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European Wrestling Alliance, Haus de Begegnung, Angererstrasse, Vienna, Austria, November 21
Peter White defeated Igor Rachimov
Muslim Sultanov defeated Damon Brix
Moxie defeated Melanie Gray
Revolution Titan defeated Mexx
Chris Raaber defeated Demolition Davies to retain the EWA World Heavyweight Championship
TopCatch Europameisterschaft Title Match: Michael Kovac (c) vs. Absolute Andy – Double DQ
The Dirty Brothers (Der Söldner and Mr. Tattoo) and Chris Colen defeated The Swiss Connection (Drake Destroyer, Robert Dreissker and The Hellvetic Warrior)

Dansk Pro Wrestling (aka Danish Pro Wrestling), Remissen, Randers, Denmark, November 22
Espen Olsen defeated Nitro Green
Harley Rage and Michael Schenkenberg (w/Mr. PPV) defeated Demolition Davies and Ravn to win the DPW Tag Team Championship
Heimo The Wildman defeated Big D and Paul Tracey
Leeloo defeated DPW Light Heavyweight Champion Johnny Casanova by DQ
Chaos defeated Valentine
Steinbolt defeated FVN to retain the DPW Heavyweight Championship

German Hurricane Wrestling, Volkshaus, Klein-Gerau, Hessen, Germany, November 21
Patrick Schulz defeated Bad Bones John Klinger and Jurn Simmons
Karsten Beck defeated Farmer Joe
Carnage defeated Marius van Beethoven
Team Ha Ha (Bernd Föhr and Maggot) defeated Grid Iron (Aaron Insane and Chris Rush) in a tables, ladders and chairs match to retain the GHW Tag Team Championship
GHW District Champion Sasa Keel defeated Hakeem Waqur by DQ
20 Man Royal Rumble: Sasa Keel defeated Bernd Föhr, Carnage, Carsten Crank, Dirty Dragan, Farmer Joe, Francis Kaspin, Hakeem Waqur, Bad Bones John Klinger, Johnny Evers, Jurn Simmons, Karsten Beck, Kevin Hollister, Marius van Beethoven, Misfit, Mo Jnibi, Patrick Schulz, Steve Valentino, The Rotation and Thunder Hawk

Pro Wrestling Fighters, Stadthalle, Neumünster, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, November 21:
Michael Schenkenberg defeated Apu Singh
Pete Bouncer defeated Espen Olsen
Chaos and Steinbolt (w/Masterpiece Marsellus) defeated Nico Block and Nik Hellström
Andre Trucker defeated Masterpiece Marsellus
Leon van Gasteren defeated Paul Tracey
Valentine defeated Heimo Ukonselkä to win the PWF North-European Championship
14 Man Royal Rumble: Leon van Gasteren defeated Andre Trucker, Apu Singh, Chaos, Espen Olsen, Heimo Ukonselkä, Masterpiece Marsellus, Michael Schenkenberg, Nico Block, Nik Hellström, Paul Tracey, Pete Bouncer, Sascha Boeseler and Steinbolt

German Wrestling Federation, Huxleys Neue Welt, Berlin, Germany, November 21:
Orlando Silver defeated Bruce Sterling
Nickolas van Rijk lost to Mincer, Rene Richter, Robert Kaiser, Slinky and Vincenzo Coccotti to become the inaugural GWF Loserweight Champion
Caribbean Killer Rambo defeated Scotty Saxon
Cash Money Erkan defeated Ivan Kiev
Blue Nikita defeated Pollyanna to retain the GSW Ladies Championship
GWF All-Stars (Fabius Titus, Jake McCluskey and Tarkan Aslan) defeated Chaos Und Körperverletzung (Cem Kaplan and Koray) and Pascal Spalter
Crazy Sexy Mike defeated Ahmed Chaer, Flying Dragon and Ibo Latino to retain the GWF Heavyweight Title in a fatal four way (special guest referee Carlos Gallero)

Xtreme Italian Wrestling, Teatro di Esperia TV, Crotone, Italy, November 21
Sam Elias defeated Dogg in an open challenge
Achilles and Alexis defeated Bellator and Tenebra
Wolfman defeated Dragorion and Le Creatura
All Star Wrestling British Championship: Sam Elias (c) vs TigerKid – no contest

(Results courtesy of Cagematch and Xtreme Italian Wrestling)


Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pooraka, Australia, November 20 and 22:
Night One
The Young Guns (AJ Reid and J.M.C) defeated D.T Carter and “Arch Duke” Jonnathan Corvidae Esquire III
Damien Synn vs. Reilly St James ended in a double count out
Gex Richards defeated Tex Rogers to become #1 Contender for the Friday Night Fights Title
Blunt Force Trauma (Jake Viper and Michael Weaver) defeated Joey Triton and “The Deadly Shot” Kasai
Wam Bam Bellows defeated Big Daddy Jack via DQ
The Empire (Doc Kinkaid, Izzy Shaw and King John E Radic) defeated Pop Nation (Adam Crowe and Bryan Lawson)
“Nightmare” Eddie Draven defeated Acid Haze to retain the Snakepit Friday Night Fights Championship

Night Two:
The Empire (Doc Kinkaid and Izzy Shaw) defeated The Shadow Ninjas
Michael Weaver defeated “The Deadly Shot” Kasai
Blake “The Man” Mitchell defeated AJ Reid
Ace Wilson defeated Blake “The Man” Mitchell via count out
Michael Weaver last eliminated Kasai to win the All in All Sunday Brawl and become #1 Contender for the Sunday Slam Championship
Korey Kaiser defeated King John E Radic to retain the Snakepit Sunday Slam Championship

