International Wrestling Australia, The Juniors, Kingsford, Australia, November 12
Josh Gatt defeated Ethan Hughz
Randal defeated Matt Bailey
Mikey Lord defeated”D-RAILER” Chris Abbott
Harley Wonderland and Rachel Rose defeated The Floozies (Charli Evans and Jessica Troy)
Apollo defeated Keegan to retain the IWA Trans Tasman Championship
Alex Titan and Ryan Eagles vs. Mark Mercedes and Tyson Gibbs ended in a no contest after Mercedes turned on Gibbs.
Ryan Eagles defeated Tyson Gibbs to become the new IWA Heavyweight Champion

Queensland Championship Wrestling, Queensland, Australia, November 13:
Simon Tokoroa and TJ Warrior defeated Street Revolution in the final of a Tag Team Gauntlet to become UPW Tag Team Champions
Natas won a Rumble Match
Flashman defeated Sweet Ass
Rip Reilly defeated Triple X, Thirteen and Ricky Rembrandt in a Four-Way Hardcore Match to win the QCW South and North QLD Titles

Australian Wrestling Entertainment, November 13:
Kyle Valiant defeated 5 Star Flash
Mike Mercy defeated Kingston Eclipse
The Masked Mauler defeated Major Miles
Luke Knight (w/Elecktra and Mr. Money) defeated Vinnie Vain (w/Miss Honey) to retain the AWE Championship
Big Bad Nick, Phil Picasso and “The Maniac” Wayne Mattei defeated The Money Stable (Bruza The Serb, Hudson Kai and Tukahe w/ Mr.Money) in a Steel Cage Match

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pooraka, Australia, November 14:
Blunt Force Trauma (Jake Viper and Michael Weaver) defeated Tons Of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer)
Damien Synn defeated Ryan Winters
Acid Haze defeated “Nightmare” Eddie Draven to retain the Snakepit Adelaide Open Championship
The Empire (Doc Kinkaid and Matt Hayter) defeated Pop Nation (Adam Crowe and Bryan Lawson) to retain the Snakepit Tag Team Titles
King John E. Radic defeated Wam Bam Bellows
“Arch Duke” Jonnathan Corvidae Esquire III and The Revolution (Big Daddy Jack and Tex Rogers) defeated Ace Wilson, Gex Richards and Korey Kaiser
The Jackal defeated Blue Blood via DQ

Night Cap Wrestling Federation, November 14:
Cody Swift defeated Richie Taylor
Alistair defeated Marcus James
Gauntlet Match: Jeric Craven defeated CJ Redfield, then Jeric Craven defeated The Masked Menace to be reinstated and get a future title shot. Craven told NCWF owner The Captain that he now wants his birth name on his contract – Chris Law.
Andy Gold defeated Joey Eclipse to retain the NCWF Southern Star Championship. After the match Eclipse broke Gold’s wrist.
Avary defeated Felicity Briscoe and Kira Sommers
El Tecniko defeated Skip Sampson to become #1 contender for the Southern Star Championship
Pauly Thornton defeated Leon Knight to retain the NCWF Heavyweight Championship
Gabriel Wolfe defeated Tyler Frost in a No DQ Match.

Melbourne City Wrestling, Thornsbury Theatre, November 15:
Juice-XT (JXT and Mr. Juicy) defeated The Armstrongs (Jett and Jett Armstrong), Preston and Payne and Smart Casual (BJ and Ryan w/Pierce) to win the Juice-XT Invitational – Four Corners Elimination Match and become #1 Contender’s for the MCW Tag Team Titles
Syd Parker defeated Cletus and Rufio in the Air Force Three Match
Dowie James defeated Travis Banks to retain the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship
Hard Way Inc. (Jay Andrews and Mike Burr) defeated Axe 2 Grind (Fox Grinder and Josh “The Axe” Shooter) in a Tables Match
The Estate (Cousin Ali and Emanuelle w/Sebastian Walker) defeated The Loose and Wreckless (Adam Brooks and Dowie James) to become the new MCW Tag Team Champions
Kellyanne defeated Evie
Elliot Sexton defeated Tommy Hellfire (w/Siren Monroe) in a Steel Cage Match to retain the MCW Heavyweight Championship

Explosive Pro Wrestling, Cyril Jackson Recreation Centre, Perth, Australia, November 14:
EPW Tag Team Championship Gauntlet Match: Generation Zero (Hayden Zenith and “The Don” Michael Morleone) defeated EPW Tag Team Champions Cowboys and Indians (“Outlaw” Billy Williams and Eddy Bombay), Generation Zero defeated Dan Moore and Jarrad Slate, McMassive (Gavin McGavin and Mike Massive) defeated Generation Zero to become the new EPW Tag Team Champions
Bodhi McKenzie defeated Byron McKenzie in the Brother vs. Brother match
“Big Rig” Scotty Ryan defeated Adam Banks, Allyson Cruz, Prince Elliot Forbes, “Firefly” Felix Young, Jonathan Wimbledon, Jordan Bishop, Taylor King and Twitch to win the Last Chance Invitational Battle Royale after last eliminating Cruz.
Jonah Rock defeated Bobby Marshall in the brutal Monster Challenge
Logan Grey defeated Dan Steel, “Big Rig” Scotty Ryan and “Shotgun” Tyler Jacobs to win the Invitational Tournament Final
The Solution (AZ Vegara, ”The Messiah” Davis Storm and The Warship w/Amity Row) def. Alex ”AK-47” Kingston and ”The Smashing Machine” Chris Vice in the Solution Rules – Anything Goes Tornado Tag Match
Blair Brady defeated Michelle K. Hasluck (w/Prince Elliot Forbes)
Marcius Pitt defeated Damian Slater and Mikey Nicholls in a 3-Way to become the new EPW Champion

Impact Pro Wrestling, John Locke Theater, Alfriston College, 550 Porchester Road, Manurewa, November 14
Carmen Rose defeated Megan Kate to win the IPWNZ Women’s Championship
Brodie Coast and Mason Daniels defeating Khan and Richards to become number one contenders for the New Zealand Tag Team Championships
Heavyweight title tournament quarterfinals:
James Shaw defeated Curt Chaos
Dal Knox defeated No Face
Liger defeated Brook Duncan
Johnny Idol defeated Shane Sinclair


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