International Wrestling Australia, Club Toukley RSL and North Ryde RSL, Australia, August 21 and 22
Night One:
1. Randal defeated Alex Titan
2. Tyson Gibbs defeated Paris Pablo De Silva
3. Apollo and Matt Bailey defeated Josh Gatt and Keegan
4. Mikey Lord defeated “D-RAILER” Chris Abbott to retain the IWA Championship
5. Harley Wonderland and Rachel Rose defeated Charli Evans and Jessica Troy in IWA’s first ever Women’s Tag Team Main Event!
Night Two:
1. Paris Pablo De Silva defeated Josh Gatt
2. ”D-RAILER” Chris Abbott defeated TD
3. Apollo defeated Ethan Hughz to retain the IWA Trans Tasman Championship
4. Tyson Gibbs defeated Keegan
5. Mikey Lord and Randal defeated Alex Titan and Matt Bailey

Snakepit Adelaide Professional Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pooraka, Australia, August 22:
1. The Revolution (Big Daddy Jack and Tex Rogers) defeated Snakepit Tag Team Champions Pop Nation (Adam Crowe and Bryan Lawson) via countout
2. Marvin P. Newton defeated ”Dirty” Dingo Richards
3. Michael Weaver defeated Acid Haze to become the New Adelaide Open Champion
4. ”Nightmare” Eddie Draven and Miss Fortune defeated Izzy Shaw and Matt Hayter
5. Damien Synn defeated King John E Radic via DQ
6. Blue Blood and Tons Of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) defeated Ace Wilson and The Jackal in a Handicap Match

Adelaide Championship Wrestling, Karadinga Sports Centre, Adelaide, Australia, August 22:
1. Nacho Man defeated Mouse via count out
2. Joey Eclipse defeated Joe Mundie
3. Jesse Hendy defeated Zak Douglas
4. Damien Rivers defeated Faceless
5. Simple Simon defeated Cody Swift
6. The Barron defeated Jack Rossely

Explosive Pro Wrestling, Cyril Jackson Recreation Centre, Perth, Australia, August 22:
1. Cowboys and Indians defeated Dan Moore and Jarrad Slate, Emanuelle and JXT and The Hive (Bee Boy and the MANtis) to retain the EPW Tag Team titles
2. Tyler Jacobs defeated Alex “AK-47” Kingston [Invitational Tournament – Semi Final]
3. Hughesy def. Scotty Ryan [Invitational Tournament – Semi Final]
4. Marcius Pitt defeated Jonah Rock
5. McMassive (Gavin McGavin and Mike Massive) defeated Generation Zero (Hayden Zenith and Michael Morleone) in a Hardcore Rules Match
6. Logan Grey defeated Liam Mendel, Jordan Bishop and Taylor King in a Four Way Match to win the Rising Star Cup
7. Damian Slater defeated “The Smashing Machine” Chris Vice to retain the EPW Championship following interference from the Solution’s Amity Row, The Warship and newest member AZ Vegara.

Professional Championship Wrestling, Victoria, Australia, August 22:
1. Apocalypse defeated Ryan Rapid
2. Rocco and Ruff Security defeated Dubble Dragon and WAIK
3. Nate Cross defeated Stevie Filip
4. “Brick Wall” Lee Burns defeated James Marshall (w/Brodie the Roadie)
5. Cass Stone and Manny Gunner defeated Andrew Titan and Chris Trance
6. “Brick Wall” Lee Burns won a Royal Rumble to earn a Slam title shot

New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling, Belmont Memorial Hall, Belmont, New Zealand, August 22
1. Rodeo Drive defeated Wainui Express and James Shaw to become dual NZWPW/KPW Tag Team Champions
2. Kingston Eclipse defeated ‘Rufguts’ Roddy Gunn with Dreamcatcher (Via DQ)
3. ‘Team Vegan’ Shane Sinclair defeated Brodie Coast and Mrs Silver
4. Ben Mana defeated Curtis Castlewood to retain the NZWPW NZ Heavyweight Championship
5. Team Maniacs (JPE and Bobby G) defeated Team KPW (Scarlett and El Falcoln)
6. Misty defeated Tammy Lee
7. Over the Top: James Shaw eliminates ‘Rufguts’ Roddy Gunn to become the #1 Contender for the NZWPW NZ Heavyweight Championship at PowerPlay XII


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