Australasian Wrestling Federation, Michinbury, Sydney, Australia, November 21:
12pm Session:
Deadpool won a Battle Royal
Jonah Rock defeated Link Barnett
Cadie Tre and James Kray defeated Dean Brady and Grimm
Green Smash defeated Del Taurino
2pm Session:
Jafar (Grimm) defeated Cadie Tre
Jonah Rock defeated Dean Valente and Link Barnett
Deadpool and Green Smash defeated Dean Brady and Del Taurino
Savannah Summers defeated Demi Bennett to retain the RCW Women’s Championship
4pm Session:
Green Smash vs. Grimm ended in no contest due to interference
Demi Bennett defeated Aria Gracie
Link Barnett defeated Dean Valente
Deadpool and Green Smash defeated Del Taurino and James Kray

Newcastle Pro Wrestling, Charlestown Bowling Club, Charlestown, Australia, November 21:
Michael Spencer defeated Mat Diamond
Jessica Troy defeated Rachel Rose via submission
Robbie Eagles defeated Dane Sinclair
Mick Moretti defeated Caveman Ugg
Sean Kustom defeated Brian Seeker via count out to retain the Newcastle Pro Middleweight Championship
Chris Hermes and Matt Rogers defeated Dan Wilson and Self 3 Instagram via submission
Shazza McKenzie defeated Harley Wonderland in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

Pacific Pro Wrestling, Bundamba State Secondary College, Bundamba, Australia, November 21:
Tim Kade defeated Triple X Rated
Astro Shock, Blair Seeker and Chet Jacobs defeated Lynx Lewis Jr, Renegade and Sam Richards
Thirteen defeated Koi Bombora
Rufio defeated Alex Shepard via DQ
Lucas Gold defeated Ricky Rembrandt 2-1 in a two out of three falls match to retain the Pacific Light Heavyweight Championship
Kellyanne defeated Vixsin to retain the Pacific Women’s Championship
Johnny Lukas defeated AJ Istria to become the new the Pacific Heavyweight Champion

Platinum Wrestling Entertainment, Colac RSL, Colac, Australia, November 21:
Slade Mercer defeated Josh “The Axe” Shooter to retain the King of Colac trophy and the Platinum Heavyweight Title #1 Contendership
EGO (F.O.X and JXT w/Hawko) defeated Leon Knights and Tyler Frost (w/Avary) [Platinum Enterprises Tag Team Championship Tournament – Semifinal]
Tass Alexander defeated The Enforcer (w/Benny English)
H20 (Damian Rivers and Mitch Waterman) defeated pAnic (Syd Parker and Benny Factor) [Platinum Enterprises Tag Team Championship Tournament – Semifinal]
Dowie James defeated King of the Underground Champion Gabriel Wolfe in a Title Unification match to retain the Platinum Enterprises Heavyweight Championship. However, seeing as the match was not won by knockout or tap out, Wolfe remains the King of The Underground Champion!
Drew “Sketch” Clissold defeated Xavier Black in a Hardcore Match

Queensland Wrestling Alliance, Townsville Greek Community Centre, November 21:
Australian Wolf vs. QWA Champion Seth Tylors ended in a time limit draw
Curtus Jaxx and Nick Skitz defeated Six till Two (His Royal Tenis & Tower of Power) to retain the QWA Tag Team Titles
Rocko Rumblè vs. Stitches hair vs. hair match ended in no contest. The Ref was knocked out during match which lead to Seth Tylors coming out in referee shirt. He stopped at a 2 count on Rocko’s pin before superkicking him. Australian Wolf ran out to save Rocko due to the interference but not before clumps of hair had been shaved from Rumble’s head onto the ring.
Gingero defeated Minion Stewart
Australian Wolf defeated Curtus Jaxx, Gingero, Haze, His Royal Tenis, Minion Stewart, Nick Skitz, Rocko Rumblè, Seth Tylors, Stitches and Tower of Power to win the QWA $10,000 Rumble

Tasmanian Championship Wrestling, Devonport Recreation Centre, Devonport, Tasmania, Australia, November 21:
Omega defeated Mr. Old School
Eddie Jones defeated Killrog in a Title Shot vs. Career match
Ace Deluca defeated Chris Trance
TCW Champion Zakk Archer defeated Diablo via DQ after Eddie Jones interfered
Omega and Zakk Archer defeated El Cartel

(Results thanks to Australian Indy Wrestling)

Before we get into this week’s results we just want to send our sympathy to all those affected by the terror attacks in France this week. There were due to be shows for Ouest Catch and Fighters Revenge Pro Wrestling but those had to be postponed/cancelled after the state of emergency was called. We hope that all the wrestlers and wrestling fans are safe.

Flemish Wrestling Force, De Griffel, Tessenderlo, Belgium, November 14
The Heroes Of Tomorrow (Dynamite Kev and Silver Bullet) defeated The Scum Of Society (Adam Goodrich and Gridlock) to retain the FWF Tag Team Championship
Andrei Ivanov vs. Sean Lucas – Double Count Out
Rex Rage defeated Johnny Evers and Richie Julio
Robbie Maddox defeated Jack Ferrigno to retain the FWF Flemish Championship
Chardonnay defeated Pollyanna
Homeless Tom defeated Luther Ward to win the FWF World Wrestling Championship

