Ouest Catch, Mordelles, France, October 31
Maxime Chaoson defeated Kevin Hornet
Jack Spayne defeated Seznec
Non Title Match: Tristan Archer defeated Theo Savate
Kira defeated Amale Winchester
Peter Fischer defeated Damien Barone to retain the Ouest Catch Title
Seznec and Tristan Archer defeated Jack Spayne and Theo Savate

Westside Xtreme Wrestling Academy, Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, October 31
Johnny Evers defeated Young Money Chong
Steve Valentino defeated Dynamite Dave
Franz Engel and Rick Baxxter defeated Chemnitz Catch Connection (Jens Maul and Uwe Zilsch)
Mike Schwarz defeated Robert Kaiser
Reich Und Schön (Kevin Roadster and Marius van Beethoven) defeated Francis Kaspin and Michael DeMarc

German Wrestling Promotion, Markgrafensaal, Schwabach, Bayern, Germany, October 31:
Ivan Kiev defeated Ken Floyd to win the Dragonhearts Championship
Stella defeated Vanessa La Bestia
Schwabacher Stadtmeisterschaft Six Way Match: Cash Money Erkan defeated Bam, Chris Falcon, Jonny Storm, Rocky Lottatore and Thunderhawk
T-K-O defeated Marty Scurll
Farmer Joe, Georg Gwärch and Insane Killer (w/Dr. Mary Nova) defeated Boombastic, Bruder Chaos and Dean Jazzman
Mr. Wrestling V defeated Chris Colen in a Schwabach street fight to retain the Title
Will Ospreay defeated Darrell Allen
Juvenile X defeated Johnny Moss and Murat Bosporus to retain the GWP World Title

Power of Wrestling, Festhalle, Kutenholz, Niedersachsen, Germany, October 31:
Pascal Spalter defeated Orlando Silver
Four Corners Elimination Halloween Dress Match: Hakeem Waqur defeated Crazy Sexy Mike, Rambo and Scotty Saxon
James Mason defeated Doug Williams in a lumberjack match
Philipp Ebner defeated Michael Jaritz
Chris Raaber defeated Demolition Davies in a last man standing match

Italian Championship Wrestling, San Secondo di Pinerolo, Torino, Italy, October 31
Marcio Silva defeated Jari Syberia
Simon Silas defeated Hydra
Il Corvo Bianco defeated Danny Price (w/Giacinto Denari)
Blake and Geminy defeated I Discepoli Del Dolore (Jester and Mr. Excellent) (c) by DQ in an ICW Italian Tag Team Title match
Irene defeated Jokey
Red Devil defeated Psycho Mike in a hardcore rules match

Channel Islands World Wrestling, Merton Hotel, Saint Saviour, November 1
Soviet Express (Yuri and Dimitri Dugganovski) defeated The Masters of the Universe to win the CIWW Tag Team Championship.

Dutch Pro Wrestling, Hoek van Holland, Netherlands, November 1
Hugo Atilles defeated Mot van Kunder
Chris Willson defeated Max Damon
Jimmy Gavroche defeated Bernard Vandamme
Alex Cyanide defeated Emil Sitoci
Mickie James defeats Sara Elektra
Jeff Jarrett vs. Mark Kodiak – No Contest
Tag Team Gauntlet Match: The Bastards (Angus McQueen and Steve Taurus) defeated Zero10 (Carlos Roberto and Daniel van Kuijk) and G-Spot (Louis van Eden and Mot van Kunder), RiotFist (Joey Fields and The Trouble Maker) and The Party Generation (Danny Love and Johnny Evers)
Kenzo Richards defeated Hugo Perez
Dutch Heavyweight Title Match
Santos defeated Nick Aldis (aka Magnus) to retain the Dutch Heavyweight Title
Mark Kodiak defeated Santos to win the Dutch Heavyweight Title

Independent Wrestling Federation, Avangard Hall, Moscow, Russia, October 31
OMEN (Ronnie Crimson and Serge White) defeated America’s Hope (Leo and Tim) (w/Richard T. Mone)
Mephisto defeated Aeri and Ramona
Anton Deryabin defeated The Sledgehammer to retain the IWF Heavyweight Championship
Shield And Sword (Rave and The Gladiator) defeated Joker and Shocker to retain the IWF Tag Team Championship
IWF Moscow Title Match: Serge Sullivan (c) vs. Dmitry Orlov – No Contest
Sergei Khodak defeats Sanya Pankov in an I Quit match
Team Evil (Freddy Machete, LaPatka and Nick Chui) defeated Butovo Scum (Alexei Schukin, Ivan Markov and Vladimir Kulakov)

Riot Wrestling, Espai Jove Les Basses, Barcelona, Spain, October 31
R7 (Dave Steel and Ricky Barcelo) defeated Los Amansaguapos (Jahre and JB)
Latination (Carranza and Mandril Escobar) defeated Law And Order (Folo and Pacheco)
Adriano defeated Marc Grizzly and Pol Badia in a handicap match
Fuego Rudo defeated Bad Boy
La Pulga defeated Ricky Barcelo

(Results courtesy of Cagematch and Channel Islands World Wrestling)


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