lacing up the wrestling boots”.
When I first launched this blog, it seemed like a good idea to keep people up to date with former WWE/TNA/WCW/ECW etc stars who were no longer featured on TV, but were still active in the independents.
But over the past year or so, the landscape has changed a lot, particularly when it comes to the contracts and appearances of stars in the major companies.
Almost every TNA employee also makes appearances in other companies when TNA isn’t busy filming, and WWE are allowing people like Samoa Joe, Rhino, Brian Kendrick, Tommy Dreamer and “Blue Pants” Leva Bates to work part-time for them and part-time elsewhere.
Then you have people like The Young Bucks who are much bigger stars now than they ever were when they wrestled as Generation Me in TNA, that it hardly seems right to include them in a page that was essentially meant to feature veterans like Bushwhacker Luke, Great Mutah and Jake the Snake Roberts.
The lines have become so blurred in terms of who should and should not be on the page, that we’ve decided to drop it completely.


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