Deutsche Wrestling Allianz, Dorfgemeinschaftshaus Wittorf, Visselhövede, Niedersachsen, Germany, November 14
Dark Match: Nik Hellström defeated Nico Block
DWA European Title #1 Contendership Triple Threat Match: Tarkan Aslan defeated Cash Money Erkan and Scotty Saxon
Ivan Kiev defeated Gabriel Angelfyre to win the DWA Cruiserweight Championship
G-Spot (Louis van Eden and Mot van Kunder) defeated Chaos Und Körperverletzung (Cem Kaplan and Koray), Crazy Johnny Tiger and Machine, and Darkmondo and Tyler Gage in a fatal four way elimination match to win the DWA Tag Team Championship
DWA World Heavyweight Title Match: Doug Williams defeated Rob Raw (c) by DQ
The Alpha Female defeated Blue Nikita to retain the DWA Ladies Championship
Rob Cage defeated Andre Trucker to win the DWA European Championship

Westside Xtreme Wrestling, Vogelsanghalle, Stralsund, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany, November 14:
Bad Bones John Klinger defeated Marius van Beethoven and The Rotation

Wrestling Foundation Waldkraiburg, Hamburg, Germany, November 14:
The Predators (Demolition Davies and Apu Singh) defeated Günter Schmid and T-K-O to win the NCW Tag Team Championship

Pro Wrestling Malta, Montekristo Estates, Siggiewi, Malta, November 14
La Famiglia (Connor Matthew and Giuseppe) defeated Team Britain (Danny and Elliot)
Shanna defeated Dragonita
Juventud Guerrera defeated Matt Swinger
La Famiglia Rules Match: Francesco Messina defeats Kieran Young
Gianni De La Valette defeated Tiger Ali
Francesco Messina won a battle royal to win the vacant PWM Heavyweight Championship

Northern Storm Wrestling/Union Of European Wrestling Alliances, NSW Hall, St Petersburg, Russia, November 14
Eugene Medvedev defeated Ivan Mourne by DQ
Shaman defeated Yarobor
NSW Women’s Title Tournament Match: Roona defeated Reya
Tsar Grigory I defeated Dmitry Vasilyev
Alcor and Joker defeated Kamchatka 270 (Denis Rudenko and Max Rustamov) to win the NSW Tag Team Championship
Non Title Match: Anton Deryabin defeated LaPatka by Count Out
Alex Anderson and Ronnie Crimson defeated Egor Sokolov and Ruslan Angelov
Freddy Machete defeated Anatoly Moroz and Grizzly to retain the NSW Extreme Championship

Spanish Pro Wrestling, Espai Jove La Fontana, Barcelona, Spain, November 15
Leon Dorado defeated DJ Issi and Fenrir
Fieras del Ring (Jon Hammer and Pol Badia) defeat Jeffrey Pac and Marc Grizzly
Morthus defeated Gravity Zero
La Jerarquia (Barracuda, Jocoso Jr. and Xenomantis) defeat Protato Monsters (Antonio Cortes and Jaime Lector) and Revil
Axel Salazar defeated Santiago Sangriento to retain the SPW Championship

(Results courtesy of Cagematch and Demolition Davies)

International Wrestling Australia, The Juniors, Kingsford, Australia, November 12
Josh Gatt defeated Ethan Hughz
Randal defeated Matt Bailey
Mikey Lord defeated”D-RAILER” Chris Abbott
Harley Wonderland and Rachel Rose defeated The Floozies (Charli Evans and Jessica Troy)
Apollo defeated Keegan to retain the IWA Trans Tasman Championship
Alex Titan and Ryan Eagles vs. Mark Mercedes and Tyson Gibbs ended in a no contest after Mercedes turned on Gibbs.
Ryan Eagles defeated Tyson Gibbs to become the new IWA Heavyweight Champion

Queensland Championship Wrestling, Queensland, Australia, November 13:
Simon Tokoroa and TJ Warrior defeated Street Revolution in the final of a Tag Team Gauntlet to become UPW Tag Team Champions
Natas won a Rumble Match
Flashman defeated Sweet Ass
Rip Reilly defeated Triple X, Thirteen and Ricky Rembrandt in a Four-Way Hardcore Match to win the QCW South and North QLD Titles

Australian Wrestling Entertainment, November 13:
Kyle Valiant defeated 5 Star Flash
Mike Mercy defeated Kingston Eclipse
The Masked Mauler defeated Major Miles
Luke Knight (w/Elecktra and Mr. Money) defeated Vinnie Vain (w/Miss Honey) to retain the AWE Championship
Big Bad Nick, Phil Picasso and “The Maniac” Wayne Mattei defeated The Money Stable (Bruza The Serb, Hudson Kai and Tukahe w/ Mr.Money) in a Steel Cage Match

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pooraka, Australia, November 14:
Blunt Force Trauma (Jake Viper and Michael Weaver) defeated Tons Of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer)
Damien Synn defeated Ryan Winters
Acid Haze defeated “Nightmare” Eddie Draven to retain the Snakepit Adelaide Open Championship
The Empire (Doc Kinkaid and Matt Hayter) defeated Pop Nation (Adam Crowe and Bryan Lawson) to retain the Snakepit Tag Team Titles
King John E. Radic defeated Wam Bam Bellows
“Arch Duke” Jonnathan Corvidae Esquire III and The Revolution (Big Daddy Jack and Tex Rogers) defeated Ace Wilson, Gex Richards and Korey Kaiser
The Jackal defeated Blue Blood via DQ

Night Cap Wrestling Federation, November 14:
Cody Swift defeated Richie Taylor
Alistair defeated Marcus James
Gauntlet Match: Jeric Craven defeated CJ Redfield, then Jeric Craven defeated The Masked Menace to be reinstated and get a future title shot. Craven told NCWF owner The Captain that he now wants his birth name on his contract – Chris Law.
Andy Gold defeated Joey Eclipse to retain the NCWF Southern Star Championship. After the match Eclipse broke Gold’s wrist.
Avary defeated Felicity Briscoe and Kira Sommers
El Tecniko defeated Skip Sampson to become #1 contender for the Southern Star Championship
Pauly Thornton defeated Leon Knight to retain the NCWF Heavyweight Championship
Gabriel Wolfe defeated Tyler Frost in a No DQ Match.

