Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pooraka, Australia, October 23 and 25:
Night One
1. The Shadow Ninjas defeated The Empire (Doc Kinkaid and Matt Hayter)
2. Mann Dozer defeated Marvin P. Newton via submission
3. Damien Synn defeated Reilly St James
4. The Young Guns (AJ Reid and J.M.C) defeated The Revolution (“Arch Duke” Jonnathan Corvidae Esquire III and Tex Rogers)
5. Acid Haze defeated Joey Triton to retain the Snakepit Adelaide Open Championship
6. King John E. Radic defeated Bryan Lawson following interference from Doc Kinkaid
7. “Nightmare” Eddie Draven defeated Michael Weaver to retain the Snakepit Friday Night Fights Championship

Night Two:
1. Monsters Inc. (“Nightmare” Eddie Draven and Gex Richards) defeated “Dirty” Dingo Richards and Ryan Winters
2. Corporal Punishment defeated Dark Valentine
3. Adam Crowe defeated “Arch Duke” Jonnathan Corvidae Esquire III
4. Skel- Thug defeated Snakepit Adelaide Open Champion Acid Haze in a non-title match
5. Tons Of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) defeated Adam Crowe and AJ Reid
6. Ben Brooks, Bryan Lawson, Korey Kaiser and Wam Bam Bellows defeated The Empire (Doc Kinkaid, Izzy Shaw, King John E Radic and Matt Hayter) in the Battlefield Rumble

Outback Championship Wrestling, Melbourne, Australia, October 24:
1. Josh “The Axe” Shooter defeated Mohamad Ali Vaez to advance to the #1 Contenders Scramble later in the evening.
2. Payne and Preston defeated F.O.X and Sketch
3. Cletus defeated Cadman Turner in a Last Man Standing Match
4. Vixsin defeated Jessica Troy
5. Andy Phoenix defeated Josh “The Axe” Shooter, JXT and “Jurassic Punk” Syd Parker in a Four Way Scramble Match to become #1 Contender for the OCW World Championship
6. Kellyanne defeated Charli Evans
7. Dowie James defeated Mr. Anderson in a Two out of Three Falls Match (2-1)
8. Mad Dog McCrea defeated Matt “Grimm” Basso to retain the OCW Championship

New Horizons Pro Wrestling, Cockburn Youth Centre, Cockburn, Australia, October 24:
Pre-Show Match: Bodhi McKenzie won a Battle Royale to earn a spot in the match to crown the inaugural Warrior Rising Champion at “Final Chapter”. Other competitors included: Dane, Iron Dragon, “Sub Zero Soldier” Jaxon Cross, Lazar Armani, Liam Mendel, Mobo the Clown, Odin, Señor Butterfly and Switchblade.
1. “Seychelles Sensation” JL Ah-Weng defeated “Sub Zero Soldier” Jaxon Cross
2. King Shahil and Lazar Armani defeated “Australian Gothic” Heritor via knockout in a No DQ Handicap Match
3. “The Don” Michael Morleone defeated Switchblade to advance to the Art of Fighting Championship Match at “Final Chapter”
4. King Shahil defeated “Firefly” Felix Young (w/Zoe Quinn) and NHPW Hybrid Champion Kuhmana in the non-title Thy Kingdome Come match
5. “Legion of One” Jarrad Slate defeated David Nero to advance to the Art of Fighting Championship Match at “Final Chapter”
6. Aaron O’Malley defeated Iron Dragon
7. Aaron O’Malley defeated “Cannonball” Kris Taylor
8. Perth K9’s (Dane and Odin) defeated Heroes of Future Past (Bodhi McKenzie and Liam Mendel) to become #1 Contenders for the SST Legacy Tag Team Titles
9. “The Business” Aaron Jackson defeated “The Smashing Machine” Chris Vice to advance to the Art of Fighting Championship Match at “Final Chapter”

Revolution Wrestling, Hopper’s Crossing, Australia, October 24:
1. Cody Swift defeated El Tecniko
2. “FanTabulous” Micky Jackson defeated Jack Rossely
3. Paul Thornton defeated “Hypnotic” Chris Trance to retain the NCWF Australian Heavyweight Championship
4. Gabriel Wolfe defeated Ritchie Taylor via TKO to retain the King of the Underground Championship
5. Zak Douglas defeated “The Player” Jake Lindo via submission
6. The Jackal defeated NCWF Southern Star Champion Andy Gold (w/Ashley Sparks) in a non title match.
7. Joe Mundie defeated Benny Factor
8. Valkyrie Savage (w/Jack Savage) defeated El Griffin
9. Tyler Frost (w/Ava) defeated Damian Rivers, Jesse Hendy, Sketch and Skip Sampson in a Ladder Match to win the Young Lions Trophy

Warzone Wrestling Australia, Melton Community Hall, Melton, Victoria, Australia, October 24:
1. Vixsin defeated Kellyanne to win the Warzone Women’s Championship
2. Pitbull Craig Cole defeated Jack Bonza to win the Warzone Heavyweight Championship.
(Other results not known)

Impact Pro Wrestling, Armageddon Expo, Auckland, October 24 and 25
Night One:
1. Evie defeated Megan-Kate to win the IPWNZ Women’s Championship
2. Brook Duncan won the Armageddon Cup
(Other results not known)
Night Two:
1. Megan-Kate defeated Evie to win the IPWNZ Women’s Championship
2. Jake the Snake Roberts’ team defeated Travis Banks’ team in a 14-man tag match
3. Brodie Coast and Mason Daniels defeated Michael Richards and Pirate Burns
(Other results not known)

Australian results courtesy of Australian Indy Wrestling and the Warzone Wrestling Facebook page. New Zealand results from Impact Pro Wrestling’s Facebook page and the NZPWI website.


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