Snakepit Adelaide Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pooraka, Australia, October 16 and 18:
Night One
1. The Shadow Ninjas defeated “Dirty” Dingo Richards and “Arch Duke” Jonnathan Corvidae Esquire III
2. Doc Kinkaid defeated Ben Brooks
3. Tons Of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) defeated Monsters Inc (Eddie Draven and Gex Richards)
4. Adam Crowe defeated “Arch Duke” Jonnathan Corvidae Esquire III in an open challange match
5. Skelethug defeated A.J. Reid
6. King John E. Radic defeated Wam Bam Bellows following interference from Doc Kinkaid
7. Bryan Lawson defeated Snakepit Sunday Slam Champion Lord Matt Hayter via count out

Night Two:
1. Michael Weaver defeated “Nightmare” Eddie Draven via submission to become #1 contender for the Friday Night Fights championship
2. Miss Fortune defeated Matt Hayter via DQ following interference from Doc Kinkaid
3. Tyler Daniels defeated Damien Synn
4. Acid Haze, Bryan Lawson, Gex Richards and Marvin P. Newton eliminated The Revolution (Big Daddy Jack and Tex Rogers) and Tons Of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer)
5. Ashlee Taylor and “Cannonball” Kris Taylor defeated Doc Kinkaid and Izzy Shaw
6. Wam Bam Bellows defeated King John E. Radic in the Loser Eats Dog Food match
7. Ace Wilson defeated Blue Blood and The Jackal to retain the Snakepit Heavyweight Championship after Tyler Daniels interfered

Hunter Valley Wresting, Maitland, New South Wales, Australia, October 17:
1. Chris Abbott defeated Ethan Hughz after Hughz accepted Abbott’s Open Challenge
2. Slade Mercer defeated Joshua Gatt and Matt Bailey [Fight for the Right Tournament – Round 1]
3. Benny Factor defeated Keegan Brettle and Randal [Fight for the Right Tournament – Round 1]
4. MANtis and Tarlee defeated Johnny Whelan and Sofia Moralez
5. Alex Titan defeated Danger Paul
6. Slade Mercer defeated Benny Factor [Fight for the Right Tournament – Final]
*Since winning the Fight for the Right Tournament, Slade Mercer will face Ethan Carter III on December 12th.
7. Bubbles and Fergus Ferguson defeated The Entity (Anubis, Misfit and Mr. Mortis) via DQ
8. Syd Parker (3 points) drew with Mikey Lord (3 points) in a 30-Minute Iron Man Match to remain HVW Champion

New Horizon Pro Wrestling, Perth, Australia, October 17:
1. “Perth K9” Dane defeated “Hell’s Bodyguard” Inferno Muscle [King of Lucha – Round 1]
2. Bravo Tarir defeated “Knockout King” Tommy Gunn [King of Lucha – Round 1]
3. “Rampaging Bull” El Grande Toro defeated “Australia’s Strongest Man” Collosal Rodriguez [King of Lucha – Round 1]
4. “Sub Zero Soldier” Jaxon Cross defeated Iron Dragon [King of Lucha – Round 1]
5. El Grande Toro defeated Dane via countout [King of Lucha – Semi Final]
6. Bravo Tarir defeated Jaxon Cross [King of Lucha – Semi Final]
7. “Ferocious Flyer” El Bumblebee defeated “Golden God” Lazar in a Mask vs. Mask match
8. Bravo Tarir defeated El Grande Toro to become the 2015 King of Lucha [King of Lucha – Final

PROWL Wrestling, Cleveland Assembly Hall, Cleveland, Brisbane, Australia, October 17:
1. The Uprising (Alex Shepard, Astroshock and Bryce Mcallister) defeated The Street Revolution (Lynx Lewis Jr. and Renegade) and Stunning Sam
2. Lucas Gold defeated Ricky Rembrandt
3. Jade Diamond defeated PROWL Super Hulk Champion Tim Kade via DQ
4. Vixsin defeated Scarlett
5. Alex Shepard defeated Thirteen
6. PROWL Heavyweight Champion Rip Reilly defeated “Showtime” Jake Nova via DQ

Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance, Medina Hall, Medina, Australia, October 17:
1. Byron McKenzie defeated Taylor King
2. The Warship defeated Michelle K. Hasluck
3. SHWA Champion “The Don” Michael Morleone defeated “Big Dog” John Dozer via DQ. With the referee down, the champion smacked the belt loudly, threw it to Dozer and laid down. When the referee came to he saw Morleone down and Dozer holding the belt.
4. Ultra Mega Death Stallions (Jarrad Slate and Liam Mendel) defeated Crazy Train and Dan Steel (w/The Wraith)
5. “Rockin” Roxy Ryot defeated “Firefly” Felix Young
6. “The Smashing Machine” Chris Vice defeated Bodhi McKenzie and The Warship in a Triple Threat to earn a SHWA Championship Match at Ascension 7.

Newcastle Pro Wrestling, Charlestown Bowling Club, Charlestown, Australia, October 17:
1. Sean Kustom defeated Michael Spencer to retain the Newcastle Pro Middleweight Championship
2. Concrete Davidson defeated Matt “Grimm” Basso
3. Bryan Seeker defeated Blue Oni, Chris Hermes, InstaGraham, Madison Eagles and Mat Diamond to become the new #1 Contender for the Newcastle Pro Middleweight Championship
4. Shazza McKenzie defeated Harley Wonderland in a No DQ Match
5. The Mighty Swoldiers (Marcius Pitt and Mikey Broderick) defeated The Four Nations (Adam Hoffman and Jack Bonza)
6. Jessica Troy and Charli Evans vs. Jessica Troy ended in a draw
7. “Green Dragon” Mick Moretti defeated Robbie Eagles in a Ladder Match to retain the Newcastle Pro Heavyweight Championship

Australasian Wrestling Federation, AWF Headquarters, Michinbury, Australia, October 16:
1. TNT defeated Matt Bailey
2. Dean Draven defeated Jarrod Idol to retain the AWF Australasian Heavyweight Championship
3. Whiskey Sixx defeated AWF Australasian Champion Apollo via DQ
4. The Buccaneer, TNT and Whiskey Sixx defeated Apollo, Jarrod Idol and Jax Jordan

Impact Pro Wrestling, John Locke Theatre, Alfriston College, Manurewa, New Zealand, October 17
1. James Shaw defeated No Face in a Kendo Stick Match
2. Brook Duncan defeated Travis Banks
3. Megan Kate defeated Britenay and Carmen Rose
4. Mr Burns and Marcus Kool defeated Team Kick
5. Curt Chaos defeated Aaron Henry by Count Out
6. Kingi and Dunn defeated Richards and Khan
7. Johnny Idol defeated Elliot Sexton
8. Jakob Cross vs Dal Knox ended in a No Contest

Hughes Academy of Professional Wrestling, Kelston Intermediate School, Auckland, New Zealand, October 17:
1. Frank Quinn defeated Tami-Leigh Via Pinfall
2. Devin Lockhart defeated Graham Hughes Via Pinfall
3. Kingston Eclipse defeated El Oro Maximo Via Pinfall
4. Curtis Castlewood defeated Daniel Martins Via Pinfall after applying a sleeper rendering Daniel Martins unconscious
5. Rufguts defeated John Henry Via Pinfall
6. Misty defeated Frankie Quinn to retain the Hughes Academy Women’s Championship
7. Kartik defeated Charlie Roberts to retain the Hughes Academy Championship in a Falls count anywhere match


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