Melbourne City Wrestling, Thornsbury Theatre, November 15:
Juice-XT (JXT and Mr. Juicy) defeated The Armstrongs (Jett and Jett Armstrong), Preston and Payne and Smart Casual (BJ and Ryan w/Pierce) to win the Juice-XT Invitational – Four Corners Elimination Match and become #1 Contender’s for the MCW Tag Team Titles
Syd Parker defeated Cletus and Rufio in the Air Force Three Match
Dowie James defeated Travis Banks to retain the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship
Hard Way Inc. (Jay Andrews and Mike Burr) defeated Axe 2 Grind (Fox Grinder and Josh “The Axe” Shooter) in a Tables Match
The Estate (Cousin Ali and Emanuelle w/Sebastian Walker) defeated The Loose and Wreckless (Adam Brooks and Dowie James) to become the new MCW Tag Team Champions
Kellyanne defeated Evie
Elliot Sexton defeated Tommy Hellfire (w/Siren Monroe) in a Steel Cage Match to retain the MCW Heavyweight Championship

Explosive Pro Wrestling, Cyril Jackson Recreation Centre, Perth, Australia, November 14:
EPW Tag Team Championship Gauntlet Match: Generation Zero (Hayden Zenith and “The Don” Michael Morleone) defeated EPW Tag Team Champions Cowboys and Indians (“Outlaw” Billy Williams and Eddy Bombay), Generation Zero defeated Dan Moore and Jarrad Slate, McMassive (Gavin McGavin and Mike Massive) defeated Generation Zero to become the new EPW Tag Team Champions
Bodhi McKenzie defeated Byron McKenzie in the Brother vs. Brother match
“Big Rig” Scotty Ryan defeated Adam Banks, Allyson Cruz, Prince Elliot Forbes, “Firefly” Felix Young, Jonathan Wimbledon, Jordan Bishop, Taylor King and Twitch to win the Last Chance Invitational Battle Royale after last eliminating Cruz.
Jonah Rock defeated Bobby Marshall in the brutal Monster Challenge
Logan Grey defeated Dan Steel, “Big Rig” Scotty Ryan and “Shotgun” Tyler Jacobs to win the Invitational Tournament Final
The Solution (AZ Vegara, ”The Messiah” Davis Storm and The Warship w/Amity Row) def. Alex ”AK-47” Kingston and ”The Smashing Machine” Chris Vice in the Solution Rules – Anything Goes Tornado Tag Match
Blair Brady defeated Michelle K. Hasluck (w/Prince Elliot Forbes)
Marcius Pitt defeated Damian Slater and Mikey Nicholls in a 3-Way to become the new EPW Champion

Impact Pro Wrestling, John Locke Theater, Alfriston College, 550 Porchester Road, Manurewa, November 14
Carmen Rose defeated Megan Kate to win the IPWNZ Women’s Championship
Brodie Coast and Mason Daniels defeating Khan and Richards to become number one contenders for the New Zealand Tag Team Championships
Heavyweight title tournament quarterfinals:
James Shaw defeated Curt Chaos
Dal Knox defeated No Face
Liger defeated Brook Duncan
Johnny Idol defeated Shane Sinclair

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pooraka, Australia, November 6 and 8:
Night one
Tons Of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) defeated The Shadow Ninjas
Big Daddy Jack defeated Snakepit FNF Champion “Nightmare” Eddie Draven via count out
Acid Haze defeated Skele-Thug to retain the Snakepit Adelaide Open Championship
Michael Weaver and Reilly St James defeated Bryan Lawson and Damien Synn
Adam Crowe defeated Doc Kinkaid
King John E. Radic defeated Korey Kaiser via submission
AJ Reid and Gex Richards defeated “Dirty” Dingo Richards and Ryan Winters
Miss Fortune defeated Matt Hayter
Night Two:
Tons Of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) defeated AJ Reid and Wam Bam Bellows
Bryan Lawson defeated Doc Kinkaid via DQ following interference from Matt Hayter
Gex Richards defeated “Arch Duke” Jonnathan Corvidae Esquire III
Acid Haze vs. “Nightmare” Eddie Draven ended in a double count out
King John E. Radic defeated Adam Crowe
Korey Kaiser defeated Matt Hayter to become the new Snakepit Sunday Slam Champion

Australian Wrestling Entertainment, New South Wales, Australia, November 6:
Kyle Valiant defeated Richie Vegas
Vinnie Vain defeated Mike Mercy to become #1 contender for the AWE Championship
“The Maniac” Wayne Mattei defeated Mikey Broderick
The Masked Mauler defeated Concrete Davidson
Luke Knight defeated Mr. Exclusive to become the new the AWE Champion
Bruza and Hudson Kai vs. Phil Picasso and Psykotic ended in DQ

Australian Wrestling Allstars, Fortitude Valley, Australia, November 7:
Turbo Wolf defeated Lucas Gold
Team Fight or Die (Blair Seeker and Chet Jacobs) defeated Johnny Hardwood and Mega Cyclone
Kelso Kahoniz defeated Johnny Lukas to become the new #YOLO Champion
TitanCito defeated Damien Thorne
Rufio defeated Alex Shepard to retain the AWA Heavyweight Championship
The Masked Revolution (Australian Wolf, Bai Loong, Combat Wombat, Hugh Manatee and Turbo Wolf) defeated Rejected Inc. (Commissioner Matty T, Rip Rielly, Savage, Thirteen and Triple X Rated) in a War Games match

Rock and Roll Wrestling, November 6 and 7:
Night One, Kemblawara Portuguese Club
Jack Bonza defeated Michael Spencer
Captain Keato vs. Otis ended in a no contest
Robbie Eagles def. “Full Force” Mat Rogers
Jordan Black and JT Robinson defeated The Hive (Bee Boy and MANtis)
Hunter Hayes defeated Sean Kustom to retain the UWA Heavyweight Championship
Night Two, Daptio Citizens Bowling Club:
Hydro defeated JT Robinson
Danger Paul defeated “The Deadly Shot” Kasai
Captain Keato and Otis defeated Hudson Kai and Tukahe
“Full Force” Mat Rogers defeated The Crimson Mask
Luke Knight defeated Mr. Exclusive (w/Mr. Waterhouse) to retain the UWA Heavyweight Championship on behalf of an injured Hunter Hayes.

New Age Wrestling, St Albion, Australia, November 7:
Leon Knights defeated CJ Redfield [South Pacific Qualifier Series]
Jake Navara defeated Gabriel Wolfe [South Pacific Qualifier Series]
Sketch defeated Benny Factor via Count Out [South Pacific Qualifier Series]
EGO (F.O.X and JXT) and H20 (Damian Rivers and Mitch Waterman) defeated Lunatic Militia (Joey Eclipse, Marcus Blaike, Paul Thornton and Xavier Black) in a Street Fight
El Tecniko defeated Josh Shooter to retain the NAW South Pacific Championship
“The Player” Jake Lindo defeated Judd “The Studd” Newman in a Last Man Standing Match to become the new NAW Heavyweight Champion
The Enforcer and Mad Dog McCrea (w/Vixsin) defeated George “The Hitman” Julio and Lobo in a Steel Cage Match

Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance, Medina Hall, November 7:
Jarrad Slate (w/Liam Mendel) defeated Jagger Stevens (w/David Nero)
The Warship defeated Byron McKenzie
Taylor King defeated Del Cano
Taylor King defeated Bodhi McKenzie
David Nero (w/Jagger Stevens) defeated Liam Mendel (w/Jarrad Slate)
Michelle K. Hasluck and “Rockin” Roxy Ryot defeated Izzy Shaw and “Firefly” Felix Young
Crazy Train defeated Elliot Forbes (w/Ebenizah J. Klaus) via DQ after Nero and Stevens attacked Train
“The Smashing Machine” Chris Vice and “Big Dog” John Dozer defeated Generation Zero (Hayden Zenith and Michael Morleone)

Riot City Wrestling, Latvian Hall, Wayville, South Australia, November 7:
FuZion defeated Zak Sabbath
Andy “Voodoo” Roy defeated Green S.M.A.S.H and Luke Santamaria in a 3 Way Dance
“Fastest Man Alive” Brad Smyth defeated Emanuelle
The Armstrongs (Jett and Nick Armstrong) defeated The Rude Ones (Bulldog McKenzie and Marvel)
Dean Brady and James Kray defeated Cadie Tré and Tony Toro
Demi Bennett vs. RCW Women’s Champion Savannah Summers ended in no contest following interference from Blair Alexis and Quinn
Hammer defeated “World Class” Chris Basso in a Street Fight

Pro Wrestling Australia, Casula Powerhouse, Australia, November 7:
William Kahn (w/Bishop Sommers) defeated Alex Titan
El Honcho defeated Big Fudge
Reilly O’Neil (fka MANtis) defeated El Honcho Jr.
PWWA Champion Charli Evans vs. Harley Wonderland ended in no contest after Special Referee Shazza McKenzie would hit Evans after another attempted attack by Adam Hoffman.
Adam Hoffman and Sean Kustom defeated Dan Wilson and Michael Spencer.
Brian Seeker defeated PWA Champion Jack Bonza after answering Bonza’s non-title open challenge
Brian Seeker vs. Jack Bonza vs. Massive Q vs. Robbie Eagles 4-Way match. Result unknown.
The Harajuku Hipsters (Blue Oni and InstaGraham) defeated Damian Slater and Hartley Jackson to retain the PWA Tag Team Titles

Maniacs United, Henderson Valley School, 389 Henderson Valley Road, New Zealand, November 7
Jason Brody defeated Rufguts
Devin Lockhart defeated Frankie Quinn
Lex Smith defeated Phil Woodgate
Stix defeated Bryant via DQ
Kingston Eclipse and Blaze defeated Graham Hughes and Curtis Castlewood
JPE (Just Plain Evil) defeated Scarlett to become the new New Zealand Women’s champion

Southern Pro Wrestling, Queenstown Ice Arena, Queenstown, Otago, New Zealand, November 7:
Johnny Idol defeated Travis Banks
James Shaw defeated ‘King’ Wilbur
The IWI (Te Tahi’ Vinny Dunn and Kingi) defeated The Destroyers (Slade Mercer and Jade Diamond) to retain the Impact Pro Wrestling New Zealand Tag Team Titles
Shane Sinclair defeated Johnny Idol after Aaron Henry unfortunately had to step aside due to a serious concussion
Charlie Roberts defeated Hustla
Hooligan Marcus Kool defeated Powerhouse T Rex in a No Disqualification Match.

(Results courtesy of Australian Indy Wrestling, Maniacs United and Southern Pro Wrestling)

Pro Wrestling Allstars, Brasserie De Schorre, Boom, Belgium, November 7
Dark Tag Team Match: Danny Sparks and Mikey Blaze defeated Cyborg and John Doe (w/Nina)
PWA European Allstar Title Qualifying Matches:
Gabriel Angelfyre defeated Mot van Kunder
Lloyd Pengel defeated Fabulous Nicky
Young Money Chong (w/Coach Montanus) defeated Joel Vox
Tengkwa defeated Kid Lux
Raw Rage (Rex Rage and Rob Raw) defeated Jamie de la Combe and Richie Julio to retain the PWA Tag Team Championship
Johnny Evers defeated Dragan in a brass knuckles on a pole match to win the PWA DareDevil Title
Kazza G, Mot van Kunder, Rami Romeo and Steve Venom defeated Hard Rock Inc. (Jeff McCready, Jessie Jones, Jimmy Lightning and Nick Mustayne)
Gabriel Angelfyre defeated Lloyd Pengel, Tengkwa and Young Money Chong to win the vacant PWA European Allstar Title
Johnny Evers defeated Gabriel Angelfyre to win the PWA European Allstar Title

Westside Xtreme Wrestling, KD Ladvi, Prague, Czech Republic, November 7
The Arrows Of Hungary (Dover and Icarus) defeated Champions Of Champions (Absolute Andy and Bad Bones John Klinger)
Julian Nero defeated Da Mack
Ivanov defeated Ozzy Spencer
Tyler Bate defeated Marius van Beethoven
Mike Schwarz defeated Nitro
Cerberus (Ilja Dragunov and Robert Dreissker) defeated Sumerian Death Squad (Michael Dante and Tommy End) in a #1 contenders match
Kim Ray (w/Ivanov) defeated Axel Dieter Jr. to retain the DTU Alto Rendimiento Title
ATOM and Big Daddy Walter defeated Jurn Simmons and Karsten Beck (Special guest referee: Nigel McGuinness)

Fight Club Finland, Gloria Arena, Helsinki, Finland, November 5
Jessica Love vs. Starbuck – No Contest
Jessica Love and Starbuck defeated King Kong Karhula and Pyöveli Petrov
Ricky Vendetta defeated Mikko Maestro
HC Andersen and Tohtori Ioni defeated The Luupää Bros (Jake Luupää and Vili Luupää)
Regina defeated Aurora
20 Man Royal Rumble, Winner: King Kong Karhula

Championship of Wrestling, Jahnturnhalle, Birkenfeld, Germany, November 7
Joker defeated Medi
Crusher defeated The Crow
Alpha Female defeated Moxie
Bruder Chaos defeated Rick Taylor
Team Bernhard Wulff defeated Team Malice
Berd Föhr and Izzy Gallegos defeated Dean Jazzman and Kurt O’Reilly
Michael Kovac defeated Bam
Farmer Joe defeated Burchill, Joker and Murat Khan to become the inaugural winner of the CoW Interstate Title

German Wrestling Federation, Sporthalle Schlutup, Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, November 7:
Fabius Titus defeated Vincenzo Coccotti
Pete Bouncer defeated Felix Amocs
Pete Bouncer defeated Jaxx to retain the GWF Next Wrestling Star title
Nickolas von Rijk defeated Rene Richter
Cem Kaplan and Koray defeated Ivan Kiev and Orlando Silver to retain the GWF Tag Team Titles
Andre Trucker vs. Caribbean Killer Rambo – Double Count Out
Cash Money Mafia (Cash Money Erkan and Murat AK) defeated Big JAWS and Heiko Steffen
Crazy Sexy Mike defeated Pascal Spalter and Tarkan Aslan in a three-way match to retain the GWF Heavyweight Title

Westside Xtreme Wrestling, Factory Arena, Magdeburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany, November 8:
Absolute Andy and Marius Al-Ani defeated Die Schilds (Bobby Gunns and Vincent The Beast)
Marius van Beethoven defeated The Rotation
Mike Schwarz defeated Marius van Beethoven
Hot And Spicy (Axel Dieter Jr. and Da Mack) defeat Die Waschbären (Franz Engel and Laurance Roman)
Kim Ray defeated Johnny Rancid to retain the DTU Alto Rendimiento Title
Ilja Dragunov defeated Big Daddy Walter by DQ
Bad Bones John Klinger and Tyler Bate defeated Karsten Beck and Kevin Roadster (Special guest referee: Nigel McGuinness)

Italian Championship Wrestling, Centro Sportivo SportIdea di San Donnino, Firenze, Italy, November 7
Bon Giovanni defeated Incubo
Constantino defeated Riot
Magic Degan and Jet defeated Antonio Piddu and Street Dog
Killer Mask (w/Eretika) defeated Picchio Rosso
Alex Flash defeated Doblone
Pegaso defeated Extreme Panther
I Latin Lover (Bon Giovanni and Rafael) defeated I Discepoli del Dolore (Incubo and Mr Excellent) by DQ

Norges Wrestlingforbund aka Norwegian Wrestling Federation, BUL Salen, Oslo, Norway, November 7
Adrian Storm defeated Aron Frost
Hirden (Garm Støylen, Samhain and Sven Berg) defeated Allan Ackles, Heresh Kurdi and Ruslan
Career vs. Career Street Fight: Victor Dale defeated Argon
Krigsherrene (Bjørn Sem and Hannibal) defeated Tommy P and Valentine (w/Natasja) to retain the NWF Tag Team Title
Daniel Sebastian defeated T-Jay to retain the NWF Heavyweight Title
Erik Isaksen defeats Chaos to win the Union Of European Wrestling Alliances European Heavyweight Title

Swiss Power Wrestling,
Yoshihiro Yamada defeated Adrian Johnatans to win the SPW Championship in a casket match
(Other results not known)

(Results courtesy of Cagematch, the Italian Championship Wrestling and Swiss Power Wrestling websites and the Championship of Wrestling Facebook page)

Ouest Catch, Mordelles, France, October 31
Maxime Chaoson defeated Kevin Hornet
Jack Spayne defeated Seznec
Non Title Match: Tristan Archer defeated Theo Savate
Kira defeated Amale Winchester
Peter Fischer defeated Damien Barone to retain the Ouest Catch Title
Seznec and Tristan Archer defeated Jack Spayne and Theo Savate

Westside Xtreme Wrestling Academy, Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, October 31
Johnny Evers defeated Young Money Chong
Steve Valentino defeated Dynamite Dave
Franz Engel and Rick Baxxter defeated Chemnitz Catch Connection (Jens Maul and Uwe Zilsch)
Mike Schwarz defeated Robert Kaiser
Reich Und Schön (Kevin Roadster and Marius van Beethoven) defeated Francis Kaspin and Michael DeMarc

German Wrestling Promotion, Markgrafensaal, Schwabach, Bayern, Germany, October 31:
Ivan Kiev defeated Ken Floyd to win the Dragonhearts Championship
Stella defeated Vanessa La Bestia
Schwabacher Stadtmeisterschaft Six Way Match: Cash Money Erkan defeated Bam, Chris Falcon, Jonny Storm, Rocky Lottatore and Thunderhawk
T-K-O defeated Marty Scurll
Farmer Joe, Georg Gwärch and Insane Killer (w/Dr. Mary Nova) defeated Boombastic, Bruder Chaos and Dean Jazzman
Mr. Wrestling V defeated Chris Colen in a Schwabach street fight to retain the Title
Will Ospreay defeated Darrell Allen
Juvenile X defeated Johnny Moss and Murat Bosporus to retain the GWP World Title

Power of Wrestling, Festhalle, Kutenholz, Niedersachsen, Germany, October 31:
Pascal Spalter defeated Orlando Silver
Four Corners Elimination Halloween Dress Match: Hakeem Waqur defeated Crazy Sexy Mike, Rambo and Scotty Saxon
James Mason defeated Doug Williams in a lumberjack match
Philipp Ebner defeated Michael Jaritz
Chris Raaber defeated Demolition Davies in a last man standing match

Italian Championship Wrestling, San Secondo di Pinerolo, Torino, Italy, October 31
Marcio Silva defeated Jari Syberia
Simon Silas defeated Hydra
Il Corvo Bianco defeated Danny Price (w/Giacinto Denari)
Blake and Geminy defeated I Discepoli Del Dolore (Jester and Mr. Excellent) (c) by DQ in an ICW Italian Tag Team Title match
Irene defeated Jokey
Red Devil defeated Psycho Mike in a hardcore rules match

Channel Islands World Wrestling, Merton Hotel, Saint Saviour, November 1
Soviet Express (Yuri and Dimitri Dugganovski) defeated The Masters of the Universe to win the CIWW Tag Team Championship.

Dutch Pro Wrestling, Hoek van Holland, Netherlands, November 1
Hugo Atilles defeated Mot van Kunder
Chris Willson defeated Max Damon
Jimmy Gavroche defeated Bernard Vandamme
Alex Cyanide defeated Emil Sitoci
Mickie James defeats Sara Elektra
Jeff Jarrett vs. Mark Kodiak – No Contest
Tag Team Gauntlet Match: The Bastards (Angus McQueen and Steve Taurus) defeated Zero10 (Carlos Roberto and Daniel van Kuijk) and G-Spot (Louis van Eden and Mot van Kunder), RiotFist (Joey Fields and The Trouble Maker) and The Party Generation (Danny Love and Johnny Evers)
Kenzo Richards defeated Hugo Perez
Dutch Heavyweight Title Match
Santos defeated Nick Aldis (aka Magnus) to retain the Dutch Heavyweight Title
Mark Kodiak defeated Santos to win the Dutch Heavyweight Title

Independent Wrestling Federation, Avangard Hall, Moscow, Russia, October 31
OMEN (Ronnie Crimson and Serge White) defeated America’s Hope (Leo and Tim) (w/Richard T. Mone)
Mephisto defeated Aeri and Ramona
Anton Deryabin defeated The Sledgehammer to retain the IWF Heavyweight Championship
Shield And Sword (Rave and The Gladiator) defeated Joker and Shocker to retain the IWF Tag Team Championship
IWF Moscow Title Match: Serge Sullivan (c) vs. Dmitry Orlov – No Contest
Sergei Khodak defeats Sanya Pankov in an I Quit match
Team Evil (Freddy Machete, LaPatka and Nick Chui) defeated Butovo Scum (Alexei Schukin, Ivan Markov and Vladimir Kulakov)

Riot Wrestling, Espai Jove Les Basses, Barcelona, Spain, October 31
R7 (Dave Steel and Ricky Barcelo) defeated Los Amansaguapos (Jahre and JB)
Latination (Carranza and Mandril Escobar) defeated Law And Order (Folo and Pacheco)
Adriano defeated Marc Grizzly and Pol Badia in a handicap match
Fuego Rudo defeated Bad Boy
La Pulga defeated Ricky Barcelo

(Results courtesy of Cagematch and Channel Islands World Wrestling)

International Wrestling Australia, 99 on York, Sydney, Australia, October 29
1. Matt Bailey defeated ”New Age Ninja” Mikey Lord in a No Holds Barred Match
2. Apollo defeated Chris Abbott, Ethan Hughz, Josh Gatt, Keegan Brettle and Randal in a Gauntlet Match to retain the IWA Trans-Tasman Championship
3. Tyson Gibbs defeated Alex Titan and Ryan Eagles in a 3-Way Match to retain the IWA Championship

Adelaide Championship Wrestling, Karadinga Sports Centre, Adelaide, Australia, October 30:
1. The Nacho Man defeated El Griffo
2. Damien Rivers defeated El Neon
3. Faceless defeated Zak Douglas via count out. The Barron was scheduled to compete in this match, however due to injury The Barron nominated Faceless to represent him in this match of the tournament [ACW Heavyweight Championship Tournament – Round 1]
4. Joey Eclipse defeated Tecniko
5. Jack Rossely defeated Jesse Hendy [ACW Heavyweight Championship Tournament – Round 1]
6. Simple Simon defeated Gabriel Wolfe and Joe Mundie in a triple threat match

Professional Championship Wrestling, Rowville, Australia, October 31:
1. Stevie Filip defeated Ryan Rapid to earn a spot on PCW Anniversary Spectacular
2. Blake “Mr Big” Johnston defeated Luke Sabre
3. “Relentless” Mark Kage defeated “Brick Wall” Lee Burns
4. Nick Aaron (w/Natasha Webb) defeated Elias (w/Bianca)
5. Anthony Dangerfield defeated Nash Archer
6. Gary Farmer won the 2015 PCW Destiny Battle Royal
7. WAIK defeated ”The Mozzie” Cass Stone, Manny Gunner, Nate Cross and Rocco to win the PCW Destiny Ladder Match, and winning the 12-Month PCW Contract

Queensland Wrestling Alliance, Townsville Community Centre, Townsville, Queensland, Australia, October 31:
1. Haze defeated Rocko Rumblé in a Trick or Treat Match
2. Gingero defeated Combat Wombat
3. Curtus Jaxx and Nick Skitz defeated Six till Two (His Royal Tenis and Tower of Power) in a Tables Match to become the new QWA Tag Team Champions
4. Australian Wolf defeated The Choff
5. Seth Tylors defeated Stitches in a Barbed Wire Board Match to retain the QWA Championship

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pooraka, Australia, October 31:
1. Damien Synn last eliminated John E. Radic (as John Cena) to win a Royal Rumble
2. Acid Haze and Michael Weaver defeated ”Nightmare” Eddie Draven and Wam Bam Bellows
3. Acid Haze defeated Michael Weaver to retain the Snakepit Adelaide Open Championship
4. The Empire (Doc Kinkaid and Matt Hayter) defeated Pop Nation (Adam Crowe and Bryan Lawson) (c), The Revolution (Big Daddy Jack and Tex Rogers) and Tons Of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) in a Fatal Four Way Match to become the new Snakepit Tag Team Champions
5. ”Cannonball” Kris Taylor defeated King John E. Radic in a Steel Cage Match
6. Ace Wilson defeated The Jackal in a Steel Cage Match to retain the Snakepit Heavyweight Championship

Australasian Wrestling Federation, AWF Headquarters, Michinbury, Australia, October 31:
1. The Misfit defeated Jax Jordan
2. TNT and Whiskey Sixx defeated The Hive (Bee Boy and MANtis) to retain the AWF Tag Team titles
3. Scotty Haim defeated Shane Saw
4. Apollo defeated Jarrod Idol to retain the AWF Commonwealth Championship
5. Matt Bailey defeated Massive Q
6. Dean Draven defeated Alex Titan in a Halloween Hell Dog Collar Chain Match to retain the AWF Australasian Championship

Championship Wrestling Australia, Sydney, Australia, November 1:
1. The Kings of K.O (Chris Abbott and Josh Gatt) defeated Pineapple Militia (Keegan and Randal) to become the #1 Contenders for the CWA Tag Team Titles. This match will occur as soon as Commissioner C.J. Irwin lifts the suspension on the reigning champions (The Mediterranean Generals).
2. Ethan Hughz defeated Jax Jordan
3. The Misfit vs. Sai ended in no result after interference from the Creeper
4. The Misfit and The 5 Star Flash defeated Insane Punishment (Creeper and Sai) via DQ
5. CWA Hardcore Champion, Maso defeated “The Birdman” Phil Picasso
6. Niki Nitro vs. CWA Ladies Champion Tarlee ended in a double count out
7. CWA Heavyweight Champion Mikey Lord (w/Tarlee) defeated Tristan Lewis
8. CWA Heavyweight Champion Mikey Lord (w/Tarlee) defeated J.D.Wilson via DQ
9. CWA Heavyweight Champion Mikey Lord (w/Tarlee) defeated Jackson Spade
10. Gentleman Jack vs. CWA Heavyweight Champion Mikey Lord (w/Tarlee) ended in no contest

Pacific Pro Wrestling, Brisbane, Queensland, October 31:
Session 1
1. Johnny Lukas defeated TJ Warrior
2. Blair Seeker and Slammin’ Sam defeated The Uprising (Astro Shock and Bryce McAllister)
3. Alex Shepard defeated Lucas Gold to win the Pacific Light Heavyweight Championship
Session 2
4. Johnny Lukas defeated Slammin’ Sam
5. Lucas Gold, Blair Seeker and TJ Warrior defeated The Uprising (Alex Shepard, Astro Shock and Bryce McAllister)
Session 3
6. Lucas Gold defeated Alex Shepard to win the Pacific Light Heavyweight Championship
7. Blair Seeker, Lucas Gold, Slammin’ Sam and TJ Warrior defeated Johnny Lukas and The Uprising (Alex Shepard, Astro Shock and Bryce McAllister)

(Results courtesy of Australian Indy Wrestling)